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Making Pocket diapers

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Any suggestion??
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Could you vague that up for us? :LOL (Sorry, gratuitous Buffy the Vampire Slayer reference).

What kind of suggestions are you looking for? Patterns? Fabrics? Sewing tips?
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I am taking a pattern of her "Huggie" diaper and turning it into a pattern(because it fits her really well). I have PUL on order and I have 25 yards of diaper flannel 10 yards of super thick terry. and I will be putting the very outside of various materials..

So basically are there any tips to make sewing them easier. I am an experienced at sewing. I just have NEVER sewn diapers :LOL
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Well, first off give it a try with materials you don't care about, old shirts, some cheap stuff, whatever, to figure out what you like and don't like about pocket diapers.

I made 4 diapers before even getting anything usable, and sewed another 10 or so before getting something that then became "my pattern."

Read as many free diaper patterns as you can find. If you haven't already join http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sewyourowndiapers/ and read the archives. Lots of people have tried lots of various things and have lots of advice to share. I read forums and patterns for 2 months I think before I every tried sewing my first diaper . And that way I was able to quickly evaluate why something worked or didn't.

Mostly, it becomes what YOU like when you sew your own diapers. I take a little longer to sew my diapers because I don't like FOE, because I want tabs on my diapers because I hate tab curl, and because I wanted my pockets to have elastic on both sides. I spend way more time than necessary but have a diaper that I can't find anything to improve on when I put it on my son. (for me, I'm sure other people have different things that drive them crazy).
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Are you new to cloth? If so, I would try a few different styles first. I thought I was a PUL pockets girl but I am really a wool and fitteds girl. Who knew?

Besides reading the links Gethane offered , I would look at wahm versions of what you think you would like to make. What they offer is as important as noting what they don't offer, because their products *have* to work.

One last thought. I love my teflon foot. I hate sewing PUL without it.
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Thanks again for the replies

I have been looking for about 3 months. I decided on the pockets because I can adjust the absorbancy need while it is still as easy as a sposie for DH & my teens.

I am new to CDing in the essence that 16 & 14 years ago I used a diaper service. Unfortunately there is NONE that service my area. I was also to ill to keep up with the demand after baby #3 and #4. But I am a SAHM and I will be able to keep up with it now.

I will look into the teflon foot. Thanks for that Idea
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www.diapersewing.com is a great site. Also, try a google search for "free diaper pattern" or something.
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Thanks Davina..

I have already been there about a million times :LOL
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if you do resort to buying a pattern, darling diapers has a wonderful pocket diaper pattern (it's a pocket fitted, but if you put pul or fleece on the outside it's an aio pocket). her directions are easy to follow and give a very professional looking diaper. and even if you don't use her pattern, and go for the huggies instead, it might save you a lot of trouble. on the other hand, if you're an experienced sewer, maybe you don't need it... lol
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Here's a link to free directions for making pocket diapers. Once you get the basic idea it's pretty easy. Good luck and don't be afraid to come back if you have more questions!
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Thanks Amy .. I have already been there too. I guess I am ready. As soon as the rest of my fabric gets here.. Trying to be patient. i will post more when I get them done.. Wish me luck
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BabySackMom - we used Huggies on our first two children (I tried cloth on them, but was unsuccessful. Now with so much info on the internet, and after MANY hours of researching diaper making, we did switch to cloth and have been doing this for over a year. I SOOOOOO wish we could have used cloth on the others.)

Anyway, I was going to use the Huggies as a pattern, too. But I never got to that. I am an experienced sewer, but was new to diaper sewing like you. I have NOT tried most of the other patterns, so I cannot speak to them. I made pockets using the Honeyboy pattern. We LOVE them. My husband loves them, too. He likes a prefold in them b/c he does not care about the bulk - he just wants to KNOW that he will get no leaks when he has the baby. I know the heavy/light times of day, etc, so I can change the stuffer how I want. I stuff the diapers after washing and stack them according to insert (prefold stacks, and microfiber or hemp stacks - which are a little less absorptive). The fleece in a pocket is a LOT easier to clean in the toilet than the few other diaper styles we have. The "velcro" (Aplix 800) truly does make it as easy to put on the baby as a disposable. Snaps were harder to use during that extra wiggly baby time. But now that my 15 month baby is not wearing as many clothes - it's getting a little warmer, and he likes to be "free", I am using more of the Fuzzi-Bunz b/c he has not figured out how to unsnap them yet. I am mentallytrying to figure out if I can alter the HB pattern to use snaps and keep the great fit. I made mediums for him when he was 4 months old, and he will soon be ready for the larges. This pattern does NOT have gussets -- and the Huggies do. At first I thought that I would get leaks in my cloth ones without the gussets. But we do not. In fact, I used to get poopy leaks all the time with the Huggies, and we VERY rarely do with the HB style.

If you can afford it, I personally would go for buying or finding a pattern. You say you are also an experienced sewer, so I know you can make your own pattern from the Huggies (and get satisfaction from doing so). But you may waste a lot of time doing that. I never had a trial - every diaper I made from the HB pattern has worked great. So buying the pattern was worth it to me. I got it from SewShoppe.

