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How Much Weight Have You Gained?

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I'm usually underweight, so I'm thrilled to have gained 25 lbs!! I like all the baby belly. =)

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I was probably 5 lbs over my normal weight when I found out I was pregnant this time. So I am not as happy about gaining almost 25 lbs already (I have a Dr appt on Tuesday- not looking forward to the scale!). I have gained most of that weight in the last 2 months! I'm not even eating that much. I only gained 30 lbs total the first time! A part of me wants to really be careful for the rest of this pregnancy so I don't gain too much and the other part wants to eat with reckless abandon!
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I've gained 25 at last check... probably oughta get on the "Ol' Bathroom Liar" again, as I fondly call it.

My MWs are very happy with this. They told me they definitely wanted 20 by 20 weeks, and basically 1 pound per week after that is cool with them.

I can't say I'm so happy with the pudgy places (other than where the baby is), but I'm trying to do what is best for baby and not for my ego, KWIM? I don't know! Just trying to eat right and when I'm hungry only, eat slowly, that kind of stuff. I think what bothers me the most is that I was already 10 pounds over my normal weight before I got pg, so that's another 10 to lose after the baby comes.
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17 lbs to date. Was a normal weight at conception - 135 lbs and I'm 5'9". So, I'm right where I should be.

I gained a total of 27 lbs with ds and I weighed the same with his conception. So, I'll likely hit the same total this time.

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Well I had my midwife appt today and I've lost a lb. I have only gained 2 lbs since pre-prego weight now lost a lb. *shrugs* go figure. Kitty
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between nine and eleven pounds total. Not too sure on the exact pre-preg weight. But I've only gained the blessed two pounds I posted a thread about since about twenty weeks...
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I was at 17 at my last appt, but I'm sure I'll be up another 2ish by this week. It all comes off in the end pretty easy (or well...it did before 30.....we'll see this time...LOL)....so I'm not stressing
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Almost 20 lbs here, and happy with that number. I am skinny to start out with and was about 10 lbs under my normal(whatever that means, I am always fluctuating up or down about 10 lbs, but this was on the low end) weight. I was 135 at +hpt, and last check was 154.5 with clothes on. I would be happy to gain a pound a week or so from here on out.
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About 20 pounds here too - I don't mind the extra weight at all - I was about 5-10 lbs heavier than I would like to be when we found out - but I am really loving my voluptuous round body - I lift my shirt and show off my belly to everyone! Plus, I have cleavage for the first time in my life! The only thing I don't like is that my upper inner thighs now rub together when I walk - now that the weather is warm sometimes it gets a little sweaty and sticky and starts chafing - ouch!
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I'm up about 30 lbs now give or take a couple. I feel great, but look pretty huge.
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Too much! :LOL

Definatly NOT where I'd like to be in terms of weight gain considering that there is a little over two months left (last pregnancy I gained about 75% of my weight in the last two months). I'm hoping that it will warm up soon so I don't feel like gorging all day long in this cold, dreary weather! I had gained about 24 lbs at last visit, which was three weeks ago, so not sure where I'm at now.
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Only about 10 pounds, happy about that, because I have lots of extra from the last 4 kids! But I generally gain most of my weight in the last trimester.
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about 12 kilos, or 26 pounds. (gained a total of 40 pounds with DS#1 and he was born 6 weeks early!) *sigh* Which is a lot for only being at week 30, and babe is 3.5 pounds (1.6 kilos) so a LOT of that is fat! :LOL Oh well, it all burns off so quickly while breastfeeding. When I got pregnant, I still had 10 pounds to lose from DS#1 but I was still breastfeeding and making lots of milk, and I found those last ten pounds impossible to lose while heavily lactating for some reason (my body just wants to HANG ON to a bit of extra fat while lactating, since otherwise I have very low body fat percentage, normally wore a size 0 before this little back-to-back baby-makin' experiment But I didn't mind being a size 2/4 while lactating, with bigger boobs... LOL But of course feel like a COW right about now.)
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I've gained about 20-25 pounds so far. But I'm at the point where I'm going to really start packing on the weight. I wouldn't be surprised if I gained more than 40 pounds by the end.
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I also started out small. I have now gained 17 lbs. I am really happy as I didn't gain anything the first 12 weeks. If I gain 4 lbs each of these next 3 months then I will be gaining about 35 lbs. That is what I did last pregnancy and I was really happy about it.
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Hmmm... seems like everyone has gained less than me. Either that or those of you who have gained more just aren't telling! Which is fine.

I'm reeeeally hoping that breastfeeding burns it off me like you all say it will. It's not like I'm not willing to work hard to get back in to shape after the baby is arrives, but it'd be nice to have a little help!
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Never fear, Kristin, I'm right up there with you. I think I'd gained 25 a couple weeks ago, and no doubt several more since then. 10 of those were within a month, so who knows what my weight will do from here. I'm just assuming that it's what my body needs to do--and since I still look like I'm smuggling a basketball under my shirt, I'm not too concerned. Amen to the breastfeeding (I hope!) taking off the poundage.
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Well, I have my OB appt tomorrow and I stepped on the scale and looks like in 2 weeks, I've gained 5 lbs! LOL Soooo I'm catching up Kristin!!
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2 pounds total. I was a large to begin with ... however I am still nauseous and barfing every few days

The time before last one midwife was really worried and told me that if I didn't start gaining she wanted to consider ways to help. But this time another midwife actually gave me a round of applause for losing a pound between weeks 22 and 26. Sigh.

I only gained about 10 pounds with dd in 2001 since I had MS throughout, so I think this is normal for my body. At least the kiddo inside seems to be active and happy!
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I was definitely overweight to start with. I'm going between 4-7 lbs, up and down so far.
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