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I just wanted to join in. My five year old has horrible, cracking, peeling and sometimes bleeding eczema on his legs and feet. He does get it on his arms but not nearly as bad. A few times he has gotten it on his belly and neck but not bad at all. He has been this way since infancy. We have done all sorts of things to get rid of it, including an elimination diet, allergy testing, etc. We currently use elidil and if really bad a topical steroid.
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Originally Posted by Mama to one

For myself, I have been taking a multi-vitamin, acidophilus and omega oils. I have tried almost every kind of lotion including plain oils like jojoba and almond. I want to do an elimination diet but because I'm breastfeeding I'm not sure how to approach it (or if I should). I know I can try cutting out one thing at a time but that seems so loooong. I have a friend whos eczema flares up with oatmeal. And oddly enough, I had 2 oatmeal cookies last night and oatmeal for breakfast and by 10am my hands were so itchy and inflamed again. Now they're cracked and bleeding. I think I may cut out oatmeal and see what happens. I should be able to do that
my dad can't handle wheat or oatmeal.....
For my dd, we have cut out bathing with soap, switched to a natural, hypo-allergenic laundry soap and used almond oil and glaxal base lotion topically. I want to give her acidophilus and omega oils too but she doesn't really eat solids and what she does eat is finger food so I'm not quite sure how to get it in to her. The acidophilus I can try mixing with water and see if she'll drink it but I'm not sure about the oil.
You can give CLO straight if she will take it. Acidophilus mixes well with water.
I have a few questions:

1) Is there anything I can put on my hands when they're cracked and bleeding? Lotions and creams hurt too much and I'm worried of infection.

2) I'm already worried that I might have a bacterial skin infection on my hands and am wondering if the only way I can get my eczema under control is by taking an antibiotic. Seriously, my hands are sooooo painful, red, swollen, hot and sore right now. My family doctor doesn't think so but my SIL had something very similar (she said, when she saw my hands) and she was prescribed an antibiotic.

3) What can I give dd or put on dd that will help with the itching? She tends to scratch at night.

I guess that's it for now. I will definitely be back. This thread has been very helpful.
1. have you tried coconut oil? that is what we put on dd. the ND told dh to get some borage cream/oil, which has worked well and it doesn't burn. Also he is taking CLO, borage, & Flax. I hear walnut oil is good too. Oh you could try placing evening primerose on your hands too.

2. not sure about the antibiotic...not sure how that would help.

3. I would try the borage cream/oil or coconut oil.

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Originally Posted by ladybugsea
Jane -- Where in MA are you? Can you recommend a doctor? I'm dealing with a terrible case of ezcema that is just getting worse and worse and more and more painful. I am getting to the point where I'm tempted to go to my doctor or to a dermatologist just to be given a steroid (which has worked for me well in the past). But I want to find the root of the problem and fix it. I also catch colds really easily; I feel like there might be a connection there.
I'm in Metro West. Our naturopath was pretty good, the root of the issue with DS is his digestion. www.lexingtonnaturalhealth.com Dr. Braga

Yes, your immune system is the whole cornerstone of this. Try taking vitamin C plus biolflavanoids at every meal. Also extra quercitin, which is an anti histamine. Probiotics.

Have you tried cod liver and evening primrose oils? Work up to 1 tablespoon of CLO (great when bf'ing) and several grams of epo. What other oils/fats do you eat in your diet?

The bad vegetable oils like trans fats and canola (yes canola is bad, see "All About Fats" at www.westonaprice.org) actually compete with the essential fatty acids in your body because of an abundance of omega 6's.

And sugar wreaks havoc with your immune system.
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For kids that won't take cod liver oil or probiotics, a syringe available at any drugstore is very helpful.
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First of all that website that you linked is fascinating!!!

I'm in the Merrimack Valley, so that's a bit far for us. I'm fairly certain that my ezcema is triggered by stress. I never had it as a child but encountered it when I was in Grad School, again while planning my wedding a year later, and again last summer when I was dealing with anxiety about going back to work part time (have to work for financial reasons). I'm also juggling pre-nursing school at night. Needless to say I am under a lot of stress. My outbreaks were always easily handled with a steroid. When this one started almost a year ago, I knew a lot more about the cons of medication and decided not to use them. Here I am now, with a ezcema covering my calves and part of one arm.

Yesterday I broke down and refilled an old prescription because I just needed some relief. I can see a difference already this morning. I'm actually studying adrenal cortex hormones right now in school, so I understand how corticosteroids work and why they can be harmful. I'm just hoping to get it under better control, and then tackle the bigger problem. My ezcema itself has been causing me extra stress, so I decided that using the steroid for a short time could be a really good thing for me right now. My daughter has a tiny little eczema-prone patch that I have kept under control beautifully with daily bathing and cetaphil lotion. I feel like if I can get mine under control, maybe I can do the same for myself.

