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Braxton Hicks anyone?

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Was wondering how many Braxton Hicks anyone is having. I am 20 weeks tomorrow and seem to be starting them fairly regularly : ... although not too regularly. I had pre-term labor with my son, which was different than this... but it still makes me nervious.

Just wanted to see where everyone else was standing on this front.

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I have had days where I have had them several times but most days I don't have them...I do find they are more painful than other pregnancies...an achy feeling kind of...I am drinking lots of water with lemon and it seems to be helping
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I get them rather frequently in my pregnancies. They also seem to intensify with each subsequent pregnancy.

This time around, I've been feeling them for several weeks....maybe 10wks now.
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none here yet. i never got them at all with my son, and I was at least 32 weeks or so before feeling them with my daughter.
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Lots of them here. I also had preterm labor with my son so needless to say I am a bit nervous about it .... I also know my cervix has been shortening early as it did with my last pregnancy. We are hoping to avoid bed rest though - let's hope the BH are just that .... BH and nothing else.
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Yes, getting them here too. Don't really remember getting too many with the other 3.

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Thanks everyone for replying.It is good to know I am not the only one. I was on 12 weeks of bedrest with my son, and then had him at 36 weeks. I am hoping my BH are just Bh and not doing anything to my cervix. They didn't do anything last time, but I had to go on medication and that was horrible.
They definitely are different than last time.
I go to my OB today so we will talk about them.
EDD 10/13/05
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I'm having lots of them, and I had tons with my daughter also. She was born at full-term.
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I *think* what I am feeling are Braxton Hicks. Since I never felt them with my son, I'm not quite sure. Whatever they are, I feel them every so often, but I wouldn't consider them frequent. I just start chugging water in hopes that it helps.
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I didn't know I was having them in my last pregnancy. Now I definitely recognize that tightening sensation. I notice them when I'm doing a lot of walking or some other physical activity.
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I'm having lots too! They just started recently.
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Strangely enough, I've only had one so far this pregnancy.

But, with my third, I had so many that the MW thought it was preterm labor and wanted to put me on bedrest. Impossible prospect, especially when I knew things were fine. He was born the day before his due date at 9lbs, with BH ctx that lasted until the day of labor.

My point is that preterm labor cannot be predicted by BH ctx. Try not to worry (hard with your histories) and trust your body!
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Can someone describe BH abit? I didn't really have BH (that I know of) with my first pregnancy, so I'm not sure what I'm looking for, other than they're different from real ctx - which I started getting at about 33 weeks the first time. I could swear I was having some kind of ctx last night, but I didn't think BH started so early. I'm about 22 weeks right now.

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They are generally a painless tightening of the uterus. Usually, they happen up high, in the fundus and spread down, but that can vary from uterus to uterus. Essentially, they are your body's way of getting itself in shape--since it's an involuntary muscle, you can't exercise it. It has to do that itself. For some women, they are frequent, and for some they don't start happening until just before labor begins. For some women, they get BH from the time the are pregnant, but you cannot feel them until your fundus is high enough to be outside your pelvic cavity. Hydration can help them not feel painful, as can resting or changing position.

For me, they are totally painless (at least compared to real contrax.) and they take my breath from pressing on my diaphragm. Real ctx take your breath for another, ahem, reason. :LOL

They are similar to the contractions that you have after orgasm, so you can compare them to that.

HOpe this helps!

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I've been having one or two a day for a month or so. They were getting uncomfortable, unlike my first pregnancy. I got out my exercise/birth ball, and have been doing some rotations on it, and ever since, they are back to being just a tightening sensation and no pressure or slight crampiness on the sides.

I highly recommend some hip loosening motions if they feel uncomfortable. Definitely helps me!

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Hmm...i guess maybe i've had those, lol. I thought they were supposed to hurt, so i assumed i'd never had one :P But after reading this thread, now i think i have. Usually early in the morning, before i get out of bed or when i wake up at night. I thought it was because baby was trying to stand on his/her head or something, lololol
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Whenever my bladder is full, whenever I sit down too long, whenever I stand too long, walk too much, etc etc etc.
I think it's normal, since our bodies know what to do this time around [for the most part ] and they happen earlier and we notice them more often.
If they become regular, you might want to give a call in to your OB or midwife but other than that, I really wouldn't worry unless they became too painful or frequent.
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Hmmm, this is my first pregnancy, and I'm not sure if I'm having them. I do have this one thing that happens and feels really odd, I think it's a similar muscle that I have orgasms with, but not sure. I don't know. Either that or the baby is moving something really low... I had the feeling several times today.

Can you feel BH from the outside?? Like when you say tightening, does your tummy tighten and you can feel it? Or is it more in the inside?? How high do you feel it?? Any feedback would be very helpful!

#1 edd 10/29/05
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Oh my YES. I have been having them since 14 weeks, and lots of them. They're much stronger than they were in my first pregnancy, although I had them then, too. I can feel the belly tightening sensation on the inside for sure, but if I touch my belly during a contraction, it's hard to the touch. I don't remember that so much from my first pregnancy. They're definitely more uncomfortable than they were the first time around, although I wouldn't call them painful. I have them all day long.
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Originally Posted by *green*faery*
Can you feel BH from the outside?? Like when you say tightening, does your tummy tighten and you can feel it? Or is it more in the inside?? How high do you feel it?? Any feedback would be very helpful!
yes, my tummy is super hard on the outside when I have them. Usually when I'm tired and/or after sex. I didn't have any with my first, but I am having them all the time now.
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