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Dental Fillings While Pregnant

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Hey ladies,
I am 28wks preg and I think I chipped a tooth that contains a filling. It doesn't hurt, it's just sensitive to cold. But I can feel where the tooth used to be. Is it bad to get fillings while pregnant? Can I just wait until the baby is born? Do they have temporary fillings?
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There was just a similar thread on this: http://mothering.com/discussions/sho...d.php?t=288581

I've never heard of any concern with the fillings themselves. If it doesn't hurt your dentist might be able to fix it without any pain meds - I had a filling fall out once and I didn't need any to get it replaced.
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last week, My back tooth had a filling and the tooth cracked-3/4 filling came out and left quite a painful mess back there...I had no choice but to have a partial root canal done and a temporary crown put on. I had this done with nothing except a shot of novacaine...normally I would have had several shots but I withstood some of the pain to compromise on one shot. My dentist is ultra-conservative with procedures during pregnancy...but he assured me (and gave me adequate research to read up on when I got home) that it was okay....in some situations the risk of infection getting into your bloodstream is greater than novacaine crossing the placenta, which apparently by the time it crosses is mild and harmless. I know its still un nerving to have to use ANY kind of medication or treatments during such a vulnerable point, but the consequences could be greater if you dont take action so you have to weigh your own situation. HTH at least a little bit. I freaked out when this happened to me and was dying to ask for advice but I didnt have time on my side.
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I discovered this afternoon that part of the filling is exposed. Didn't know that before. PP has me a bit less worried than before. I won't be able to see the dentist till monday. Eck!! I'm still a bit worried. Although some research I've done says that it's fine, but I can't find anything that says about having exposed dental fillings. GRRR and I'm leaving on a trip next week. Oh well. Any other advice?
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I know folks have different opinions about this, but I had to have a filling done in the 2nd trimester and made sure the dentist used a composite (white) filling rather than a mercury (silver) one. I don't know how much mercury exposure you get if you have to have a silver filling drilled out, though.
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There was just a study on women who got silver fillings while pregnant, and they didn't see any effects on the fetus. Some animal studies have shown effects, though (mostly low birth weight, I think). If it were me I would stick with composite (tooth-colored) fillings during pregnancy and NOT have any silver fillings removed (which often exposes you to more mercury than getting a filling in the first place).

Dental work is okay during pregnancy. Most drs say to avoid elective procedures, but if you chip or break a tooth and are in pain, getting it fixed is not elective!
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