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Yes, use whatever you need to, from the official press release, and from the official logistics sheet. The more consistent the message is, the better. We are also creating a media kit that should be ready by tomorrow. We have a yahoo site that you could check with for ideas, and post your nurse-in.

For those that are thinking about doing nurse-in at other cities - I say, just go ahead and do it. Even if there are only one or 2 other moms there, it adds to the impact. Make sure to let us know, so we can add you to the count, and list your city/location.


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Did you see this?
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We've got a nurse-in planned for the same date & time at the ABC affiliate in Norfolk, VA (WVEC - located at 613 Woodis Avenue in Norfolk). Please join us if you're in the Hampton Roads area!!!
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Dh just had a good idea - if you are going to nurse-in at an affliate station - contact the other media in your city. Maybe the ABC news wouldn't cover the story themselves, but the competition would???

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Oh that Hatthor is hilarious!!! Thanks so much for posting. :LOL
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Originally Posted by annettemarie
I was just coming to post that. Man I "LOVE" her!
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I am supposed to work tomorrow..but I really want to do this instead..if there were any mamas in my area (poconos/lehigh valley pennsylvania) that were going and had room for one more or were willing to caravan..(unsure of driving alone to nyc) I could easily be persuaded to call in sick..in fact I am feeling kind of feverish right now...
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How many moms are expected?

Good luck ladies!!
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Nurse-In in Charlotte, NC

If anyone is any this area, and is interested, contact me.

I've just go to say - this is an extremely well-organized and thought out "protest". Rock on mamas!!!
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This is so awesome... go to Google and type

nurse-in "the view" abc

Keep getting the word out - this could be huge!!!
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It's on the front page of http://www.onepeoplesproject.com/
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so cool, there are several links to it from the google search.

i am so thrilled for you mamas (and kiddos and partners) who are going to be there!
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For those that have not written in to the The View/ABC/or local affiliate and are also unable to attend a nurse-in Monday morning may be a great time to bombard them. Phone calls too!
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Great idea! Here's how to find your local affiliate:

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I made a couple signs for the nurse in/ralley
OK, I probably won't use the boob one, but it made me feel better!
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savvy, I know this was answered previously, but just to repeat for anyone wondering ...

"The View" is filmed on West End Avenue where there is virtually zero pedestrian traffic. The middle of nowhere, in Manhattan terms.

The ABC studios, however, where the nurse-in takes place is in a *very* public space.

My one question, though, in re not sitting on the sidewalk ... the 'park with benches' is not in the immediate area.

There's Tucker Square, a small traffic island/open space across the street and down one block, at the 3-way intersection of 66th and Broadway and Columbus, is that what the NYPD comments referred to?

And what time are people showing up? Anyone coming a little early?
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I made a couple signs for the nurse in/ralley
OMG!!!! annettemarie - you made me pee my pants!!!!!!!

Oh please, use them ALL! they are witty, and in your face, but not rude (I think) I love them!!!! Especially the one with Star & Barbara ones!

I mean, I wouldn't use them on the official literature or anything - but a few posters like that amongst all the rest - I can live with that!

You can get away with alot, if its humourous, and they are!


(btw, after following and supporting the Toronto Dufferin Park thing all this winter, you must be really excited to be in you OWN nurse-in, and to meet Erika in person! I am so jealous of all of you - if I wasn't so far away.... boy I'd like to be there.)

You all MUST take lots of (digital) pictures - we can post them on the yahoo site. And I want *detailed* accounts of the whole day!
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I really am excited. MY DH has been a bit of a dork about it. Apparently it doesn't suit the pastor to have me gone on a Sunday but it does feel great to do something that I believe in. I can't wait to meet Erika, and Ashley who coordinated this, and I am finally meeting some of my favorite MDC mamas. I almost feel guilty because I am getting so much out of this! :LOL

I was afraid the signs were a bit over the top. :
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Ann,you sooo have got to bring those to NY, They are awsome. If you are makeing shirt i want to buy one. I love them They would totally make awsome poster and definatly get some attention.
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those posters are fabulous- funny and to the point!
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