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Guess what?

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On Saturday May 21st our baby wa born. After 11 hours of labor we had a baby GIRL. I was so certian it was a boy right up to the moment I looked between her legs. The first thing I told her was I was sorry for calling her a boy all this time.

She is doing wonderfully and nursing just as wonderfully. Her big sis is very happy to have a little sister.

It took us 3 days to decide on Copper but no middle name yet.


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She is gorgeous!! Congratulations!
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Congratulations! What a cutie!!!
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Aww... how adorable...congratulations!!
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She is really beautiful!
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congratulations, she 's beautiful
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She's beautiful, welcome to Copper!
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Omigosh I'm in LOVE! She's gorgeous! Congratulations!! Kitty
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Welcome Copper!! COngrats mama

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Congratulations! :
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shes beautifulll ! congrats!
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Wow, Copper- what a great name! Congratulations!!!
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