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Originally Posted by circlemama
what type of enzyme is recommended for yeast?
I've seen JaneS recommend Candex or something like that. Though I was wondering... if Candex nukes the yeast in your gut, and you're using diet to control it in the gut, what is to stop the yeast from sporulating and sending its spores elsewhere in your body?

I stumbled across this page http://www.candidafree.net/pages/1/index.htm last night. Does anybody know what the deal is with this "ThreeLac" product?
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Hi guys,

I posted already elsewhere, didnt know about here, new to this site. Daughter is 5.5 months old and has had eczema since about 6 weeks. Its chronic and nothing 'traditional' works - hydrocortisone creams, steroid creams, any of the moisturizing creams. I am wondering what 'alternative' methods have been used successfully. I heard about Evening Primrose Oil, Hemp Oil, Cod liver Oil and Flaxseed Oil. Do I take it(nursing) or do I give it to the baby and how much do I take?? Which is most successful?? Willing to try anything at this stage. I am pretty battle weary!! Oh and the elim. diet didnt work either.
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m2c, have you tried coconut oil right on your dc's skin? i also found that Jurlique's expensive Viola Cream (i got it from saffronrouge.com) seemed to offer some comfort.

have you been dealing with yeast in any of its forms? i'm wondering if eczema isn't a leaky gut response to yeast (mom has yeast and leaky gut, nasty things get into milk and then wreak havoc in dc)...
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See this site for info on yeast/bacteria and enzymes:

I really don't know much about the spore theory... but I do know that the center of your immune system is the gut with trillions and trillions of probiotics. If you finally edge out the bad guys and increase the good, all the mucus membranes of the body follow suit. It seems to me like a healthy gut and immune system would then be able to take care of the rest of the body.

Welcome and read some back posts. In this house we've found cod liver oil/flax combo, evening primrose, quercetin and probiotics helpful.

Steriods and hydrocortisone just suppresses the immune system and studies have found that kids are more likely to then develop asthma.
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Infant probiotic:

Natren LifeStart for an exclusively bf babe...because this is when the gut should be bifidus dominent. When solids are introduced, this is when the gut flora starts naturally changing, more acidophilus etc.
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Originally Posted by delfuego
thanks for the info. is that a proprietary enzyme blend? do you know what enzymes are in it? is it possible for non-health-professionals to get some... and have you found that it works?
There is only something like 2 or 3 enzyme manufacturers in the world and the key to different brands is the skill of blending them. Because several different proteases, for example, mixed together is stronger than just a lot of one kind. Proteases break down proteins and are good for someone seeing dairy sensitivity. They also clean up cellular debris throughout body and kill off yeast/bacteria if taken between meals. Also heal inflammation, in gut and around body, and good for arthritis for this reason too.

I've used and liked enzymes from Enzymedica, Houston's and Thropps... all recommended by Karen DeFelice. Thropps seems to be the cheapest and it's quite good. However for kids, V-gest from Enzymedica or the Houston enzymes seems to be better to start b/c they are gentler.

DeFelice's book (they are both same with diff. titles) is essential reading for understanding leaky gut, the digestive system, the gut-behavioral connection and what enzymes do.

If you do start enzymes you need to go really slow. If you seem to be seeing food sensitivities in your babe or have digestive issues, then an all around enzyme with meals would be good to take in addition to "yeast/bacteria killers" taken on empty stomach. But again, go slow. There can be hyperactivity reactions (both DS and I had them to the proteases in particular).
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Jane thanks so much for posting that info. L's eczema is all flared now...w/o dairy because of the season change....I am going nuts.
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I am looking for an elimination diet protocol. My daughter has had eczema since birth( she just turned 3 in Feb) from head to toe. A friend of mine introduced me to an oral Aloe juice about a year and a half ago. It has worked great, but just recently she has had some very severe flare up's, and even the Aloe isn't helping enough. I know that eczema is caused from an unhealthy digestive system and the aloe actually helps to heal your body from the inside. The problem is that due to an over abundance to antibiotics in her 1st year of life, and reactions to MMR her digestive system is tore up!! So this is logically my next step. I am new to this site and am having a hard time trying to find the protocol, so any help would be much appriciated.
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Nataliasmom, is your daughter still nursing?

for an elimination diet, i would start with eliminating all dairy. check out http://www.lactose.co.uk/ and look at the hidden milk info. dairy is pervasive, so it will not be easy (but it will probably be easier than wheat). if you start to see results, then you know that you might be on the right track. if your dd is still nursing, you will need to do the elim. diet as well.

you might also want to start reading the "healing the gut" threads, in particular the cheat sheet. some mamas have skipped the elimination diet and jumped straight into the "SCD" diet (more info on the cheat sheet).
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RE: aloe

Actually I've heard that it contains irritating compounds.

