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So far I've made a handful of these, and really, they look like a kissaluvs in size (easy for me to compare since that's what I've been buying and I don't have much else to compare to) but, I remember kissaluvs being HUGE on my 5lb baby. That stage goes by in such a blur and before you know it, the kissaluv 0s fit like a dream, but I would like to have a few smaller ones to take to the hospital etc.. nothing like a well-fitting diaper to really show off cloth.
The one thing to remember is that this pattern is written for stretchy materials like sherpa and if you use anything like a woven or flannel etc.. it will fit MUCH smaller. The stretch of the sherpa gives me about 2 (maybe more) extra inches in the waist alone. Without that streth, I think the overall fit would be funky... like a high rise with a TINY waist.. so if you use something without stretch, add some length to the wings.

Anyway.. but yeah.. I took off about 1/4 (maybe a tiny bit more if my cutting wasn't exact AND, on top of that, when I serg, I serg off close to 1/4 inch so for most people who serge more carefully than I do, I'd say you could trim the pattern by 3/8 of an inch all the way around) I did take some lenght off the wings, but I tried to keep them wide still if that meks sense. . I can't seem to serge them well if the curve is any tighter. And, I shortened the soaker down by 3/4 of an inch (again, I trim off quite a bit when I serge the soaker too, so my soaker ends up being about 2 to 2.25 inches wide when finished and 10 inches or so long).

The overall diaper is much trimmer through the back, but I don't think it'll leak.. seems like without the changes, it's very wide in the back (great for a 9-15lb baby but under that it looks kinda boobah-ish). I'm going to make at least two more like this so I'll have half a dozen itty bitty diapers to take to the hospital (an xs FB, 2 AIO's made from this pattern, and 3 fitteds) along with preemie prefolds.

Try it.. it's so cute! If I get the snaps on, I'll post comparison pictures. Oh.. what I didn't do was lower the rise through the crotch the way I normally do. The legs *seem* small enough to me so I didn't want to make them any smaller... but it's just personal preference. I guess you could lower the rise through the center and then narrow the diaper through the center the other way. I just sort of got schissors and wacked at it *LOL*..

Oh! one more thing.. I got some polybraid to play with. After a few attempts awhile back with it, I stopped buying it because I didn't like how strong it was in the AIO's I tried to make with it. I guess my own AIO pattern doesn't work well with polybraid. But, I tried it in this fitted, and it was great! Not too tight and not too loose. I tried it with PUL and microfleece to make an AIO from this pattern and it was too tight for my taste.. but for two layers of hemp or sherpa, I love it! The knit elastic I use for AIO's however, didn't do as nice a job in these fitteds. I'm very elastic picky though.

I know this post is getting long, but I'll blab a littl more. On the top row of snaps, I stopped putting in the center snap. I don't think it would be that useful. I'm finding for stretchy fabrics, the inner three snap settings will be plenty (past that, you'd have to have one SHORT ROUND baby to need that fourth placement). And For less stretchy fabrics (stretch twill, knits that aren't as stretchy, and PUL) the outer three snap placements seem to be the only ones that will be used. It helps save on snaps. I dread putting snaps on.. my least favorite part.

Okay, I've blabbed enough

I'd love to see more pictures! I'll post some later.

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Thank you again, Amber!
I can't wait until I'll make my first NB fitted!
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I'm really loving the trimmed down version. I didn't get any pictures comparing them laying out, but here are a couple of pictures on a baby doll. The wipe beside the doll is 8 inches square to give you an idea of the dolls size.

trimmed down version on the doll
kissaluv size 0 on the doll (unwashed)

I used two layers of sherpa in the body and two layers of hemp french terry and one layer of sherpa in the soaker. But the soaker is SO narrow that I probably should use an extra layer of hemp in there to make up the absorbency loss. Oh well.. I can always toss in a doubler.

I'm going to trim it by making it 1/2 inch shorter through the narrowest part of the stride and then 1/2 inch narrower down the center long way next instead of trimming 1/4 inch all the way around. If only I could play this much WITH a nb to try them on. *LOL*.. but we all know that there's very little to NO sewing time once a nb arrives.

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well shoot, it's hard to tell a difference from those pictures isn't it? I should have taken them from the back.. that's where the most difference is. oh well you'll just have to take my word for it *LOL*
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Amber - Could you send me a copy of the pattern, too? I e-mailed you about it a while ago, but I never heard back from you. That's what I think anyway, because I used my dh's e-mail and maybe he deleted it or something. I'm sorry.

Thanks for making this pattern available!
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I'd be happy to. Sorry if I missed your email the first time. My inbox is wiped clean though.. could you drop me another email so I have the address to send to? amber@darlingdiapers.com


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Hey Amber, so size-wise....I figure our little one will be about 8-9 lbs. Do you think I should make them any smaller for us? I have preemie prefolds just in case nothing else fits at first. And I would really like to have these fit as long as possible, what do you think?

And if ANYONE gets to try them on an actual newborn, please post some pictures! I will when I do...in October. :LOL
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I just found this thread A friend of mine got this pattern sent to her so she passed it on to me.. I don't have a newborn to put it on but thought I would try it out since it looked cute and I like to try patterns other than my own!

Anyways, I made one out of orange sherpa. I changed it just a tad in that I didn't use the snap down front I altered it to dip in the front instead. I dont have the snaps on it yet as I am still deciding if I want to use the 2 rows or just go with a single row. I have never used a Kissaluvs 0 so I dont have much experience with the snap placement here.

I also altered the soaker shap to dip in the front and made it sewn internally instead of the quick dry.

I really like it and the pattern is near the same demensions as my own newborn pocket pattern so it should fit a baby of some size! :LOL

If I knew how to put pictures of it online I would.

