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Hey sarah! .....yes, we are doing cod liver oil as well as flax oil mixed in her yogurt.

Where do you get the Chinese Pearl Powder Cream?????

Have you tried the Derma life ?
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Hi Debra,

Haven't tried the Dermalife. Is it working? The pearl powder cream I get from Tiger Moon Wellness Clinic. It's on backorder, though-I'm trying to find another good source. Magpie has it but their version is scented!
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Hey sarah........what is the brand name? Maybe I can help find it on the net somewhere and we can order together to save on shipping. I found this site, but it doesnt say whether its unscented or not:

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rainsmom - looks like sarahariz got you pointed in the coconut oil direction. you do want to be a bit picky since not all c.o. is the same. i don't know the brand mercola endorses, but i'm sure it's a good one. i use wilderness family naturals (www.wildernessfamilynaturals.com, i believe) & it's very high quality. hth!
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I talked with my sister this morning who is an RN and works for an allergist and used to work for a Derm. She was telling me it is really useless to test children under 9 for allergies, bc any younger and they would test positive for most everything. Now, she is western medicine in her beliefs, so dont know how to take her opinion on this. But she is also an eczema sufferer, and said that by age 12, her severe eczema cleared up completely and now only reappears if she is exposed to chlorine from swimming or other external irritants. She said in my dd's case, it is most certainly genetic, and not related to food. (it is on both sides of the family)

Would love to hear more of your stories/experiences with seeing a western medicine doc.........Im not sure I want to go in that direction, but curious and willing to do anything for dd, who seems to have 3 areas that she gets small outbreaks in.

Also.....what if any kinds of cleansers do you use on your dc's? Ive been using Dr Bronners Baby, but my sis told me I should be using something with an emollient in it. ?
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Originally Posted by rainsmom
I talked with my sister this morning who is an RN and works for an allergist and used to work for a Derm. She was telling me it is really useless to test children under 9 for allergies, bc any younger and they would test positive for most everything.
Thats very odd because my DD has undergone allergy testing and she tested positive only for grass pollens.
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DS's eczema is really clearing up well! It looks like it was the Gerber baby soap w/ shea butter. I'm going to try adding in dairy in a week or so and see how he reacts.

I've been giving him baths and rubbing olive oil into his hair and skin before washing w/ Dr Bronners. It seems to leave him more moisturized. I've also been putting lanolin on the really dy parts w/ great success.
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I went to a chiropractor today who said that between a series of adjustments for ds, plus the application of Flaxseed Oil/Evening Primrose Oil on his skin, and calendula in the bathtub, and taking coromega (fish oil pills) daily, ds' eczema should clear up in no time!
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Is it important to get soaps/lotions unscented?? I have this clear Derma-Life stuff, that isnt an oil or lotion, but seems good, but wanted to put a good moisturizing lotion on top of that.......and also I want to find a good bath wash that is moisturizing and doesnt have alot of chemicals in it.

what are you all using??
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I think these sites are good sources of info. The first is Western medicine, second, more alternative.


I think it is fairly important to get unscented, but if one does get scented, it should only be scented with natural essential oils. However, I have heard that some children react to even those.

I don't use soap unless I absolutely have to. Then I use Aubrey Organics liquid Soap. I believe they have a baby soap as well.

My ped agreed w/ Debra's sister for food allergies. He says that what you yourself see in terms of a child's reactivity is right on. For external allergens he feels the tests are more accurate.
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Originally Posted by UrbanPlanter

I just bought molasses the other day bc I've heard it's a great thing to put in smoothies or oatmeal - with all the great vitamins in it...

but I didn't know it was good for eczema! Good to know!!

ya know..I bet the molasses is good because of the sulpher in it....hmmm...

