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Such a beautiful little girl!!!! Glad to see you back Holli!!
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Soooo cute! I'm sooo glad to hear she is finally home

Glad to see you around here again!

keep the pics coming!!!
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Oh how cute! What a precious baby girl
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The picture gave me chills

Holli I'm so happy for you and your DH. I know you've been waiting soo long for you're little angel. She's adorable.
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aww She's gorgeous!

I love the skort too
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OMG!! She is so beautiful.
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What a Doll she is so cute.
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Aaaawww!!!! :

Holli, she is sooo beautiful! I'm so glad you shared pics!! It's sooo good to have you back here, mama!

Keep the pics coming...maybe we should start a request thread...then you'd have a checklist of pics to take! :LOL

The SITA pants would be the first on my list of must see pics!!
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Oh, Holli, she is beautiful! That skort looks great on her, too. Wow!
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OMG she is so sweet! What an adorable little skort.

I can't believe I haven't bought a skort yet for my DD....I must find one soon (need to sell some stuff first)
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OMG Holli!

I am so happy for you that you got your little girl home!

I had lost track of you and had to go back and find the post where you announced her arrival

I don't post on this board much but I lurk all the time and I read all the trials and tribulations you went through to get her here and my heart broke for you everytime.

She is absolutely beautiful and I don't think I have ever seen a happier or more lucky little girl


Much love,
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sooo cute.
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Gorgeous girlie and the skort is adorable!
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She is so beautiful!
I am glad that she is finally home, in your arms. And I'm so thrilled you shared her picture!

And the skort is cute too! LOL!
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I love the way that skort fits here perfectly! And she is absolutely *beautiful* w/ those sparkly eyes and cute smile. I am so happy for you guys.
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Oh, what a cutie!
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adorable. such a heart-warming smile!!!

holli, what size is that skort? i'm just curious. willa blue is about to bust out of her small.
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She's so adorable! Look at that smile! I love the skort, it looks like a perfect fit.
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Thanks mamas! She makes our days complete! We just love her so much and feel like we are the luckiest people ever!

Stephanie, it's a medium!

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Awwww! She's soooooooo cute!
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