My diet is not the best, but certainly much better than the average American's. I'm not that educated on oils. I tried Flax over the summer and again in December, but I'm so bad at remembering to take it, so I guess I can't truly say if it worked or not. This week I started putting ground flaxmeal in my oatmeal. Probably not enough oil in that, right? Can you give me more info on Cod Liver and Evening Primrose? Why would I need to work up to those amounts? Will it make me sick? Is olive oil also bad? I never knew about the Omega 6 problem until I read about it here. Should I try the Flax Oil again (I still have some in the fridge), or is that too high in 6s?

What are biolflavanoids and quercitin? I eat yogurt (pasteurized, I'd never heard of raw dairy until I read about it here recently) most days, but is that not enough? I don't have yeast problems (although I did prior to my pg, but I also eat better now). I'm working on cutting the sugar down more. Do you mean processed cane sugar or just sugars in general? I use maple syrup in my oatmeal, honey in my tea, etc.

And lastly, are all these supplements okay with bfing? Should I try one thing at a time or try all your suggestions at once? Thanks you so much!!! I feel so much better with this great advice to ponder.
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Joining the tribe. My 12 wk old Dd has excema on her whole body. It started on her face and has since spread. I'll come back later to read all the posts....just wanted to introduce myself.
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Yes, the Weston Price nutritional foundation website is quite extraordinary! Very life changing for me. I'm still making my way thru it and found it almost 2 years ago.

Cod liver oil is better than flax because flax requires the body to convert it. Adding a lot of fats to your diet all at once might cause some tummy upset, that's why it's better to go slow.

Bioflavonoids are the other components of natural vitamin C found in foods. If you supplement regularly with ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate versions of vitamin C, without the cofactors (bioflavonoids) it is detrimental. Nature knew what she was doing by putting vitamins in food, the chemical forms do have side effects. Quercitin is a particular bioflavonoid actually, it blocks histamine response.

Yes, processed sugar is the big bad. Maple syrup, honey, molasses and other natural whole foods sugars and just fine in moderation b/c the minerals are intact. Therefore they do not strip the body of minerals like white sugar or suppress the immune system.

Store bought yogurt is okay but if you are fighting an immune system problem, it's no where near strong enough as homemade.

I don't know enough about stress specifically how it effects the body but I'm willing to bet it depletes certain nutrients very quickly and that is how it is detrimental in addition to the adrenal action.
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Yes, everything is fine while bf'ing, px'd by my naturopath when I was. Cod liver oil should be required of every bf mama IMO.
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Jane I picked up some CLO and Quercetin/C yesterday. How much should I be taking of each? I took a small spoon of CLO last night and again this morning and it didn't bother me at all. Maybe I also need some extra B vitamins for stress. Well, this is a good start anway!
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I've been reading like mad but there is so much info here my head is spinning. lol

I'm currently trying to help DS. He started with just a couple of rough patches as a baby but now it's spread all over his legs and up to his waist line. He used to love to take baths and then suddenly would scream when he had to get in water but it was no wonder...his legs would turn beet red and it felt like they were burning. We finally got it under control enough that he will take a bath again but we're very careful to always put his Cetaphil lotion on after his bath.

I'm making yogurt again and trying my best to get it into him but he won't eat it. Instead he wants the Stonyfield yogurt drinks. It's better than nothing but I would be much happier if I could get him to eat mine.

DD is 6 months old and already has the same roughness to her legs that DS had at that age so I'm making a yogurt smoothie for myself everyday hoping it will help her. (she's still EBF)

Thanks to all the mama's here who have shared their wisdom and many hugs to all who deal with this.
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Originally Posted by ladybugsea
Jane I picked up some CLO and Quercetin/C yesterday. How much should I be taking of each? I took a small spoon of CLO last night and again this morning and it didn't bother me at all. Maybe I also need some extra B vitamins for stress. Well, this is a good start anway!
Work up to a tablespoon of CLO slowly.

I think Vitamin C should be taken with every meal, it gets washed out of the body in one hour. Quercetin I'm not sure of for an adult. DS was getting 250 mg. first once and then twice/day.
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Hello! Just thought I'd jump in. My dd recently started getting eczema, first on her arms and now it's everywhere! I changed laundry detergent, switched back to cloth diapers (I was worried about the chem. in disposables...I know, I know) and things just got worse. I've been applying coconut oil in the evenings after her bath but haven't noticed any change with that. It probably does help a lot for moisturization but she's still itchy.

So now after reading all your posts...that took a while... here I am. I've decided to cut out dairy, wheat, soy, eggs, and nuts from both our diets.(Still nursing) I already know she's allergic to tomatoes. I'm really hoping we can nip this in the bud.

We went to the health food store today and purchased acidophilus for the both of us and some liquid homeopathic med. for poison oak that the naturopath there recommended.

I have a question for those of you who are wheat-sensitive. I asked if they had any bread that was wheat/gluten free and she told me that they had the Ezekiel's sprouted wheat bread and that was okay to eat because it isn't turned into flour? I don't really understand. Is it true?

Also, we went to the dr. about 3 weeks ago and he just prescribed Benadryl & Triamcinolone cream but we haven't filled that rx just yet. I'm hoping with dietary changes we can get rid of it.

