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The stragglers...

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Come join the May *hanger's on* :LOL

I am not due until the 27th and my midwife seems to think I will not go past my due date due to the ultrasound (had an unexpected one due to possible breech--she isn't breech thank God) ..well the ultrasound showed a grade 3 placenta which means this baby is ready to be born!

I have been having contractions for 3 days, but they go on almost all night ---then in the day time seem to go away! I know I am having BH's as my stomach tightens like crazy but I can't feel them--the ones I have at night are painful though, like bad period cramps..

Oh well, just my body preparing is all I suppose!

Other than that I am feeling good...B I G... and READY... but good...

How are the rest of us doing? (the few left!)
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I had my midwife apointment yesterday. DIdnt go well from my perspective. Although hopefully things will change. I had a super high glucose reading like the square was brown on the pee stick. Then as she was checking my belly she said I have way too much fluid in there as she couldnt feel the baby. This being caused by the glucose and my fluid is not exchaging itself. She put me on a no sugar diet, which is terribly hard. I dont really eat refined sugar, but come on, no fruit, juice, soy milk etc...I am having a hard time eating. Gave me another pee stick for me to test on Saturday and then we will go from there. She said that becuase of the fluid issue if my water broke now there would be so much pressure that it could seperate my placenta . I am stressed. I threw up all day today and feel really crappy. I need a great big hug from everyone I know.

I hope everyone else is doiing better than me. I am hoping this was all caused by the breakfast I ate right before my apointment. Waffle with lots of maple syrup and huge glass of OJ. As I have never shown anyother signs of this before.

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I'm due on Saturday, but I think the critter is going to come late. At my appointment last week I'd made very little progress (2cm, no effacement) and since then I've not felt anything that I suspect of being a contraction. Hopefully this baby will come soon, I don't relish the prospect of arguing with the docs about induction!

Actually I've been feeling surprisingly good. The last couple weeks have actually been better than the preceeding month. I'm getting more done and am much easier to live with. But I'm getting darned impatient to meet the little person who's been living in my belly!

At least I'm likely to have extra time to work on getting things ready for the new arrival. Not that things are or will be ready :, but they'll be more ready than they would have been if the baby had been early!

Happy day to all!
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Originally Posted by darkstar
I need a great big hug from everyone I know.

You don't know me, but anyway!
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sorry to hear what's going on with you. don't really have any advice at all, just support and hugs.
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I will go in for hopefully a "gentle induction" Monday night. I am thrilled that I will have made it 2 days shy of 40 weeks, as I really though my high risk-ness (insulin dependent GD) would have "forced" me to deliver much earlier than 40 weeks.

I saw the Midwife Tuesday. My NST was fine, baby is in good position, anterior, down low, everything looks good. MW checked me, and I am not dialated at all.. my cervix is soft and starting to open at the bottom, but it is still long and closed at the top. (of Course) my blood pressure was low.

OB also came in and he was the nicest OB in the world today! He really seems to be on board with my plans for a natural delivery. the 3 of us discussed, and if I don;t go into labor this week, I will go in to the hospital Monday night for cervadil. MW and OB work Tuesday, OB's last day before vacation. Hopefully the cervadil will be enough to kick me into labor like it did with dd#2. We are trying to avoid pitocin. I will have to have an IV to give insulin if/when needed, but hopefully the IV and the cervadil will be the only interventions.

Although I would rather not be induced at all, I am very happy that I will not be "forced" into an induction any earlier.... I am pleasantly suprised that they are ok with waiting until 2 days shy of 40 weeks with all of my "history". So I feel ok with an induction next week at nearly 40 weeks. And I also feel that having this MW and OB as the on call care providers are best for my natural delivery plans.

I will still be trying to "help nature along" this week and possibly go into labor on my own. I had an u/s today, and that was my last appt. Everything looked good on the u/s, my bpp was 8 of 8. My fluid is on the high side (23) and the baby is "measuring" 8 lbs 15 oz.... not that I put a lot of confidence n that measurement.

that's my update.
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Having nice mucous, nice Braxton Hicks, etc. Feeling some good pressure down there.

Hey, Darkstar...at my appt last week, I peed on the stick twice and the glucose square was brown too (the highest color). Midwife said they are super sensitive and she finger sticked me on the glucometer...blood sugar was only 108. I had juice before, but still, when she tested me, look how low my number was. Maybe something similar happened to you...I think sometimes those peestick things run together the colors when you pee in a cup.
Maybe AnnaKiss can shed some light-her mom is a CNM????

Good Labor VIbes to us all!
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Good to hear everyone is doing well...except darkstar I am so sorry you are stressed...and you are right, a no sugar diet really sucks when you think about everything that has sugar in it that you don't even realize (like you mentioned, soy milk, fruit etc)... maybe fireflies is right and the stick thing was just over sensitive?

*hugs* to you, hoping everything turns out well for you.. for all of us too..

Take care mamas, hugs and prayers...
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I am so hoping that it was just a fluke pee test I have another that I will test with tommorow. I want to do it tonight, but I will wait.

Hope everyone else is well. Should we have a birthing "pool" who will go the longest. I vote myself :LOL

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I am hoping this is the weekend. Having contrax off and on all week, MW checked me on Wed and I was 1cm 50% effaced and baby is at -2!! I am really happy about the station as with both boys the "floated" until halfway through my labors!

So anyway on MW's orders I am taking a warm bath everynight this week with a nice glass of Reisling! And then if the kiddos cooperate jumpin my husband.

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Well from the sounds of it, I'll be the last to deliver. Where's marsupial and WitherB? I need someone to hang out with me until June! You all don't sound much like stragglers with all your mucus and feelings of labor coming on...

