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MDC Flylady Group 11/4-11/10

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Hi ladies!!!

There is the link to last weeks thread : http://mothering.com/discussions/sho...0&pagenumber=1

Here are the Zones for the month of November

Zone 1: The Entrance, Front Porch and Dining Room (November 1-2)

Zone 2: The Kitchen (November 3 - 9)

Zone 3: The Bathroom and One Extra Room (November 10 - 16)

Zone 4: The Master Bedroom (November 17 - 23)

Zone 5: The Living Room (November 24 - 30)

This week we are in Zone 2 the Kitchen.

Do any of you have a goal for this zone? I need to remove all the food from my fridge and wash it good. I also have a passthrough bar area that is a hot zone for me, I need to get it tamed. My biggest goal, a clean sink every night before bed!!

I just noticed that if I apply myself well in each zone I will be ready for my Thanksgiving guests. Yeah!
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I love the kitchen zone! For some reason I get the biggest sense of satisfaction when this room is clean. The fridge is on my list, as well as going through the cupboards and doing something with all those plastic containers (and their dreaded lids) This is the toughest room for me to keep clean because not only do we spend a lot of time in it, the washer and dryer is in there as well and with that comes laundry (usually a basket or two) I'm going to try and actually put it away as I do it this week.

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the KITCHEN ooohhhhh

I really need to organize the pantry, when we moved in we just tossed stuff in and it's a big mess. The rest isn't too bad.
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Jerri, regarding plastic containers and their dreaded lids. I had that problem too. I have Gobs of tupperware. I took a large plastic container with lid and put all my lids in it. It is much easier now. I know all the lids are together and where to find them. No falling out of the cabinets.
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Alright, fessing up. I did two loads of laundry and cleaned the kitchen this morning, but my sink isn't clean now at 9 pm.

I have a very swollen lymph node it my neck and it really hurts. I think I'm getting sick, yuck.

How did you all do today???
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yesterday and today's mission

I did yesterday's mission of wiping down the stove, soaking the knobs but I got sidetracked .

I have a dark porcelin cook top (electric stove---I wish it were gas) with some scorch marks that seem like they will come off if I can only find the right scouring tool and substance. The stove came with a tiny bottle of some worthless polish that didn't really do the job.

After I did the mission proper I thought I'd try "just for a minute" to scrub some of the marks with some products I have handy. First I tried 'brasso' which was a complete waste of time. Then I tried this scouring powder intended for copper bottom cookware---and it seemed to work. However, at this point I knew I was way off track and my 15 minutes were long gone.

Tonight is sweeping and mopping the floor, which I need to do, and I think I'll add doing just ONE burner to see if the scouring powder really works!

My cupboard doors need cleaning badly! I hope we do that this week!!

all the best,
#1 edd 12/04/02
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wow, your my hero. I have been a slacker today.
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Yes, my DH is awesome (even though he FORGOT my 29th bday yesterday)! (I have forgiven him, he's working on a 50 min. talk for a job interview).

We did Monday's mission Sun. night & I skipped Tuesday's b/c it's part of my weekly home blessing. Haven't read today's yet.

I LOVE talking about this on MDC!
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I **REALLY** flew today

I called Merry Maids... ROFLOL

I did, I did, but now the house is nice and I can do the fridge tomorrow...

<feeling slightly guilty, yet very happy>
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Can I join in?

I started doing FlyLady about 2 months ago. Well, I should say I started TRYING to do FlyLady 2 months ago!
I do like it! And I feel so accomplished when I get things done. It's a little hard, though, since I work fulltime. Oh well...
Anyway, the poblem with my kitchen is that it needs to be totally renovated!!!
I have one foot (12 inches!) of counterspace. So, at this point, I'm not too inclined to spend too much time in there, KWIM?
Now, our bedroom? It needs tons of help!
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Welcome Annais!!!!!!

Ok, this has been a week of complete failure you guys. I think between my depression ove rthe election and dd's birthday Tuesday and my concern over my health I just have not done squat. well, those sounded like good reasons anyway.
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I am very, VERY discouraged! I have been putting dirty dishes in a dishpan, as suggested. But, before I can clean them, I have dirty dishes all over the counter and stove. And table! It's frustrating. I told dh that I'll need his help to do this, but he just nods and then goes abt life as usual. And, this place has next to no counterspace, so I feel forced to keep the dishes washed, but geez...

I need a live-in maid.
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I was not flying this week. Spent most of it on the phone dealing with beurocratic red tape and BS. I didn't do what I wanted in the kitchen, or most of my regular weekly cleaning. *sigh* At least I know I wasn't alone LOL
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Well, um, I've been FLYING HIGH this week!!! Today I finished scrubbing the stove and did Wednesday's wipe the counters (moving everything out of the way) mission. My kitchen is sparkling and I've been getting my whole morning routine done most days (even though like I said on the last thread I usu. finish it in the evening).
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