Oh, as far as making the whole thing a little smaller, the best way to do this and keep the proportions correct is to reduce the size by the same amount evenly. If you cna get it into a file that you cna open in Adobe Photoshop or Paint shop pro, or something like that, then you can use that to quickly reduce the image by a percentage. The difference between most sized diapers is 10%. So for this I would do 5%. I think I will try it.
If you cant do it on your computer then you can take it to a copy machine and reduce it on the copy machine. It really works good and you dont mess up the shape like you do it you just trace or trim the same all the way around.
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Originally Posted by tippytoes26
I'd be happy to. Sorry if I missed your email the first time. My inbox is wiped clean though.. could you drop me another email so I have the address to send to? amber@darlingdiapers.com


I e-mailed you. This time I used my own e-mail, too. THANKS!

If I can get some made before I have this baby (in July, G-d willing), I will post pics!
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This is the same basic pattern (snaps are a little different and I use to make them sewn in soakers but overall shape is the same) that I used when I sold nb fitteds. The sizing runs about 6-15lbs as long as you use stretchy fabrics like sherpa. If you use something less stretchy, it will limit the size range of course. And if you use soemthing with no stretch, you're on your own as far as sizing *LOL* becuse I have no idea. But as long as you stick to sherpa, hemp fleece and the like and make sure all diaper layers stretch wing to wing, these really should fit a nice wide range. They'll seem a little poofy on a 6lb-7lb baby and will probably be low in the rise on a 14-15lb baby.. but in between that, you should be able to get a lovely fit. The first thing a baby will outgrow is probably the rise so I recommend always adding that top row of snaps because you'll want to use them once the baby is over 10lbs and you don't need the belly button snap down.

I think you are pretty safe making them from the basic pattern and not altering. If you wanted to alter a couple just to use in the very very beginning knowing it won't fit quite as long, it can be fun.

Ever checked out the gallery on the kissaluvs site? You get to see all kinds of newborns in their itty bitty diapers. You'll start to noticed that even though they do fit a newborn, they are a little wide between the legs and sort of poofy overall on them. They work, but it's not the absolut perfect fit. It only lasts two to three weeks in most cases (assuming they start gaining right away) so as long as they do fit, you can put up with a little bulky in the beginning knowing it will make them fit longer later. I think diapers from this pattern will sort of fit the same way.. not PERFECT at first, but a very nice compormise so that they'll fit longer later. I think it's fun to have some trimmed down ones (even for a 9-10lb newborn) in the very beginning just becaus a perfect fit can really just make a new mom giddy and they are more fun to show off. But, they won't fit as long I don't think. They *might*, but I'd say more like 5-13lbs is a closer estimate of the size range on the trimmed down diapers.

Sorry so long You'll be fine making them all from the regular pattern... but if you still have energy and want to, the trimmed down ones are fun too.

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These diapers look gorgeous!

*emailing Amber*
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looks good
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Thanks for getting back to me Amber, I am just LOVING making these diapers. SO far, I have 8 done. Mostly with stretchy fabrics, but a few with woven prints. I just can't resist the bright colors! :LOL
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not the best pic. a few hours old, 8lb5oz 19-20" long.
2 layers velour body, 3-4 layer velour soaker. i sewed the soaker at the back only and could fold it down in front. i used 1/4" lastin which seems to help it fit smaller. i made a couple from fluffy sherpa and they arent as trim, of course, but still better than KL0. i will try and take comparison pics if i get a chance.
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Oh my! That is SO SWEET! I've been having trouble getting excited about this baby/pregnancy (not sure what that's all about.. this baby was planned and all.. I guess I"m just sad my days with just my dd will soon be over) .. but that picture really made me long for this baby Thank you for sharing!

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kl, velour dd, sherpa dd
velour on, snapped down
dif angle
kiss on snap down
sherpa dd on, snap down
dif angle
sherpa dd not snapped down

These were today. 3 weeks and almost 10lbs, 21"

eta: she has big thighs, a shortish rise and skinny waist (at least where a dipe sits). i don't like the snap placement on the kl at all.
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Oh that's awsome!

So, now that you've used them, what would you change if you had the chance to make them again? longer wings? higher rise? anything like that?

Her thighs did fill out nicely didn't they? I love that. I remember being very excited when my daughter finally got little rolls. I was always worried she wasn't eating enough until I could SEE it on her *L*.

I've been making smaller ones and now I'm not sure they'll get used at all Oh well.. if not I can always just sell them. She's not all that long at 21 inches and it looks like the rise will be the first thing she outgrows.

Pictures are so worth a thousand words! Thank you for taking the time to post those.

OH! Just in case anyone is interested.. I made a PUL cover from the pattern. Just used FOE around the edges and I made it side aplix. It went together in about 25 minutes or less and is SO cute! It's about the size of the nb bummis I have, but SO much softer since it's 1mil PUL. And I like the side closing since the diapers are front closing.. not so much stiffness up front. So if you need nb covers, the pattern works for that.
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Hmmm... I really liked the pattern. I would probably take the time to sew the soaker down the middle like the instructions say b/c with it just attached at the back, it's really long at first when the diaper isn't stretched very much length wise, if that makes sense. I had to fold the end down. Not a big deal, though. I would definitely make more. THey were great with the stump and seem like they'll fit for a while. With the lastin they should stretch plenty without being too snug.
Yeah, my babies have all been good sized and they grow FAST, but my boys never got chubby, they just got big. Like, loooong. At 3 weeks my first son was in 3/6 month clothes. So, these rolls are a new thing for me. :LOL I'm loving her squish.
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those are so cute
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Ooooh Davina! Congratrualtions! She is soo beautiful! Thank you so much for posting those pictures! ....I'm off to make even more! :LOL
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