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Taking Progesterone?

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Hi all,

I just got blood test results yesterday and I had low progesterone. So now I am taking progesterone suppositories until 12 weeks (I am 6 1/2 weeks now). I haven't taken progesterone supplements before and was just wondering who else is taking progesterone... when did you start taking it? when will you stop taking it? Are you having any side effects?
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I'm taking progesterone. I was having some spotting, so they took blood work and said my progesterone levels were low, and I have to take them 2 times a day until I'm 12 weeks. I started taking them when I was about 6 weeks. Then they said my HCG levels weren't rising fast enough, so I went in for a sonogram. They thought I had a blited ovum, but they picked up a heartbeat. It was only 106, but she said that it's still early to even be picking up a heart beat. Still worries me though.
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Yeah, I was having some spotting too. But they said my hcg levels were ok. Just my progesterone was low. I am also taking the suppositories twice a day (and I leak for several hours after I take them... it's a bit annoying, but, of course, worth it). I am going to have a sonogram at about 8 weeks (May 31).

I know you will be worrying anyway, but I would think the heartbeat is a great sign. You don't have to worry about a blighted ovum anyway, and the progesterone should help keep it in place.
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on progesterone here too.
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Me too, but mine are taken orally 3x a day through the first trimester. I took them last time too.

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