We have eczmea here...tried lots..coconut oil has helped a lot topically. Also changing detergents..I noticed no difference at all with the CLO, which was strange because oils worked for ds..but for dd..it hasn't. she has it much worse. It is genetic..dh 's family has it. I am sure that a water filter would help. It does seem to get worse when the weather changes...and worse if she rolls in grass. I haven't done an elimination diet yet...am scared of what I would find out i think...dairy is a big thing in our house..sigh...one of these days....
I should just go to a applied kinisiologist and have her tested..she has other issues too that that might be helpful for.
off to check out the gut thread.
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CLO is probably not working b/c she is not converting the fatty acids. It's all explained in the "Superimmunity for Kids" book. Try adding flax or evening primrose in addition to the CLO
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ah...I wondered if that wasn't the case..I need that book!! IT has been on my want list for several years.
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Well, so far DS has no rxn to the dairy back in my diet. Woohoo!!
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Just wondering if anyone has read this book:


It got some good reviews.....I was thinking of getting it as there are no books at my library on the subject.
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I just found this thread a few minutes ago, so I haven't read more than a couple of posts, but ironically, I just finished sending the following email to some friends who's kids have dairy sensitivities:

Over the last couple of weeks we have had some amazing things happen with ds#2's dairy sensitivity. We experimented a little with raw cow's milk here and there, and he seemed to be tolerating it well, and so a few weeks ago, I decided to start giving it to him consistently (like daily)- and since then his skin is smoother and softer than it has been since he was a couple months old. The craziest part is that we let him eat chocolate and junk food at halloween, and he never got a rash or dry skin or anything (which of course was always the tell-tale sign that he had eaten dairy before). So I am convinced that the live enzymes in the raw milk are helping him to digest the milk proteins in other foods. Other things that i'm sure are helping are taking probiotics, cod liver oil, and naturally fermented/cultured foods. The biggest change we have seen up til now though has been with the introduction of raw, fresh cow's milk on a daily basis. I always thought we'd get a goat when we moved to the country, but I might have to start looking at keeping a cow instead!


A quick background on us: my baby developped eczema before 2 mos of age. At first I thought it was diaper rash, so took him out of diapers and started doing EC, but it wouldn't go away. Doc gave us elidel, which, thank God, I refused to use, convinced that it was only a band-aid solution, and proceded to spend many hours looking into allergies. We went on a traditional foods diet (mainly Nourishing Traditions/Weston A. Price), eliminated dairy from my diet (he wasn't on solids yet), and his eczema cleared up. This was at about 6 mos of age. I figured it was probably dairy, despite the doc's arguements, because I sometimes get eczema from dairy. Anyways, we used lots of coconut milk to get by without milk, and then at about 12 months when he was eating solids, I gave him a little goat's milk, which he tolerated well. Very recently, we introduced the cow's milk as I stated in the above email.

Baby's awake, gotta run. Will try to catch up with this thread soon!
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we use raw milk here..and still have eczema..i was so hoping that I wouldn't have to eliminate dairy but that is our next choice.
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Rachel, I don't know if it helped that we were off dairy completely for a while or not before we went on the goat milk and raw cow's milk. I just wanted to throw it out there though, because you never know when it might help someone.
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DD has been of milk for a while and it does seem to be the culprit for us. Interestingly yogurts and cheeses are fine with her.

Her eczema started last winter and she only started expressing interest in milk last winter (I posted "DD has gone vegetarian" a while before that)

I have experimented with elimination of: strawberries, blueberries, rasberries, oranges, artificial coloring, artificial cheese, honey, bananas. Everything except the artificial things is back in her diet.

Since she's gone of milk there were no flare-ups. I will wait through this winter though to make a conclusion (I am still on the look out for the dry air in the house due to the heaters, may be some stray mold from the humidifier, etc.,)
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DS2 has a mild case of eczema. It only started when he was weaned at 11 months. I have tried Elidel (dr didn't mention any risks ) and it didn't work anyways. I have tried some baby cremes, and today I'm trying our natural diaper rash creme because it's got calendula and other goodies in it. He only has it on his cheeks and upper arms, but as the weather gets colder his skin all over is drying out and I'm worried he's going to break out big time. His is really just like tiny pimples, not weepy or crusty.

I am starting him on 1/4 tsp of cod liver oil...but from posts here I'm thinking that's not going to do the trick.

I took him off cow's milk for six weeks with no results at all (less burpy, thoug) but I had him on goat's milk the whole time. We do drink raw milk and I started him back on that two days ago. Nothing freaky has happened yet.

We are going to an iridologist/applied kinesiologist in December and he's getting tested too because of this and it looks like he's going to have asthma also.

Should I take him to the chiro? We went when he was very small for his reflux and it worked WONDERS.
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