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My cervix is thinning...

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Did anyone else go through this? I had the routine level 2 u/s at 18 weeks and everything looked great. My cervix then was closed and 34mm long. I am getting ready to move out of state in 3 weeks, so my doc suggested doing an u/s before we leave. We did it yesterday at 22.5 weeks. The babes looked great, but my cervix has shortened to 22 mm. Still no dilation. I was told that less than 25mm is concerning. They sent me up to L&D for monitoring and I was contracting about every 15-20 min. These are small BH type contractions and I've had them, periodically, since about 16 weeks. They sent me home on modified bedrest (basically just to take it easy), stay hydrated (I was a little dehydrated yesterday) and scheduled another u/s in 1.5 weeks. Everyone at the hospital was very mellow about the whole situation. They told me repeatedly that there is nothing else to do since the babies are still considered "previable."

I'm not sure what I am looking for in terms of advice/reassurance. I have been planning parallel care with an ob and a homebirth midwife...now I find myself less concerned about the birth and more focused on keeping these guys in for a while longer. I wasn't offered tocolytics, cerclage or any other interventions. I am relieved about that, but also worried that this isn't being taken seriously enough.

I have been loosely following the nutrition recommendations in Barbara Luke's book, but had only skimmed all the doom and gloom stuff about preterm labor thinking I was somehow immune. I'm reading it now...
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I dont know how long mine is in mm, but I have been 50% effaced and 1 cm dilated pretty much the whole pregnancy. I am contracting at least every 10 mins (painful ones!) but since there is no cervical change they are not too worried.

Just rest, drink, and eat well. That is all you can do.
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They never told me how big my cervix was, but I was on modified bedrest basically the whole time. Mostly b/c I felt too lousy to do anything. I did have a couple of strong contractions one night, when I'd gotten dehydrated.

Sometimes I think that moms who've already had other kids are at a disadvantage re: carrying twins, just because they're unaware of how different a twin pregnancy is going to be. It's a whole different ballgame.

My pregnancy and birth were very "medical" compared to most women here, but that's what it took to bring home healthy babies.

Take care & Good luck!
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Thanks for the replies. Your right illinimom, there's not much else you can do. I'm trying to stay hydrated and rest. Both of these are really challenging in the hot south, with a toddler to chase and being the type of person who is not good at asking for help. I'm working on it.

Geezermom: I think you might be right about having already been through a pregnancy. With dd I worked full-time until the day my water broke. I had a really easy pregnancy, and so far I have felt pretty good for this pregnancy too, so maybe I've been a little cavalier.

Again, thanks so much for the input!
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My cervix was shortening pretty much starting at about 24 weeks. My ob said that 20mm was when they'd start to think about getting worried but he basically said that there was nothing to be done but take it easy and keep hydrated.

The other thing to consider is that since we have so many u/s while pregnant with twins, what they're seeing could very well be normal for you but they have no way of knowing as there's nothing to compare it to (ie your singleton pregnancy).
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Originally Posted by mommybritt

The other thing to consider is that since we have so many u/s while pregnant with twins, what they're seeing could very well be normal for you but they have no way of knowing as there's nothing to compare it to (ie your singleton pregnancy).
One of the docs said the same thing to me. It makes sense. The u/s tech also told me that she had recently been doing serial cervical measurement on a woman in her seventh pregnancy who cervix was shortening early. She went to 38 weeks!
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I went in for an u/s last Fri and had a similar thing happen. I was 24 weeks and they said the babies were fine, but the top 1/2 of my cervix was open. The doctor seemed very worried and wanted me to have a cerclage that day, he really seemed to think I would have the babies any day if I did not have it done. I went to see my regular doc that day and he also strongly suggested it and scheduled it for the next day. It is so hard to say if it is normal or if it is acctually a problem. If I had never had an u/s maybe I would have gone full term just fine? Anyway, we had it done and I am on bed rest for a little while. I highly suggest that you ask for help to prevent having to have something like this done or having to go on full bed rest. I am also one that does not ask for help and I should have. I was still working and doing way too many other things and with a 2 year old it is really hard to get any rest. I wish I had stopped working sooner and asked for help a little more and maybe I would not have to deal with this now. Take it easy and make sure you eat & drink plenty.
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Hi Ellie! Are you still moving to St. Louis? Did you find housing? I hope you have alot of help for the move. That workload alone could put you over the edge as far as exhaustion and dehydration.
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Sarah: I'm sorry to hear about the cerclage, but I really hope it does the trick! Since I wasn't at all dilated I'm not at that point yet. I've read lots of cerclage success stories. It is hard to take it easy! I clarified "modified bedrest" with my doc, and he just said to curtail my most stressful/strenuous activites. Still kind of vague, but it was reassuring. I have another u/s next Wed. and we will see what happens. Did they offer you steroid injections? I was told that once I hit 24 weeks they will encourage them if my cervix continues to shorten and/or dilate.

Carmella: I owe you a PM! We are moving to SL. We took that house in the city. Dh and our stuff coming around the middle of the month, but due to health insurance issues (mine won't kick in until 7/1), dd and I won't be there until the beginning of July. Maybe I won't be on bedrest and we can get together!
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Yah getting together would be nice! But it sounds like you may need to be taking it easy so once you move please let me know if I can help you in anyway before and/or after the babies arrive!!! My girls will be one in less than a month and I sure remember what it was like this time last year for me. I'd love to give some support to another twin mama in need.
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