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I read this on a doctor's website today, "Not asking questions will help you deal with your baby's first experience with pain" This OB/GYN is a Jewish Mohel also. Go to the site and read what she has to say about doing a bris or circumcision.


This was NOT the doctor that was sposed to back up my midwife but unfortunately she was on call. I had a forth degree tear: She misdiagnosed it as a third degree and repaired it with NO ANESTHESIA. She tried a pudendal block but after the block totally failed she just did a 45 minute surgery with me screaming. My doula was holding me down. That's the kind of doctor she is. It's so terrible that there's people like her out there....especially cause she backs up midwives.

Anyways, tell me what you think about, Don't question, just circ!

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Now the circumcision is done and everyone can breathe easier!
Who can breathe easier?
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the foreskin is brought up around the bell, and the cut is against the metal, guaranteeing that the penis cannot be hurt
WTF?!?! What is her definition of "hurt" exactly? And there are no "guarantees" that nothing will go wrong. Ugh, I think I'm going to go :Puke now.....
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OMG, poor babies and poor you! I cannot even imagine....my frickin' medwife cut me during my first birth and started to repair me without anesthesia, saying I wouldn't be able to feel it...YEAH RIGHT! One stitch and I was coming unglued. I cannot imagine the pain this sadist inflicted on you!!!

I hope you complained to the licensing board.
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Ummm. Isn't this the same stupid lady that was on Penn & Teller and said the foreskin is akin to the adult appendix?
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Kathryn, you're right! It is the same doctor! ACK! She even uses the same language about using a Gomco clamp to "ensure that the penis will not be harmed."

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the cut is circular, giving a really nice-looking end result
this is just gross and creepy.

I noticed right away it was the same lady! :
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"I use a plastic board, on which your baby will lie with only his legs secured with soft foam-rubber straps. It is not necessary to secure his arms; he can suck his fist or have his hands held by a loved one. Your baby's comfort will be helped by soft blankets on the board."

I find this odd-usually it is proclaimed how gentle a bris is because the baby is held in someone's loving arms.

BTW...has anyone ever heard of female circumfetishists? (I hope I am allowed to ask that)

This woman gives me the creeps.

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Originally Posted by Kathryn
Ummm. Isn't this the same stupid lady that was on Penn & Teller and said the foreskin is akin to the adult appendix?
I hope she gets her pesky outer genitalia removed soon!
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If she IS the one from P&T, her husband was circumcised recently- right?

Also, I thought the gomco clamp was 'unallowable' for ritual circumcision??

There are many sites like that one when you look at ritual circumcision. These sites often claim that ritual circumcision is less painful than a medical circ. I honestly don't claim to understand why this would be, but I've heard it said by a few pediatricians too, so there may be some truth to the statement. It certainly IS painful, but may be less so than one that is 'bogged' down by medical procedure, since it is over quicker?

However, these sites often try to claim that ritual circumcision is painless- which angers me. They try to placate parents concerns about this with statements like circumcision is "nearly painless" or "almost painless". And they include virtually no realistic medical information about what a circumcision entails and only the same tired myths about 'medical benefits' that most of us can recite and counter in our sleep.

I personally think it is wrong, even for religious reasons, but this is not the way things are right now. I just am angered that it is minimized and parents, in my opinion, are tricked into thinking it is less of a procedure than it actually is.

A pin prick is almost painless, circumcision is painful- and those that choose to have one- for religious or cultural reasons should be given the proper information about what it IS and what it entails.

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Penn and Teller

I don't know about that?? When?? Where??

You can email her your opinion as drlizlyster@yahoo.com
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I found it

I found the Penn and Tellar clip on line.

Let me tell you how skilled Dr Lyster is...now that I went over her lack of pain management.....I had an infection and the wound opened up within a week: she told me to just put gauze on it and take baths. I went to another Dr: I had a fistula and severely narrowed introitus due to excess scar tissue. SO I had to have a surgery called vaginoplasty and perinoeplasty to fix her screw up. NOW I have another fistula off my rectum where she MISSED the rectal tear...one more surgery next week. I'm glad she knows how to fix penises right cause she sure screwed up my vagina. I cannot give birth again.
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Blech : :
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Originally Posted by erindaugherty
I'm glad she knows how to fix penises right cause she sure screwed up my vagina. I cannot give birth again.
I am so sorry for you. Have you considered taking suit against her?

BTW, she doesn't know how to "fix penises", she only knows how to mutilate them. :
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She clearly likes carving up penises.

What a freak!! My jaw is still on the floor... I'm especially appalled at her nerve to include a photo of a peacefully sleeping baby with a ribbon and tag that says "From God". I guess it should read "From God, except for that evil foreskin - we chopped that right off".

Ladies, lock up your babies if you see her comin'.

I'm really sorry such a sadistic monster ever touched you! Hugs, mama.
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Erin, if you haven't talked to a lawyer already, you really need to. You deserve to be compensated for your pain and suffering, your medical expenses, and the loss of the ability to birth normally.

I am so sorry mama. This "doctor" deserves to lose her license.

ETA: the statute of limitations for torts (i.e. claims for wrongful action) is usually 3 years but might be 2. Seriously, I would get a copy of all your medical records and then go talk to a good lawyer (talk to several).
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Originally Posted by paminmi
[I]BTW...has anyone ever heard of female circumfetishists? (I hope I am allowed to ask that)

This woman gives me the creeps.

If you're talking about female circumfetishists, yes. However, their thrust is for circumcision of adult females only.

If you're talking about females that advocate male circumcision, yes again and their sites are even sicker to me than the ones for males to promote circumcision. The male dominated sites realize the eyes of the world are upon them and the female sites seem to think they are very anonymous. The things they say are far worse than what the males say and gets deep into sexual perversion.

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The statute of limitations in California is one year and it had expired before I developed the second fistula. We DID report her to the medical board and JCAHO and they lied saying since I wanted a natural birth that means you get a natural repair. The lawyer we did talk to wasn't quite sure how to proceed anyways since we had a midwife deliver the baby, the Dr Torture came in for the repair, then I was back in the midwife's care. SO who's responsibility was it to order pain relief or antibiotics?? The midwife is just as guilty for not speaking up for me when I was screaming. I deserved to at least be offered a spinal for this degree of repair.
My point is that this Doctor clearly has no problem operating on peoples genitals without anesthesia....unbelievable!!

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circ nightmare

My poor baby was butchered by the same Resident that butchered me. The sad part is that was done while I was under anesthesia recovering from having my bladder cut in half during the section. As soon as I saw his circ I knew that they had gotten a hold of his penis to inflict more damage. How horrible. I am pursuing this until the very end. My stature of limitations here in NJ is 2 years. I will fight until the last day, and you should pursue with any thing you can because she will damage someone else.
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