And it's a laxative, which I think over time can be damaging to the normal digestive process.
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Hi - I'm not new new to MDC, but new to the eczema forum. My dd has had it for quite some time and it seems to be worsening. I think I was in denial initially and just thought with some eucerin it would just go away. It started with little patched on her knees and elbows, now its up and down both legs and arms. So I've been doing the cortizone 1% and its not doing anything. I'm stopping that. We have an emu farm right in Gill and I'm going to go pick up some emu oil tomorrow. Where to go from there who knows, but that's my new game plan.

If you are to do the dairy elimination diet, are you supposed to eat or drink anything else to make up for what's lost from not consuming dairy?
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Subbing, nak
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She is no longer nursing. In fact she is not a big fan of dairy. But thanks for the info. And as far as the Aloe, it contains over 200 nutrients and is rich in enzymes, vitamins and minerals containing 13 of the 17 essential minerals needed for good nutrition. It has many health benefits, including aiding in digestion, maintaining cardivasular health and suppoting the immune system.

I have unfortunately survived the death of one of my children a little over 4 years ago, so I do my research on any products that I give to my children. I have met many, many people who have had wonderful results with the aloe, I have never known it to harmful.
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Please don't flame me for asking this question.

Samara is absolutely miserable. Nothing we're doing is helping. I'm starting the SCD today, but if there isn't improvement soon, I am really tempted to do some sort of formula. Then at least she'll be out of her misery. I just feel SO much guilt that she has to suffer as the "guinea pig" while we figure out how to fix the problem.

Last night she cried and cried, scratching wildly, pulling her hair..... her face was all red and puffy and her eyes were like little slits, and she was looking at me, so helpless, and her eyes were just screaming out, "HELP ME MOMMY!!!". Since I've started the elimination diet, she's actually getting WORSE. She has it on her entire body now, except the diaper area.

It's not fair to her. I know in my heart and my brain that breast milk is so much better for her....but is it really worth it if she's this miserable? She used to be a happy, smiley baby, but now she's sad all the time.

I'm at a loss.....I am desperate at this point. Just hoping the SCD will make a difference and QUICK.
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I remember being this desperate!

I can tell you I regret weaning at 26 months when DS's digestion got totally worse. Ditto for at least one other mother I know. Breastmilk is liquid gold. Formula does not support the immune system. It's not about what you take out of your diet but also what you put into it. How do you know she will be put out of her misery too? You cannot say for sure that it won't get worse.

Try digestive enzymes too but slowly, slowly. I haven't been the GH Tribe thread yet today, I don't know if you asked there.

For dairy replacement, the only substitute for minerals like calcium that I would recommend would be homemade bone broths. Fortified products etc. are just not well absorbed.
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Thanks Jane. Can you touch on digestive enzymes quickly for me? Thanks.
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I have to admit....I had the same thought about formula. My 6 month old has it severe too. It's breaking my heart....reading your post brought tears to my eyes....I will never take healthy skin for granted again!!

I'm not doing good with eliminating things from my diet. I feel like I'm going to starve!! I don't know how others do it....they have these long ol' lists of foods that don't eat...I don't know how I could do that!!

I am giving him probiotics, Omega3/6/9, & using EPO for a moisturizer & aubrey's organics baby lotion. I'm so stressed about this....I want to know what is causing the flare ups without starving!!
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Originally Posted by birthjunkie27
Thanks Jane. Can you touch on digestive enzymes quickly for me? Thanks.
Everything you need to know is pretty much here: www.enzymestuff.com
Her books are fabulous.

I like Enzymedica, Thropp and Houston, the latter 2 only online and E. is in stores (but cheaper online). Go for an all around first to digest fats, carbs and proteins.
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I wonder if part of your answer is not your 4 c-sections and the cumulative toll the multiple antibiotics has taken on your immune system and digestive flora?

Also studies have shown cs babies have abnormal gut flora, as the initial bugs that are laid down are from the environment and not the mother's birth canal. Also, they get antibx too if the mom bfeeds right after birth, thru you.... and the flora that is supposed to be in bm is probably effected by the antibx too and the gut doesn't seal up properly that bm is designed to do. Poor bunnies, their immune system doesn't have a chance in this modern world.

Food allergies are only present because something has damaged the immune and digestive system.
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Originally Posted by JaneS
Food allergies are only present because something has damaged the immune and digestive system.
How does the immune system get damaged? dd2 is allergic to several things and she hasn't ever been on antibiotics and I haven't been on any in I can't remember how long.....at least 15-18 years. I was really health during her pregnancy too. Dd1 has eczema and has exhibited at least a mild allergy to dairy but there again..only been on antiobiotics maybe twice..
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