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Pregnant and Oversexed!

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Hi everyone! I am a newbie who is pg with baby #2. My sex drive is completely out of control in this pregnancy (2nd Tri) and my poor DH is exhausted from me wanting it all the time I recently bought a vibrator and have used it but that isn't quite the same, I just feel so sexually frustrated. Any suggestions? I am really embarrassed posting this but I am looking for some feedback from anyone who has either been there or is there now.
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Been there and doing it again! Dh and I sort of joke that one of the top 5 reasons we got pg this second time was because of the great sex. I'd like to say I feel sorry for my dh, but I don't
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Thanks for replying. I can't believe 31views and only one reply :
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I would guess that since it's your first post and it's a pretty personal topic many mamas would be hesistant to respond. You should head on over here and introduce yourself!
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I have the same issue (3rd trimester tho) but my DH has the Elvis Presley pg woman hangup. Sad, very sad.
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same issue here but my hubby is gone a lot so that's the biggest problem....he gets home on the weekend..I can't wait. However he's not able to keep up even then...so I too have to take matters into my own hands sometimes.

It's perfectly normal...I always have a higher libido when preggo...hubby says some people eat for 2 and I get horny for 2..LOL...keep the batteries charged in that vibrator and enjoy.
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Ahh, the second trimester, the puking stops, and the fun begins! My dh and I go through that every pregnancy. I jump him at every opportunity. It seems to slow down for us closer to edd, because of all the pressure of growing babe and the complexity of finding a comfortable position to accomidate all the extra woman I become!! I say just go with it. Tell him, he'll get a little rest when the baby comes!
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I was the same way. Couldn't get enough, lol!! I remember being raring to go all day. Strangely, after the dry spell that happened once ds was born, dh's memory seems to have been affected and he says he doesn't remember all that sex. Sheesh, I remember it all too well!! Just get what you can and savor the memories!! Tell dh to appreciate it now, there will be break for him (poor thing!!) in a few months.
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I read this the other day but didn't get a chance to response.

I also have a great sex drive during pregnant, and the Os are great. I am lucky DH loves a pregnant woman and body and thinks its sexy. However my drive is so high, ummm, I have to take care of myself sometimes too. Now I can't physically do it, but still want too. (I'm 35 weeks)

Just tell hubby, he better enjoy it while he can! LOL
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I'm the opposite and I wonder which is worse! My sex drive completely disappeared early in pregnancy and is just now starting to return at 35 weeks. Sex also became extremely painful. So...it's been a long time! Luckily, DH is very understanding. But it has been stressful to me. I've worried that DH would think it was his fault or something. Now, on the other hand...my mom said that when pg she couldn't get enough and it was very annoying to her. So...I don't know what the point of my post is, other than...I don't know which is worse! :LOL
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