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I know another member had talked about containing her clutter in the laundry room, by giving each item of clothing a certain box (each persons socks in a box for example). So if things were going to stay in the laundry room for awhile, clean, then the family would know where to find them.

I took this idea and used it for my husband. He has a bad habit of not using his drawers from the dresser for anything but underwear and socks (the top drawer). His pants, running shorts, and black shirts for his BDUs are always in a heap on the top (no matter if I sort after laundry day or not). So I bought him a rubbermaid container.. it's clear and fairly flat so it's not too hard to reach into. I put his things folded back into it, but all I asked of him was to keep his crap in his box. :LOL I just did it today, so we'll see how quickly it becomes a disaster area. Hopefully, though, this trick will work for him.

How do you contain the clutter in your home?