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Help us name our new puppy!

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Here he is: mr nameless

He's a lab cross, 8 weeks old, and very sweet. (Very tired too :LOL )

We already have an American Staffordshire Terrier named Smokey, so DH wants to name this little guy Bandit. I'm not so big on this.

He wants to name him tonight, so if I don't think of something, I'm stuck with Smokey and the Bandit! :LOL

I want something unique, but I just can't think of anything. Any ideas ladies?

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name him:


i want him, he is so yummy, i demand you hand him over immediately.

or name him g, after me.
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He's adorable!

I don't think Bandit fits him at all .. but Ganoush is a good name.

What type of names do you prefer .. people names? Or more typically dog names?

I would name him Oscar .. no reason, i just like it.
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my part black lab is named bobo. when i moved back to miami, i found out that bobo means moron. so people always laugh and laugh when i call out to him at the park. poor bobo.
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our black lab is Maze. I like names like Farley and Ripley... good luck! He is very adorable...
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Moose...lol he looks like he's gonna be a big boy
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Ok lemme think of some good ones I've heard lately


and the one I plan to use for my next male.....

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These are all Labs that I know:

He's so cute
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Our shep/lab mix is Dash (as in Dash Incredible ) after ds then 3 saw the movie in the theater he started talking about getting a dog named Dash. Now we didn't get a dog for a while but when we did she became Dash. It really suits her well.
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Our black lab is named Kofi. It worked a lot better before the scandles, but it's still a great name!
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I remember hearing on some show on Animal Planet that dogs respond better to their own name if it's a 2 syllable name, ending with a vowel sound. Like Smokey, Lady, Bingo, Sasha, etc.

Just something to think about. I don't know how true it is.
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The 2 syllables is definitely true, there's been some argument on the vowel ending, originally they said only soft vowells, now they say any vowell, me, I've only had one dog who's name ended in a vowell and she was the hardest dog I've ever trained--course that could have just been the dog, she was far from bright.
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What a cutie....

My suggestion is Harvey...
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Our dog's name was Marley- she is still alive just living elsewhere.
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Mama G gave me an idea...

Ganache like...(Ga Nosh)...

You know...like the dark chocolatey goodness you dip strawberries and stuff in? Even though he's not chocolate...he could be REALLY dark chocolate. and now I'm hungry.
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Originally Posted by shannon0218
The 2 syllables is definitely true, .
Crud, no wonder my dingbat dog never comes. Tuxie just doesn't have the same sound my dh was going for

Oh, excuse the highjack for a minute please shannon. My dog has been totally flipping out over me the last few weeks. He's always loved me best, but now if he sees me he has to be RIGHT BY ME ALWAYS, preferably in my lap (he's not lap dog size). Is it because I'm pregnant? He actually BIT my dog training lady when I took him to obedience class and she tried to get him to go with her (away from me).

ETA; Ack! forgot before hitting enter.. THat's a seriously tired cute puppy . I like Onyx suggested above
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DH suggests Rosco
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Gethane, Havoc definitely knew I was pregnant, he didn't want Bedlam anywhere near me and would push her away and growl at her (of course he's perfectly happy to have her wash the baby every night)
He used to sit every night just before bed for about half and hour with his head on my belly and Molly would always start bopping around as soon as his head was there. He always had his ear down and was barely touching my tummy. He also slept in the bed (Dh worked nights) with me, right beside me and he's never been one to sleep in the bed.
When I was in the hospital for the 10 days before Molly was born Havoc was allowed to come visit me every day, dh would drop him off in the morning and take him home mid afternoon. If Molly was bopping around he wouldn't let the nurse near me (he was up in the hospital bed with me) If Molly was calm, they were allowed to do anything to me.
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