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Are all Waldorf schools this expensive?

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I've looked into the Waldorf school near us and its very expensive (around $8,800 for kindergarten...then 12,000-15,000 a year for other grades). How would someone with several kids ever be able to afford this? I'm just curious if this is the normal cost involved
My 2 older boys are in public school and my daughter will be starting kindergarten in the fall
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Waldorf schools come in a pretty board range of costs (some run themselves on a pledge system for instance). Tuition amount may depend on things like the school's age (newer schools cost less), depth of program offerings, relative adequacy of employee salary and benefits, location, local demographics, and amount of administrative and remedial services offered.

$12,000-15,000 is definitely on the high side for waldorf schools, but I am sure you can find private schools that charge much more. My school will charge 9400 next year (we're in the northeast, but not around any major city).

As for how people afford it, some get help from their families, some apply for need-based assistance that most schools offer to differing levels, some reorient their finances to allow tuition payment. Some can never afford it.

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wow! The one my sister sent her kids to cost about $3000/year. They gave a sibling discount as well.
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Tuition for K for my son this year was 4030.00, there was an increase for next year and I *think* we'll be paying 5300.00 for 1st grade. And then 2-8th grade is a little more than that. Our schools sibling discount is 20% for the 1st sib, 50% for the 2nd and 80% for the 3rd.
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Seattle Waldorf will $9800 for 1st through 8th graders. It is cheaper in Kindergarten. We are told that this average cost for this area.
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It seems expensive to me, I know the Vancouver Waldorf school is less expensive (around $5000 for kindergarten, and it goes up in the higher grades, but don't quote me ).

Also, some schools are able to do sliding rates due to fundraising on the part of parents and the school for families who aren't financially able to bear the cost of the entire tuition.
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I have been told that many schools charge $12,000 or more a year and then they are able to offer more financial aid. Essentially the families that can afford it are helping those that cannot. So it is always worth your while to look into the financial aid because not all the families pay the high price. Sometimes the financial aid does come from fund raising but the majority of it comes from tuition.
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Around 7200 for full time preschool and K here. One reason I homeschool. Very expensive to send two kids to a Waldorf school. However, I think it would be worth every penny. A Waldorf school is the only type of school I would send my children to.
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I just started looking into WAldorf for ds & the school near us is 12,500 from 1-8 grade. Kindergarten is less, only 4 day school week, i believe 8500.
I would love to send him there but don't know how we would do it. Dh & I are both on board to think of a plan to do it... move to a less inexpensive home & town. However where we're located we'd have to move to another state pretty much to find cheaper housing. I'm not about to give up yet, we have 3 years till kindergarten!!
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Count yourselves lucky! The Rudolf Steiner school in New York starts at $16,000 and at grade six the tuition is $23,000. High school is about $24,000. It is worth every penny.
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