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Pattern for pillowcase dress toddler size

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I would love to make a couple of these dresses for my daughter to have this summer they look so sweet. I am new to sewing and would need instructions.

Thanks have a great day
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I found a no sew pattern for a pillowcase skirt but no dress
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I have one! Lemme see if I can find it....

ETA I found it!!! PM me your address and I'll send you a copy ASAP.
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Oh Yea!!

I have had a beautiful old pillowcase for literally a year and a half intending on someday finagling (sp?) a dress out of it!
This will be my motivation.
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I'd be happy to send you a copy of the instructions, rockinmama.
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I have used this pattern with success. I actually change it now and add elastic at the neck and use bias tape to bind the arms and extend it up to be the straps.

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Just a reminder to those PMing me for instructions - please include your mailing address so that I can send you a copy snailmail.

I'm happy to send anybody a copy who would like one.
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I've sent copies to everyone who requested them so far.

To the ladies outside the US - I sincerely apologize for the delay! I've been ill and unable to get to the post office...but yours went out airmail this morning.

Please, if you use the pattern I sent out, e-mail me photos! I have no toddlers anymore and no time to sew , so I want to live vicariously through you ladies and see your lovely handiwork!
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I have sent a copy of the pattern to everyone who requested it; so if you don't get one in the next week or so, please PM me!
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Anybody make one yet??????
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not yet, but as soon as i get the pattern, i'm on the case! thanks again for offering to send it
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i have instructions with images in my blog -
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I am new here but I would LOVE this pattern if someone would share! thanks!
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I used these general directions (scroll down to June 23): http://rowena.typepad.com/rostitcher.../06/index.html

I didn't have a pillowcase, so I used a piece of fabric 44" wide. I folded it with the serged edges together and then cut it to 21" long using a long quilting ruler. I hemmed the serged edges then turned it so the seam went down the back in the middle. Then I took another dress pattern (that had short sleeves) and traced the sleeve opening onto an index card. I cut that out and laid it on the "pillowcase" and cut out the armholes from that. I made my own bias tape by cutting a strip 1 inch wide and ironing the edges in. Otherwise I followed the rest of the directions from that site. One dress I used grosgrain ribbons for the ties and one I made my own by cutting 2" wide strips and sewing up the edges, turning inside out, etc. I just didn't like the idea of unfinished bias tape as the ties. I also used a 7" piece of elastic instead of a 6" piece.
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Can you send me the pattern for pillow case dress for toddlers? Thanks

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Me too, please? Just inherited a dozen pillowcases and I have a little girl who loves dresses!

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