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The Magic Bean

Poll Results: Which bean would you like?

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A young woman was walking through town agmiring all the goods for sale at the open market. As she came to the edge of town she met up with a man who was selling beans from a large basket. She walked up to the man and peered into the basket. She noticed there were several colors.

"Would you like to purchase a bean, mylady?" The gentleman asked her?

"Why so many colors and what kind of bean are they?" she asked.

"The are magic beans. The green one will allow you to return to the past and change one thing in your life. The blue allows you to walk on water, and the red to see into the future. Which one would you like?"

This is the question I ask of you. If you could choose a bean, which would it be and why?

Green - Past
Blue - Water
Red - Future
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well, I wouldn't want to change anything in the past, because then my life would be completely different today. Every decision I've made, has brought me here. I like it here.
I wouldn't want to see the future either...well, I'd like to know if I'm meant to have another child...okay...so maybe I would take that bean. The red bean. But just a glimpse to see if I'm TTCing in vain or if it will actually happen!

Sweet post!

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Even though there are some painful things I would like to change in the past, like mamasoleil said, it would change the now and I like the now.

So, I decided on the red~not curious about my life, just about my childrens.


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I voted before I read the story.
I would pick green. I was a foolish girl and dropped out of high school. I thought I was too cool.
I got my GED and finished 3 years of college, so I'm not a complete loser, lol.
But, I would like to be able to go back and walk to my graduation. I think it would be a great feeling of achievement.

I guess I'm a fortunate fool.
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i chose green, but i'm not sure which thing i'd change. maybe i'd erase my first marriage, or take the mental illness and violence out of my dad. or maybe i'd get myself into that arts school i wanted to go to in high school, or stick with college till i finished it. i guess so far i haven't been very happy with a lot of things in my life, which is kind of why i'd leave that red bean alone - my future's still open to me, so i'd rather not mess with it.

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I chose blue because walking on water would be cool. I wish flying were a choice, because I would definitely go for that.

The other ladies have expressed very well already why I wouldn't want to change the past. I like it here!

As for the future, I will just wait and see for myself.

Cool and cute question, Diaper Diva!

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Well...I don't like beans.
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I picked green. Not because I want to go back and change anything. I don't think I'd be me anymore then. But to go back and say goodbye to my mom before she died, maybe have the chance to be with her awhile so we could have talked. I last saw here when I was 12, and she died when I was 2 weeks shy of my 15th birthday. And I REALLY really miss her and wish I could have said goodbye. I got to say goodbye to my dad before he passed away and it was really something I needed.
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I picked blue. Walking on water? How cool, to be Jesus if only for one day! (please don't take offense, none was meant)

I don't believe in regrets, which is why I over-analyze things before doing them. So, I wouldn't change anything in my past. There were circumstances that helped me become me, and decisions that did the same. The future... I would rather see it when it happens. I'd obsess too much abt things if I knew in advance. Besides, my future depends on me and choices I make, to a large degree...

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I wonder what Can O'Beans would do now?

I think I would choose green. Just to have certain opportunities once more. But I have that already, don't I?
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I chose blue...

I don't want to change anything in the past, because it would change my present. I don't want to look into the future, because knowing it might make me do something to change it, and I just don't need to know. Walking on water would be a new experience...

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dont want to change the past because then i would have a different present and I like my present with all its colors.
dont want to know the future either, maybe knowing it would take away things from the present.
walk on water, yeah, that could be great!
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