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Good fishies!

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I just posted this link in Xiola's Mom's thread about the evils of farm raised salmon, and thought I'd start a new thread because this is such a great resource - "it" being a link to the National Audubon Society's webpage for seafood lovers about making sustainable seafood choices.


For example, shrimp is (usually) environmentally HORRIBLE!! In this country, for example, shrimp trawling results in 10 pounds of bycatch - i.e., the fish that the shrimpers don't want - for every pound of shrimp caught. These dead fish get thrown overboard, wasted. Shrimp trawling in this country is also responsible for endangering sea turtles, who drown in shrimp trawl nets. Farm-raised shrimp from Thailand, etc. are not only full of antibiotics but are also raised in environmentally and socially destructive ways.

Check out the website - it will really help you figure out how to eat well while helping to save our oceans!
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Thanks, I love fish.
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