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maltitol sweetner question????

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Have any of you mama's eaten sugarless goodies with the sweetner maltitol? I believe it is all natural. But really have not heard too much about it.

My father-in-law brought a pumpkin goodie bag for my 17 mo dd with all natural sugarless treats. Nothing with aspertame or other chemicals. He went to a local health food store and bought sugarless cookies, chocolate and a few other items. Everything has this maltitol sweetner in it...

Snuck a chocolate bar from her bag and ate it...it was really good but a half hour later got a stomach ache...

Anyone have any experiences with this?????? I don;t know if I should let her eat anymore...She only had 2 small cookies.
TIA Melanie
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I agree that it is from a natural source, so it is better than aspartame or other chemical sweetners.

The only thing else that I really know about it is that it can have a laxative effect, that may account for the stomach ache.

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thanks marie...

I appreciate your reply melanie
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My husband eats the Carbolite bars that use it. It has a great laxative effect, which he actually needs on that diet. But after awhile he gets used to it and it doesn't work for him anymore.
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It's a powder keg

don't eat a lot of it. my dh got explosive diarrhea from eating a 1/4lb of "sugar free" gummi bears. it emptied him out, but he was in terrible pain and horribly embarassed. I've experienced the laxative effect myself - it can be pretty awful if you eat enough of it.

Sorbitol is the same, laxative-wise.

I wish more companies used Stevia. It doesn't breakdown in cooking like some of those artificial sweeteners can (don't even get me started on aspartame, I'm a total crusader - don't want to say activist... ) and is less refined, and doesn't cause blood sugar fluctuations the way some artificial sweeteners do. It's coming along. slowly.
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