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'healthy' first birthday cake ideas?

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Our healthy, mostly-breastfed son is approaching his first birthday. I'm looking for cake ideas that are LOW in sugar (or have no sugar at all) so I can bake him a cake I'll feel good about watching him enjoy!
We aren't vegans, but we have an 'organic' kitchen and have been keeping him away from dairy products and eggs (to avoid allergies) -- although I guess the time is coming where that won't be necessary anymore.
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This is scrumptious!

I had the same problem for my dd's 1st and found this recipe online


I DID make a few revisions though. I didn't use the honey, but used the sugar instead. I substituted with part organic cane sugar, and part fructose. I'm sure I may very well get flamed on this board for giving my dd sugar at all, but it was her 1st b-day!!! I also used water instead of oj, though I can't remember why. And I left out the nuts completely. I also used just the yolks and tossed out the whites of the 3 eggs.

It's wheat-free, soy-free, dairy-free, but NOT sugar-free. It's the best I found though. Comes out very rich and everyone came back for seconds.

If you want something else, just plug allergy-free, or wheat-free, or sugar-free cake into your browser and you will be shocked at the options out there.

Enjoy that wonderful day!
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We had a bananna cake. I did a search online and found some sugarless versions but ended up doing one w/ a little sugar. It turned out that DD wasn't too interested in it anyway! Try a search and I will see if I can find the recipe again.
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I would recommend a carrot cake. I also agree ~ don't worry yourself over this first cake, DD poked hers with a finger and walked away, no idea what it was and absolutely *no* interest in eating it :LOL
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Thanks for your replies. I'm not TOO worried about a little sugar, mostly because I don't think that eating it ONCE will do any irreprable damage, but I'd like to avoid getting in the habit of sweetening things.

I've heard (from colleagues at work) stories of one-year-old's gleefully shoving fistfuls of cake into their mouths, grinning with delight as they encounter that first sugar rush. I'd like to retain the sensuality of the experience, without the possible addiction -- but I love the idea of DS sticking his whole messy little hand into a gooey mess of a cake! So thanks also for the warning that I may be expecting too much in that regard.
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I have to agree that your ds probably won't even touch the cake. As far as the possible sugar addiction, I think it would take a lot more than a few bites of cake.

My dd barely even played with her piece, much less ate it. She was much more interested in the Rice Cream I served with it. In case you haven't tried it, it's a dairy free ice cream made from rice milk that is delicious. Not much sugar either.

Take Care!
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Hey, if you're still loking for cake recipes I just posted one for a delicious oatmeal cake that is wheat, dairy & refined sugar free. Check it out, it's a reply to a more recent post.
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