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What frugal things have you done today...part two

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Can we do this again?? I really loved that thread and I really need some more inspiration... I haven't done much lately. I did cut my new package of baby wipes in half. We only use them when we're out or for BIG messes- but it occured to me that DD has a very tiny hienie :LOL and those wipes are so big. I think I'll do the same with my fabric softner sheets... otherwise just my usual CDing and BFing.
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I too did the usual...

washed and dried my diapers, cded ds, begin a job in a few weeks that allows my youngest to attend MdO free and my oldest gets to go do fun things all summer (well ok 2 days per week) for a song. Plus I get paid. LOL Ate all meals at home yesterday except it was my ds program at school so my dad took us all out to eat at...MCD's lol. Oh well it was free food. No more tuition for the summer for my youngest at school. Need to work harder on paying down my debt and put my crockpot to work more. that's about it for me. Of course it's only 8:30 here more frugalness awaits me during this day. Like paying my bills, washing my dishes, fixing food for us to eat, etc. LOL I'm in a silly mood today. Ahem...you may now continue with your regularly scheduled thread. :
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I took my lunch to work today- saved $7-10 dollars there. I turned up the thermostat before leaving the house (I need to get one of those digital ones).
I made a big batch of baby wipes solution this morning. I loaned a friend some Movies for a long road trip for her kiddos. Does it count if you save other people money? I went to the Health Food store and stocked up on natural spritzers and seltzer water on sale. It is cheaper than the vending machines and better for me
I am really wanting to eat out tonight because it is just me and the kids. I might go to soup or Salad where it is free for kids under 5.
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I made french bread in my breadmaker
invited my best friend over rather than going out
I am making dinner from scratch

I have slipped up with cloth diapers. DS is too big, and I refuse to buy him a larger set. he refuses to potty train.
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Spent a couple of hours at the sewing machine to make a doll for a friend's daughter's birthday this weekend - sort of a patchwork rag doll, button eyes, with a removable hat & apron. My sewing skills are minimal, and I was really winging the construction, but it turned out pretty well !

Lots of usual stuff - hung laundry on the clothesline, made muffins for breakfast, made dinner from scratch (calzones, using dough made in the bread machine), went to the library. Surveyed the freezer and did a meal plan for the next several days (I really, really need to do that more often).
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well i came to this board because i need help but i see that my questions kind of fits in with this thread. but first, i notice that many people are talking about diapering and i woudl like to mention that ec is the frugal way to go! so i guess i can list that in the frugal things i did today and have done everyday for more than a year now.

anyway on to my question ... see the frugal thing i did today was to make soy milk because i just can't afford to buy it at $3.50 / half gallon and i wince at the packaging. but i really messed up the milk and it tastes pretty much like watery soybean paste. and the whole process of making it made me realised what a highly processed food it is and that this is a truly convoluted way to get whatever nutrients we want fromt he soy bean. but anyway, i kind of like soy milk and i am trying to stay as close to vegan as i can (i eat honey). so the question - shoudl I get a soy milk maker? it costs about $100 which means compared to the cost of buying SILK in half gallon containers you would recover your costs in about a year. That doesn't sound too bad but then I wonder, why can't i just make it using my blender ... but after today, I dont think i ever want to do that again. anyone faced this problem???? any suggestions???
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first cheery you might try the nutrition/good eats board too

for the soymilk ?

Today ds and I hit a 20 family yard sale
We went to blockbuster it used to be rent 1 get 1 free but that changed but with my rewards card and coupons I got 7 movies for price of 4
I heated up leftover chicken and corn for dinner
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Dh made cookies

We scored a free piano from our local freecycle group (I think)

Dh and I went on a "date" (with the baby, of course) while my parents watched the five older kids. We split a frozen coffee and walked around dh's old college campus.

cheery - pm me. I have some Soy milk (unopened) that we won't be using. I would be happy to mail it to you for the shipping cost.
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Made all of our meals at home (breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert too).
I packed a snack for a car ride so I wouldn't be tempted to eat out.
We used our push mower to cut the grass. One like this ~ http://ryskamp.org/brain/images/push-mower.jpg
My husband rode in a free bike race today for fun.
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Would LOVE an old push mower like that. Where can I get one?

