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My ds has rotavirus!

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Just what I needed.

He hasn't puked since Saturday night, but we are dealing with the endless diarrhea phase now. I thought he was feeling better (no diarrhea on Monday or Tuesday) but yesterday he started the full on runs, and since it stinks to high heaven, I think he has rotavirus.

Poor little lad. He is not sick enough to spend all his time in bed, but not well enough to do anything active. We are both bored to tears with videos and my throat is hoarse from all the library books I've read to him. Mostly he just wants me to sit with him and hold him.

My dh is running a mini-conference this week and is basically not around.

I am having trouble coping with one sick child. How will I ever cope with two?
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Oh dear, that sounds awful! Poor little guy, and poor you too. Is there a chance you'll get it? I sure hope not.

Dunno what to say about the 2 sick kids thing, as I'm cooking up my first, lol. Maybe they'll get it in series instead of at the same time ...

Sending healing thoughts your way ...

EDD 7/29/05
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I heard rotovirus is NASTY... hope your little man feels better soon
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Oh, Nordicmama, so sorry! That stinks (no pun intended). I hate the in the house trapped with videos mode. Ugh. I hope he recovers soon!

and, if you'ver read the weekly thread lately, you already know I'm right there on the "how am I going to do TWO kids" train. Fingers crossed for both of us!

A friend of mine who had her second 9 months ago (and who has a very intense first kid) promises me that it's actually easier once the second is born rather than when you're pregnant with the second. I pray she's right!
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You give me hope, Pom!

DS is feeling better, but now I've got it. Since he couldn't go to daycare because of the fact that it is so contagious (I had already told the dcp he won't be back until Monday at the earliest) dh took him to work today! I wonder how that is going.... He has turned his mobile off, so I can't even ask.

Anyway, feeling a little better now. Haven't puked in the last 6 hours and managed to eat a rusk. This is my first time puking with a large stomach, and man, does it ever get in the way!
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What's a rusk??

Your DH must be pretty awesome. Don't call! Rest!

Yeah, puking pregnant is a trip, no? I had the first pukes a couple weeks ago -- can't even remember the last time I had them -- and had absolutely NO motivation to get off the floor with that belly. Hopefully you don't have them to badly.

Oh -- and after the pukes, I got a little spotting b/c of all the force...so if you do, don't freak out! It's normal!
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Thanks for the warning about the spotting. I haven't seen anything yet, but I'll know what to expect.

DH and ds just came home (it is 3:30 pm here) - and both went straight to bed! DH has been organizing a conference and today was the last day, so he's pretty tired. DS has started napping again every day since he got the virus - one good thing that came out of it! It gives me a chance to nap as well. Anyway, aside from being a little tired he seemed pretty perky, and it looks like the diarrhea is on the wane, so that is good news.

Apparently dh and another participant at the conference took turns playing with Tom outside, so it all worked out okay.

Oh, and a rusk is like a thick Melba toast.

I am going to bed as well now!
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Originally Posted by NordicMamma
DS is feeling better, but now I've got it.
Oh no! When I first saw the title to your thread I was going to warn you. We got this virus months ago and it sucked to high heaven I can't imagine getting it so far into the pregnancy....be careful! The diarrhea phase it what worries me most. Take it easy.

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I'm glad your DS is getting better. Mine had Rotavirus when he was 15 months old, and it really is a nasty virus. He never did have the diarrhea, though, just puking nonstop. He ended up in the hospital for a week from dehydration. But it was confirmed that it was indeed Rotavirus, despite no diarrhea.
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Glad your ds is feeling better Nordic, and I hope you getting to feeling better. Both of my kids have had it and wound up in the hospital due to sever dehydration. Rotavirus has to be one of the nastiest viruses out there.

As for coping with two sick children...well...it's not easy, and you get really worn out, but you'll get through it. The worst thing is when you are sick and you have two sick children...but believe it or not, you can get through that one too. (((hug)))
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Thanks everyone.

Well, I am better. DS seems to be back to normal, and only dh has still got the runs now.

I think we escaped with a mild case.
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