I had my appt. tonight with my mom because we were coming to visit for the weekend for a wedding and my m/w back home had cancelled on Tuesday. Everything is fine. Normal. Baby is in a good position, head lowish, but slightly crooked and still able to move. Not even having very many contractions today. I think she's pretty comfy in there and we'll maybe see a baby next week or so... I did bring my birth kit and some baby clothes in the car just in case. I'm measuring smaller than I had been, but I seem to be gaining weight. No one's concerned - they figure it's just the baby's position. I went from 37 cm to 36 to 36 1/2.

I'm not sure about the glucose readings. I can ask my mom tomorrow morning though. Wasn't there something else I was supposed to ask? Shoot! I blanked it. I'll dig around. It was for you, fireflies, wasn't it? No worries, I'll find it. Anyway, I'm still pregnant. I'll probably still be pregnant for a while yet.

ETA - I found the question I was supposed to ask - it's not for fireflies and it's about birth control. 'Scuse me while my brain melts. :
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I am still here too! Not sure if anything real is going on, but I sure feel different. My friends noticed it too. I have a lot of cramping but zero show. I am ready. She is not. She is moving & grooving like crazy & I keep trying to cherish it, as it is short lived now. I would really like to have her by next thursday. I am keeping fingers crossed. I will work on visualization, as labor is also in the head!!

I had a MAJOR FREAK out moment today too. My MS word crashed. ALL MY LLL CONF STUFF IS THERE!!!! DH is amazing he got it all restored. Thank goodness!!
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HURRAY!!! It was just a fluke test!! I feel so much better and Annakiss I will wager that I will be herre the longest

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I'll take you guys up on that wager!!! I think I'm having a June baby, too. Darkstar, I'm so glad to hear it was a fluke test, now you can relax again!!! This baby seems to be moving non stop the past few days, what's up with that? I was kept awake all night last night, and that has never happened before. Everytime I was just starting to drift off I would get this crazy kick in the ribs, a really tickly kick that would make me jump. UGH, so I think I only managed about 2 hours of sleep or so. I think I'm going insane... I spend about 3 hours a day cleaning my house lately and yesterday I had a major meltdown. I opened up the door to dsd's room and it was a freaking disaster. All the clean laundry that I've been folding for her and asking her to put away was thrown all over her floor. There was just CRAP everywhere. Then when I was cleaning her bathroom, I found Ferret poop and pee in every single corner! I was so mad that she would just leave it there for days and not even tell us about it. Especially since it is part of her "chores" to watch for any ferret "accidents". Then I totally laid into DH today when he was criticizing my driving. I had to drive him to court this morning for his DUII and reckless driving case. I just glared at him and told him that if he wouldn't have gone drinking and driving like a freaking idiot, then he could be driving the car himself, but until he gets his license back, he's got no say in how I drive so he can just sit there and shut up.
Wow, I'm really needing to take a chill pill or something :LOL
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Hugs to all of you experiencing stress or sadness or worry. I'm feeling a little better today, a little more at peace, I guess.

I think I'll be here for a while too. Baby is still really high, lots of BH surges but no labourish feeling ones! Babe is moving tons, especially at night, Eaglevoice, maybe yours and mine are practicing their Sumo moves! No mucous, no bloody show whatsoever. I feel crampy, occasionally but it doesn't last very long. I think this average sized baby has a really big, comfy hot tub to swim in, and isn't planning on coming out anytime soon. I'd love to post some belly shots that we had done last weekend but don't know how. Maybe I'll figure it out. I seem to have time to spare!
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Originally Posted by darkstar
HURRAY!!! It was just a fluke test!! I feel so much better and Annakiss I will wager that I will be herre the longest

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!!! I am so glad it was a bad test!!
I always swore I would be last!
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Well, I had an appointment today - absolutely no change from last week. <sigh> Not that I'm surprised, but I can't help being a little bummed. Looks like I, too, may run into June. Oh well, more time to get things done, I guess. Just as well, as anther of my doula's clients was late and is in labor right now, so there's little chance that we'll intersect.

Hope everyone's having a nice evening!
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I'm still here. I'm having BH contractions constantly and my stomach is like a brick. :LOL I don't know though...I can't tell either way. I could go tonight or it could be two more weeks. I hate the not knowing.
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Me too.
still here and I am pretty sure that I will be for a while. Baby is in a horrible position (oblique) and not any painful contractions. Unless you count dd kicking my belly when I have a bh. She always seems to know just when to wiggle and kick. Ouch. ANyway. I have had lots of mucous, but I had that for weeks with dd before anything happened. Same with dilation. I am more than 2cm and soft, but long.

AAAHHHHHHH! I want the baby to come this weekend, but I dont' see that happening. Our house is clean, we have food in the fridge, and my family is ou of town. It would be perfect.

And I am coming down with a cold. I can't believe that I ahve to get sick now. i just have to remember that the baby isn't done cooking yet and to be patient. But it is getting harder.

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I'm still here, too.... no mucus. I've had some wicked contractions, though. Thought last night was going to be the night. I am so tired of being pregnant. DS came at 38 weeks.... this little guy is now 40 + 4!!!!! He's head down, no wiggle room, in perfect position but no &$*#$(%&%&$&##)@_)_($ mucus!!!!!! I'm very frustrated here, gals! My sister came to stay for a week... no baby. I extended her ticket for another week, still no baby. She finally went home on Wednesday and it was so so sad! Every where I go people ask me if I'm having twins. No kidding! We went out for lunch today and on my way to the bathroom (just to the bathroom! Not even the entire time we were there) two different people asked if I'm having twins! Anyway, that's enough of a rant for me. Thanks for listening!
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