I would definitely go with the previously mentioned teflon foot if you can afford one. I have a Huskvarna and when I tried to sew scraps with the regular foot (with the PUL side facing up), it would not glide smoothly and my stitches were very irregular. I tried a scrap with the PUL side facing down, but the feed dogs ate it up, and therefore it would make sense that there would be many tears in the PUL (and leaks when wearing). So if you are making pockets, fleece goes down and the PUL side goes up against the teflon.

Also, remember one of the first sewing steps will be to put your velcro or snaps on the tummy area of the PUL/outer layer (and facing)-- BEFORE sewing the PUL and fleece together. Otherwise your insert will not be able to go all the way to the top of the front seam.

You probably picked this up also from looking at many sites (to see what they do and do not recommend, etc, as was previously mentioned) -- make sure to wash your cotton or hemp inserts/fabric separate from the fleece UNTIL they are no longer producing lint in the dryer. Otherwise, that lint tangles up with the fleece and causes *worse* pilling.

I do have wool and other materials that I have not had time to work with yet. I need to get to it, b/c sewing is my "me" time. But we do have a system that works for us, and I really don't want to get too many different things going b/c it is too hard for my husband to keep straight when he has the kids.
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I just popped in here cause I was going to ask about pockets, too. I guess I was confused about how they work. I thought I'd have my waterproof layer and an absorbant stuck together, with little "pockets" at the top and bottom of the absorbant layer to hold a soaker pad in. And then when I figured out the pad or pf goes between the two layers, that made a lot more sense. :LOL But I'm still a little stumped... shouldn't the inside layer be absorbant? I guess I can't see why the pee will go through the inside fleece but not through the outside? Wouldn't the pee just run across the fleece and out the legs, at least some of it?

Right now we're in fleece wraps that I made and pf's, so I'm just planning on using the wrap pattern and stuffing with the pfs we have, plus some pads that I've been making from extra flannel.

I hadn't thought about having to put the velcro on before putting the layers together. I would have done that and then Thanks.
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OK, I know I replied to this thread last night. Stupid dial-up, grumble, grumble....

Any-who: this thread from a few days ago has some good links w/ directions on how to draft your own pattern.

Good Luck!

ETA: Ok, I must have spent too much time in the sun today because it was a totally different thread I was thinking of and I did reply to that one last night. Maybe I just need to go back to lurking...
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Thank You all again Ladies.

There has been much wonderful advice here . i just got my PUL today in the mail. I have a few other projects to finish up.. (that I am getting paid for.) and then my Mom and I will be sewing up a storm for my Little Missy.

I was thinking 3 dozen would be enough to last us through about 1 year??? What do you think??
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Paquerette - I think I have seen a website somewhere that describes something similar to your original plan for pockets. But the standard is with the opening at the back of the diaper. Make sure your opening is big enough to get your fist holding a diaper into it. The link that TrishWSU gave has directions for a pocket so you can see what changes you would have to make. The two layers of fleece (if you are using fleece for both layers) would be different kinds of fleece. You need microfleece for the inside layer next to baby's skin. The best way to try it (at home if you do not have the necessary materials yet) is to find some *very* thin fleece baby blankets and put a diaper/insert underneath them. Then squirt a little water onto the stack, either from a dropper or directly from the faucet. After a few seconds it will feel dry. You might find a blanket that will help you see what will be happening in the diaper. I did this on one cute print fleece blanket I have that we are no longer using. I am going to use it for the inside of some diapers. Otherwise I have only used Malden Mills microfleece. I have seen others say that some of the microfleece at Joann's Fabrics work great and others do not. You might want to go look at those posts in the last few days. As for going out the side - that only happened to me very early on when my son was very little for the diapers and he was in his carseat with his legs curled up. He peed straight out the vent that was caused by his body position.

BabySackMom - I have had 2 dozen in the past and that was about right for a laundry cycle (4 days for me). It would depend on what you stuff them with (how much they can hold) and how many diapers you change in a day. I usually have one extra in the diaper bag in the car. 20-ish covers and inserts fills my washing machine about 3/4 of the way which for me is just right to give them room to get clean. It also fills my two small pails just right. Then I have a few diapers left over for using the day after washing -- I hang the covers to dry and also any thick prefolds that did not completely dry in the dryer. And I don't have to stuff them all right away. So I guess I like to have a washload + 1 day's worth of diapers. We have been using the current stash (mediums) almost 1 year now. I started with prefolds and wraps, then switched to pockets when we discovered *how much* we liked them. A pp mentioned she thought she would like pockets but found she likes wool and fitteds instead. If you have not used pockets yet, you might want to start with 6 or 8 and use those for a few days. Then make the rest when you know that is what you like.
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I have erything cut out except the PUL. I want to get atleast 1 sewn int he next few days. and see how I like it.

I got a little delayed. We had to take our Little Princess to the Hosp by ambulance yesterday for a head injury . She is fine now. I am just exaughested from the whole event.
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How is your little girl now?

Did you get a chance to sew any dipes yet?
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