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eyelid eczema

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my poor ds1 is having a shocking time with this

he has had it now for a couple of months and none of our usual tricks are working at all

in the past it has been because of chemicals in the local swimming pool, but he hasn't even been near that place for ages

our winter was very dry and windy and now spring is full of allergic horrors for us

our house is as allergy proof as we can manage, detergents for clothes no different from the last few years, clothes and sheets are cotton blah blah blah no harsh cleaners or sprays used in the house, no pets

no recent dietary changes, except less dairy

the only thing that helps briefly is an ice pack

any of the soothing creams I've tried only make it worse, the skin around his eyes is raw

any thoughts???
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What are you doing with his baths?Any perfumy saop,ect?????Shampoo's?
Have you tried a dab of aloevera straight from the plant just to help relieve the raw skin?

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never use soap, charmaine, and have suspended shampoo use..

don't have an aloe vera plant but have tried the gel (which I always use for insect bites) and it stung...

in desperation we are trying 1% hydrocortisone for awhile, he is so miserable with it

if only we could bandage them up !
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Oh emmaline~I am so sorry you are having such a rough go with this.
It sounds like you have tried everything you can.I really hope the cortisone creme helps.
Is it just around his eyes right now?Or is it just that its the worst there?
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around his eyes is the worst, there are a few others "patches" but they are tolerable

I know the cortisone will only suppress but he needs a break - spring, big changes coming up (secondary school) ...
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