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thanksgiving that is!

i'm getting ready for my 4th annual veggie thanksgiving. what is on your menus?? let's compare and exchange!

let's see:

*Tofurkey (cause i love it, and its easy) OR
a Mock Chicken florentine (more work)

*mashed potatoes

*candied sweet potatoes

*asparagus w/peanut sauce

*cranberry sauce (homemade)

*orange glazed baby carrots

*cauliflower w/spicy cheese sauce

*chickenless gravy (VERY yummy)

and for dessert (all from scratch, crusts too )

*pumkin pie

*apple pie

since the birth of Aidan, i've gone off dairy. so i am able to modify all of these dishes (except the cauliflower and cheese)--(thank you willow run margarine!!)

okay, here's my questions and such:

*i'm ISO another gravy recipe

*a good pumkin pie recipe (posted this on another thread)

*a good pecan pie recipe

*what do you use in the mashed potatoes to make them fluffy? i tried them w/the willow run margarine and the potato water instead of the milk. the taste was the same, but they were very heavy.

*a good stuffing recipe

*a good biscuit recipe

what have you got? let me know if you want any recipes, and i'll post them.