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Amber, I emailed you a couple days ago and haven't heard back from you. I was hoping to get a copy of your nb pattern.
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I thought I would chime in on fit. While I haven't made any of these yet, I know all my KL 0's were too big on my 7 lb. baby for at least the first 1.5 wks. Nearing 2 wks old she was able to fit into most of her nb cloth well. We also used some sposies and the nb sposies were too big for her. She was very petite. Unlike my first dd who was more like your little Gwendolyn, Davina. She was in 3-6 mo clothes by a month and started out in size 1 sposies. Anyway, I think I'd want to make these diapers out of very stretchy materials and use lastin to make them tinier, but able to stretch bigger. My dd2 can still fit into several nb diapers, including Mutts, KL 0's and KHW. I can't wait to make up a few of these and see if my 7.5 mo. old can fit into them! I'm a nb diaper addict! :LOL
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I just checked my sent foldee and it's been sent to you. Sometimes, because it's a large file, spam blockers will catch the email. If you have a folder that spam gets sent to, check there. I'm going to send again right now, so if you don't get it again, it's getting caught somewhere by some setting in your email account. Hope it gets there this time!

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I noticed that about the soaker too. It's because when it's free like that, it fits closer to the body so it comes up higher. Good for a boy in the high rise.. but for the lower rise, it's a PITB. I took two of the ones I made that way, and just used a 3-step zz stitch and stitched it down the center even after the diaper was finished and it works fine. A little harder to center well, but makes it easier to put on and the soaker stays where it should.

Now I wanna see what other diapers you've made for her! Did you use any other patterns? I have like 16 KL0 in addition to the diapers I"ve made, but the KL0 just seem so bulky looking at them that I'm tempted to just use them as back ups and make a bunch of fitteds and play with different patterns. This baby already has liek 40nb diapers (fitteds, AIO's and prefolds) .. I just can't stop! It's a sickness. And, nothing pink or purple. I just know if I find out this is a girl, I'm going to have to have a dozen in pretty girl colors/prints. So if you used other patterns, do you have pictures of those diapers too?

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Actually, I didn't make too many nb sized. I expected a big baby so i didn't make too many. Others I loved are small Darling Diapers with no closure. I made a 2 layer body, turned and topstitched around the elastic, then a soaker sewn in at the back. I used knit terry on the outside. I can fold down the soaker and front of the diaper and snappi. I only made 2 that way. Of course. I had 6 or 8 xs vb aio's but those never thought about going around her thighs.
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Davina, she's so cute! Congrats on your VBAC!
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got mine and cant wait to try it out before my other lil one gets here
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bump to the top so new sewing mamas can see this
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Serging anything other than hidden seams scares me. (You want me to serge curves!!?? ) I really should try this one though. I don't have a newborn nor am I expecting to have another one in the future but if it turns out I can always donate it, right?
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