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does anyone else need a bigger car now?

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Who else needs to buy a bigger car now that there's another carseat to consider?

We're buying a '97 Subaru Outback...i just hope it's a little wider than our '90 Subaru Legacy (i haven't actually seen it yet)...i'm not counting on it, haha, but we just haven't been able to find a van (as much as i hate them) in our price range, and my husband's car is nearing its end, so we had to find something now. The kids will fit in the one we have, assuming we do away with Ryvre's carseat (he'll be 4, so he doesn't technically have to have one in our state), but not comfortably. He'll be wedged between the baby's carseat and his sister's

I hate living in a place where it's actually more cost-effective to have two cars. Blech.
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My other two kids don't need car seats, but we did just buy an Uplander mini-van this week because of the coming baby. We *could* have squeezed all three into the back of my car, but there wouldn't have been room to take the dog or any of the kids' friends ever.
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we need one, but we aren't getting one - can't afford it. i'm going to have to figure out how to squeeze two carseats and a booster into the back of my Escort Wagon. it's going to be really tight!
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Our Kia minivan was about $16000 brand new and we also have a scion XB that is HUGE on the inside (fit 3 carseats ok), gets great gas milage, and was $14000 brand new. It's a strange looking vehicle, but very nice and relatively loaded at base price.
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Definitely! I currently have an Acura 3.2 TL sedan with 3 in the back. Went from 1 booster, 1 convertible and infant seat, to currently 2 boosters and a convertible. They all fit, but it is very tight. Can't bring anyone else with us.

We will need to get a bigger vehicle, but what kind is the question. We also have a boat to tow. The smaller SUV's that seat 7, seat 7 with no trunk space. I wouldn't even be able to go to the store. Don't know if dh wants a mini van and if that will tow the boat. Our most logical options are a larger SUV that seats 8 with trunk space that can tow a boat or a full size van. Not sure what dh has in mind, but we have some time to think about it.

That was dh's original reasoning on not having a fourth child. He said then we would have to get a new car. Oh well.

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We are. We have a Subaru Outback ('03) and they definitely can't hold 3 carseats (fyi to op)! We have been looking at the Honda Odyssey and are pretty sure that come July/Aug we are going to get one! We just have to sell my Honda Civic first to help pay of the Subaru and then we will only have one car payment. The Odyssey is sooooo nice and I realyy want one NOW...but I think I can wait !
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Gosh, how small is the Subaru? My Saturn fits two Roundabouts and a Britax belt positioning booster fine. I mean, they were a bitch to get in, no doubt, but they fit fine, once they're in.

We did have to buy a new car this time around, as ours seats three in back, and we're going to have four kids. We're still looking, but we have a station wagon which can seat 8, though not safely...
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We could definitely use a bigger car. We just have a sporty Chevy Cavalier, with only two doors. It's already a pain getting a toddler into his car seat, it's going to be interesting with the new babe. My DH has a friend at work that will probably help us when we are ready to purchase one. He's able to go auctions and get cars for really cheap. We won't be able to purchase a new car probably until December or January though. DH was thinking maybe some type of 4-door Volkswagon would be good. ...We could also use bigger living quarters...our 2 bedroom arpartment is getting a little cramped....
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April, we're going to have 3 kids in a two bedroom! yikes! it's crowded already, because we have very little storage space here, but rent is so expensive that there's no way we can get a bigger place unless we move out of state. we can't even afford to move to a bigger 2 bedroom, because we're paying below market price for the plac we have (we've been here 5 years and housing prices have gone up exponentially in that time!)
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Eclipse-- you don't have to move out of state, just upstate .
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eclipse...wow! 3 kids in a 2 bedroom. Okay, I should stop complaining :LOL

We've also been in our apartment for about 5 years now, our rent went up a little last year, but not much. It's still the best option for us to stay here, unless we win the lotto or something.
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My van will work fine, we'll just ALWAYS have to take it instead of the car when we all go somewhere together & hopefully it won't break down !!! I already moved my 2 year old from his seat directly behind me to the very back with his brother. My 6 year old sits behind me right now, but I've told him that will be where the baby sits when he/she is born. We do have all the boys in some type of seat so come October we'll have four in the car!!!

As for the going from 2 kids to 3 in a 2 bedroom - yuck. Going from a 2 bedroom to a 3 bedroom was nice though (it was also going from a duplex to our own home for us!) If y'all can manage it, go for it ; )

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yeah...we have to get a minivan..we have a f150 pickup truck now that seats 5 but we will be afamily of 6 when baby comes...we are leaning towards a Dodge Grand Caravan but we are not sure
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we haven't had a car since last year and i don't think we'll be getting one anytime soon. i kind of want to raise my son without a car for awhile. and our transit here is seriously soooo good. the only reason we would need a car is to go visit our families, but we can just fly for cheaper. :LOL
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well, the two bedroom thing isn't *too* bad for now - it would be MUCH easier if we were in a two bedroom house though - with the same footage, but with a garage and yard. it's tough finding spots to store outdoor toys like bikes inside. it felt like ti got much more crowded last year when ds decided to move out of the family bedroom into his own room - so, there went the computer/storage room! he has a bed that will convert to a bunkbed though, so when dd is ready, she will be able to share with them. Before the one in the oven is ready to move out, though, we hope to be living in a cheaper community that will allow us to live in at least a 3 bedroom, preferably a house or duplex.
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i wish we had busses or something here! My husband has to drive over 60 miles a day, just to go to work! And that's actually a short commute; alot of people around here drive an hour or more each way. It's crazy. I laughed my butt off last time we visited the extended in-laws in STL, and asked where the wal-mart was. No one was completely sure, because it was nearly *gasp* 5 miles away, and they refused to drive that far just for groceries.

Oh, and it looks like we're not getting the Outback. For some reason, the paypal account the guy gave us wasn't valid, and he's not returning our phone calls. Of course, he didn't want us to use paypal (hmmm...wonder why...) but finally let us talk him into it--i'm glad we found out BEFORE a transaction went through, because he wanted 1/3 of the price as a down payment...sound a little shady? Well, maybe it's a blessing, and we'll find something bigger anyway
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We don't need one this time around because we planned ahead last time. We bought a van (and I mean VAN, not a minivan!) & the running joke is that there are two more empty spaces once we put the third carseat in. Before that we had a Corsica & while we could fit two carseats in there, we'd planned for my mother to come up before Linda was born (before she decided to arrive a month early!) & there was no way two carseats *and* my mother would fit in the backseat. So when the Corsica died a horrible twitching death, we made sure to buy a vehicle we could fit not only babies but relatives in.
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We're not getting a bigger vehicle, but are buying a second one. One of my requirements are easy and comfort of getting two kids in easily (along with safety and reliability). We've looked at a few of the smaller SUVs (CRV, Rav-4, Forester), and the top minivans (Odyssey, Sierra), and the Pilot SUV. We've done a ton of research. We've decided that a minivan is too much vehicle for our family of 4, but a likely replacement for our current car in a few years. We plan to buy a Forester (06) when they hit the dealers next month.

To tell you the truth, I'm rather excited to have my own car again!
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I drive an Altima. Not too bad, and I think it will fit 2 carseats all right. DH drives a little MR2...it's a 2 seater. I have no idea what we're going to do, since he takes DS to the sitter in the mornings and I pick him up in the afternoons. I assume we'll keep the same arrangement when we have 2 kids. But what is he going to do? Strap the baby to the roof of the car? No, we have a wagon or minivan in our future, for sure.
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We have a minivan and I love it! But I really want a 9 seater suburban!! And the kids to fill it up with! I guess I'm on my way with baby number 4 lol
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