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Hi. Thank you for all your help! I have some news. I located the puppy's owner today. He contacted us and identified the pups exactly and then came over to pick them up. I told him that one pup was at the shelter because she needed medical treatment and told him to get in touch with them ASAP to ID the pup and hopefully get her to a vet. I really hope he has good intentions but I am uneasy. After all ,he did breed his dogs iressponsibly and he didn't even deworm or vaccinate the pups. But I couldn't tell him I wasn't going to him the pup. My mom kept his number and address and told him to contact us in case he needs help placing a pup (he has one more at home with the momma dog). Hopefully this is a happy ending. I appreciate all your help however. I dont know whether to be relieved (it was hard having tyson and another puppy and having to keep the seperate) or worrid about her becuase I doubt the guy's intentions and knowledge of the breed. I guess all I can do is hope for the best for Angel and Princess.