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Nursing in sling tips?

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I was just reading the thread about nursing with large breasts, and I was wondering if anyone has specific tips for large-breasted sling nursing? We have a Maya Wrap and we can't seem to get the hang of finding a postion that Marsha and I both like for nursing. We use it almost exclusively in the hip carry and I know there's so much more to it!
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i had to ditch the maya altogether and get their mamababy sling - the one that's jersey knit - sooooo much better. i can do fine in that one or the kangaroo carrier, but i do still have to hold the boob b/c it's just too soft and flops out of his mouth or smothers him. i could not get any position with the reg. maya - thought i was defective. sling nursing DOES rock now, because i can walk around and still have one hand free, anyway.
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Here is an awesome link to a step by step nursing while babywearing article. Nursing with large breasts Hope that helps.

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My DD loves to nurse sitting up in the hip carry. Once she could sit up she loved nursing that way anyway, it was easier for her to look around while still nursing, so we started nursing that way in the sling too. I do hold my breast with opposite hand. She will sometimes even sleep that way! :LOL
Good luck!
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I didn't think of nursing in the hip carry, but might just try that. Marsha is being slightly fussy right at this moment so I may give it a go right now!

Shannon, thanks for the link. Seeing the pictures helps lots!
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