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Animals and Simplicity??!!!**

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Well I will start off saying I am a animal LOVER ! But lately... (maybe it is the pregnancy hormones) my animals are making my life very "un-simple". 2 cats 2 dogs (one very old), 8 chickens and 3 ducks. Between feeding, cleaning, medicine, etc. it is craziness! : Now I am pretty sure that I will always have animals as pets, but probably not this many... they offer my life such richness, so I know the benifits. I have so many friends though that have opted for the "no pet life" and in ways it seems ideal at times.

Do you all have animals? Do you keep it simple?

I can't imagine not having them, except for lately....

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I'm no help with helping you deal with them because I don't have any. We had a problem dog once when we were first married and it scarred me for life I think! I love being animal free and not having to worry about it. My kids on the other hand think they're missing out (and the pbly are) so I may compromise some day soon. I'm hoping to wait until the baby (that is due in August) is bigger. Dealing with the clutter in my house and my soon to be 4 children is enough for me. I could not handle animals on top of it.

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Before kids - many animals.

Now that we have children we are quite happy with our one dog, oh and a parakeet we adopted....but that was under duress.
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I knwo exactly how you feel. We have 2 dogs and 2 cats and they are constantly underfoot and driving me nuts. Maybe it's just the end of pregnancy exhaustion/hormones, but I wouldn't mind not seeing them for a while.

Any way, we've agreed that we won't be getting more animals anytime soon. Our rottie is old and sick and we'll be putting him down soon. We won't be getting another dog after he's gone. The cats are still young so we just keep it as simple as possible. Feed 2x a day, clean the litterbox once and that's that. Our other dog is super low maintenance, so she's not an issue. It just seems impossible to keep things clean around here. And forget about keeping the toddler and all 4 animals out of everything. *sigh* I don't know what to do sometimes.

And now I'm off to clean up since my dd just peed on the floor. :LOL Such is life.
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It DOES sound horrible but I am right there with you

My dh and I each had two dogs (he had giant dogs I had toy poodles) before we married. Unfortunately they were all around the same age; now we are down to two and these two guys are failing as well. It's been very hard on my daughter to lose her (she stole her, totally) beloved toy poodle, and I am not looking forward to her losing the one she has left.

But we have decided that once these dogs go, we won't be replacing them. We were very different furparents before the children arrived, and these poor dogs probably dream of their former lives when they had run of the house. Sooooooooo.... I don't want more animals because we don't care for them the way *I* like to. But I may be talking out my butt, because I really can't imagine a life without a dog in it. :
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For those who are having a hard time with pets under foot try to relax a little more. Imagine yourself not noticing the dog hair and mess. As after all the life of a pet goes so much faster than humans and their life here on earth should be happy and worry free.
We have five rescue dogs and seven children.
Believe it or not I used to be a no pet person until 2001. Once we bought a home with a lovely yard I decided we could offer a home to GODS creatures.
So when you are stressing go lie in the grass with your pets, go throw them a ball, run with them, take them a walk. Truly then stress will drop and you will then be able to see the puppy you once cherished inside the dog that is now getting older.
Ofcourse pets are work but as far as we are concerned these loving faithful adorable friends are well worth the effort for the richness in life they give back in return.
Love and Peace,
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I guess we're not really addressing the question

of how to keep it simple.

I know the benefits of my furbabies and oh Lord, wouldn't I love to just be able to chill out with them and toss a ball. But practically, I don't get to do that anymore. And it's not their fur or their exuberance that bothers me, it's the pee and the poop. Pee in the house, poop in the yard. I won't be disloyal to my dog of many years by putting him down because he is annoying. But certainly, I keep him out of love and loyalty, not the benefits he brings my life! : All of our dogs have been rescues, and I am glad they have our home in which to be loved. There are no babies here who haven't been licked early by a doggie.

How to keep it simple though?? I guess "don't have a dog who requires grooming" would be one. I can't see how to simplify it much beyond that. We get our dogs their shots in as much a combined form as possible so that helps, btu it's not less expensive. We feed them together and make sure they have free roam of the outside property... beyond that, I really don't know.
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I think of walking the dog as a walking meditation.

and She's extremely helpful in the crumb removal department.
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I think animals and children as hand and glove.

We have a number of differant animals and its very special to our children to have them.

Its incredable to watch the chidren watch the pets.

Also not haveing a dog in the house means much more work for me in cleaning up under the table ect.
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HOW HOW HOW could I possibly forget to mention THAT

They're great for the dining room!!!!!!!
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All That Poop

I love this new web site! Especially when I can talk to others mothers with similar ideas, struggles, solutions!
I suppose we are fortunate to have the older teens to help pick up ALL THAT POOP that our five dogs make.
They take turns in "POOP DUTY". As sad as it sounds we actually have competetions who cleans the yard the best.
OK so we need to get a life!!
When it is my turn, if our sons are off camping with Boyscouts or something I actually think to myself.
We need to stay on top of all the cleaning otherwise I can see how things would get out of hand as the poor dogs would have no place to run.
We have our dogs crate trained. I know there is so much controversy about that. I myself before we started training the dogs thought how could we ever put our dog in a "CAGE:!
But their "HOMES" as we call them are the only place the get their pig ears or special rawhides. They are 5 feet x 5 feet bought on ebay from Happydogs I think it was.
The only time we crate them is when we go our for no more 6 hours and at night they are in the bedrooms and each dog sleeps with one on the children.
We also feed them twice a day in their crates so we dont get food aggression.
I am sure cleaning up pee is really hard!
Our dogs are not at the old yet they are only 11 months, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years and the last rescue we think he is about 7 years.
When the day comes and the energy level has calmed down I am sure we will next have to go through what you are going through with the aging.
That will be a tough one! :
Thanks for sharing got to dash we have dogs to snuggle and fresh water bowls to clean
Love and Peace,
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