Thanks for reading this! I'm glad I found a tribe who understands.
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you can do a google and search for the ezekiel 4:9 bread....It is made out of sprouted (which means fermented, i think) wheat berry's..however if you are dealing with a wheat allergy..that wouldn't matter...it would only matter if yeast was the problem because I don't think the bread is made with yeast..
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Hi- I thought I'd join as well. My dd (age almost 6 months) has had eczema since about 3 months old. It's mostly on her face (that's where it gets bad), although she does have the odd dry patch on her chest and legs.

I've cut all the major allergens out of my diet and I had pretty much gotten her face cleared up, but we've had another flare up.

I THINK it was caused by my non-dairy spread - which has soy in it (when I finally read the label - you'd think I'd have learned by now to read before I buy). But that was just over a week ago, and she's still flared up a bit (although better), so I'm not sure.

I think the difficult thing is trying to figure out what is causing the flare ups - it drives you crazy when you think you've got it all figured out, and then her skin gets bad again.
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Originally Posted by Mommiska
I think the difficult thing is trying to figure out what is causing the flare ups - it drives you crazy when you think you've got it all figured out, and then her skin gets bad again.
This is the problem when you approach the issue as it's being caused by certain allergens and not the immune system is disfunctioning and needs to be healed. A much larger and more difficult undertaking for sure though.
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Hi everyone. My 5 month old has pretty bad eczema...& I'm so frustrated. I hate how it looks like it's getting better, & the skin is so soft...& then, BAM! It's back. He has it everywhere. His face looks horrible...red, flaky, dry, & wrinkled....like plastic wrap on it. It's on his legs, arms, neck, back. He's a scratching, miserable mess. I exclusively BF. I've been trying Aveeno baths, aveeno cream, aquaphor, aveeno hydrocortizone, & even benadryl because it is bad!!

I'm going to read the previous posts, but wanted to tell my story. He was given loads of antibiotics when he was born for swallowing meconium. I was on two types of antibiotics after he was born for an ear infection...turns out it wasn't an ear infection, but a cholesteatoma (benign tumor).

I have some probiotics in my fridge now...just wondering how to give it to Jadon...he spits out anything that isn't mama's milk.

Gotta go...2 year old smearing poop on the wall...ugh!!!:
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Yep antibiotics (and anything other than bm http://www.massbfc.org/formula/bottle.html) kill the initial laying down of the intestinal flora in a babe.

Mix probiotics with mama milk and put in syringe.
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Thanks Jane...I don't own a breast pump, but will try to express some manually.

I'm just so upset about this....I know the antibiotics did it. Nobody asked permission to give him that crap...I was attempting a homebirth, hoping to avoid all that...
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So glad to have found you guys!!! I'm still sifting through all the pp's. It's so helpful to hear what others are doing!

DS has had eczema (small dry patches and red bumps) off/on since 5 months old. I've done the elim diet twice and got it to clear up temporarily, but still haven't been able to pinpoint the cause. He's 14 months now. It's definitely something I'm eating since he wasn't even eating solid foods when he first started breaking out. Our biggest suspects are soy and anything in a Betty Crocker-type pre-mixed box.

One good thing is that it doesn't seem to ever bother him and we've never seen him scratching. It usually appears first on his thighs/legs then spreads up his body as it worsens. It's only showed in his face a couple times in the form of dry red cheeks. Miraculously it cleared up completely when we were in Hawaii for 10 days...but came back when we returned to Seattle. Could it be the increase of sun, moisture or the large amounts of sunblock he was slathered in all the time? I wasn't eating very differently down there.

So far, the following things prescribed by our Naturopath have helped keep flare-ups at bay: ground oatmeal baths, Cali Baby Calendula Cream following baths, 1/2 tspn fish oil daily (Nordic Natural - orange flavored, ds LOVES it).

Also, before you try out new lotions or creams, be sure to cross-check it first here to make sure it's safe: www.ewg.org/reports/skindeep/
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so i went to pick up our lactulose/mannitol test kit (to test for leaky gut) this morning from our (new) naturopath. for breastfeeding babes, he doesn't recommend any supplements except perhaps probiotics (infant formulation). we also decided that i should do the test first, instead of ds, to see if i have a leaky gut. he also repeatedly said that secretion is the basis of nutrition and that breastfeeding is perfect food for babes because it has already been secreted.

anyhow, after a course of antibiotics (that were useless - he still has the cough and the snotty nose), we're now dealing with yeast - in both ds and me. over the weekend i developed a nasty sore throat (glandular sore) which has now transitioned into a viral scratchy kind of sore throat. and this morning i woke up with hives. i NEVER get hives. so i mentioned the hives to the naturopath and he said that hives were a classic sign of a leaky gut.

in the meantime, we are keeping ds' eczema at bay by avoiding dairy and tomatoes, and using coconut oil internally and externally. he doesn't like lotion anymore.

i did have some success with coconut milk yogurt (an easier source of probiotics for me than pills). it didn't set - rather it turned out to have a kefir-like consistency.
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