I forgot that I made another batch of laundry soap today!
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We got a new version of that type of lawn mower at Home Depot, actually. It works great on small yard.
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Ooooh my first post on this board. I lurk quite a bit though!

So today it's just 8:14am and we've been up for a few hours. I have cd'ed dd using prefolds and a snappi from the TP and a soaker made by a friend, bf'ed dd using our homemade nursing necklace, dressed her in a secondhand onesie, dressed myself in a t-shirt I got for free for donating some money to The Nature Conservancy, given my older dd generic cereal for breakfast(we ran out of homemade), heated up yesterday's coffee(though it's sorta icky!), sold a book, necklace beads, and several diapers on the TP, bought a pair of longies for dd on the TP, made a pair of recycled wool pants for dd out of an old sweater, and packed my dh's lunch for work. My plans for the day are : wash diaper laundry and hang to dry outside, pack a snack for older dd and head off to the library, eat some homemade cookies( :LOL ), run to the yarn store for some yarn for a soaker I'm making(meanwhile clustering errands to save multiple trips into town saving on gas! woohoo!), stop by the food market for milk, and run by the post office and mail out a sold book.
Frugality awaits. I must be off!!!!
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Not a whole lot yet this morning...I do CD the babe.

Last night, the older kids sat and cut up an old flannel nightie I'd traced a template on to try my hand at some homemade menstrual pads.
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Well this weekend we ate at home except for Friday night and we ordered pizza with a coupon. ( $12 for the four of us- plus lunch for the kiddos the next day) Hung about 4 loads of clothes on the line.
Today I splurged on a cake for a coworkers forgotten b-day. I wish I would have remembered and made a cake
Tonight I am using leftover ham to a make ham, cabbage, potato, and green bean dish.
I need to get back into CDing again. I just have so much laundry that I can barely keep up!

Oh- this weekend I made homemade furniture polish using vinegar, water, olive oil, lemon juice and lemon e.o.
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Thanks for the furn. polish recipe! I want to try it!

Anyone have a good recipe for leftover pork roast? I don't want to throw it away.

We made bread today. Home made cookies, cd two babes, stayed home, made home made popcorn, breastfeed, ate leftover bagels for breakfast/snack that my parents bought, dressed my kids in hand me down clothes.....more to come. I love this thread!
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Last night I helped my sister pick out some clothes for work (she lost a lot of weight and nothing she had fit her well) and some other things for a work trip, and she bought us dinner. Does that count?

Nothing spectacular today, except the typical...

ate homemade granola for breakfast
making dinner from scratch tonight
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Originally Posted by ekblad8
Anyone have a good recipe for leftover pork roast? I don't want to throw it away.
Shred it, add some barbecue sauce to it (homemade, of course!) and make sandwiches.

If there isn't enough for sandwiches, you can layer it in a crockpot with sliced potatoes, onions and carrots and throw some BBQ sauce on it all. So good!
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I made each meal at home, packed a snack for class so I wouldn't splurge, used vinegar/baking soda/small amount of soap in the wash machine today, reused dryer sheets...
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Ok lets see here...
wahed my diapers and wool covers, hung then all to try ou on the clothes line. Last night me and kids went to the library to get free movie rentals vs the movie store! Put price tags on 4 boxes of stuff for the yard sale we are having in 2 weeks. Cleaned the kitchen floor with vinagar, washed sink and counters with baking soda. Used cloth napkins with our left overs lunch me and the kids just eat. breastfed my dd about 5 times today. Played out back in our yard on our toys vs driving to the park (6 miles) using gas in the car. Still haven't got my satillite hooked back up!!! YIPPY! Going to be making supper from scratch like usual.
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This morning washed diapers, turned up thermostat, ate my own lunch instead of going out, help DH roll pennies, brought my own snacks to work, and I'm going to call my cable company to shut off the cable - that's a big step!
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