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I received a gorgeous crocheted wool soaker from Steph of Mommy Made ( http://www.mommymadediapers.com/ ) in the mail today and I just want to tell everyone how much I love it!! From the luxuriously soft yarn, to the superb quality of knitting, even down to the little details like nice packaging with a yarn identification card, everything is just perfect!!! I feel so ashamed that I only paid $14 for it, since it is worth at least four times that much! : I'm sure she will be a huge wahm success!
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We were the lucky high bidders on one of the recent FAA auctions. Our package contained (among other lovely things!) a Mommymade newborn hemp diaper and newborn crocheted soaker.

The diaper was t&t style, with lovely scalopped stitching. It is a thing of beauty! The soaker is a gorgeous colorway that reminds me a seaglass. The wool is very soft and I am in love with the set!
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I received a matching diaper and crochet set for my new baby! The diaper is soft organic velour, with the prettiest variegated decorative stitching that matches the gorgeous blue/purple blackberry ridge yarn she used! The diaper is so well made-the stitching is perfect, and it is just so cushy and soft and cute! I can't wait to put it on my babe! I am very impressed with her crocheted soakers! As a crocheter myself, I was always turned off by crocheted soakers because I assumed there were too many gaps inbetween the stitches to be truly absorbent. Afterall, all of the crocheted soakers I had looked at online seemed to have gaps I could see in the pic! Well...an IRL pal of mine had one of these, and it changed how I viewed crocheted soakers! The stitches were so tight, and it was so well made, I had to have one! I contacted Steph and asked her for a custom! She was sweet enough to *squeeze* me in, and she let me pick the yarn. I will note that when picking yarn, pick a stretchy one-I think this is true for crocheted stuff in general-they need a stretchier yarn IMO-the blackberry ridge is nice, but it is a little firm-I have NO issue with the soaker though! I just think a thinner or stretchier yarn would provide for a bigger size range! Her response was fast, she kept me updated of her progress, and in no time, I had my cute matching set! I wish I could post a pic it is just so pretty! Her prices are very reasonable too!
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