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22-25 pounds depending on which scale which day at 28 weeks...my gain has slowed some with better eating mostly but my midwife is happy with a lb. a week or so...
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25 lbs..10 weeks to go
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I've gained about 25 lbs and am 29 weeks.

Hey Butterflymom - it's not just baby weight and fat! Here's a cool bunch of estimates I've seen on the web:

Baby7.5 lbs
Uterus2.0 lbs
Placenta1.5 lbs
Blood volume increase in mother2.75 lbs
Amniotic fluid1.75 lbs
Fluids in mother's tissues3.0 lbs
Breast tissue increase1.0 lbs
Increased fat stores in mother7.0 lbs
Total Average26.5 lbs

'course I gained 45 lbs w/DD1...but a lot of that must have been fluid, because only about 7-8 lbs hung around at 2 weeks postpartum.
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I've gained a total of 7 1/2 lbs so far.... Now I'm supposed to be on my right said 4 hours a week trying to et more blood flow to the baby as she is also weighing small. However, OB wants a lb a week from here on out. Seems realsonable... but does anyone else feel full all the time and I have this terrible metal test in my mouth no matter waht I eat. I can taste the food as Im eating it, but the after taste are all the same. Metal.... or what I would presume Metal after taste would be, as I have yet to truly taste metal...

Any thoughts?
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Kathie--Metal taste? Do they have you on iron supplements? That is the only thing I could think of.....???
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Here's a link about the metal taste as answered by Dr. Weil:


I might also add stress to the list, and also some issue with cranial nerve VII. Some women report it as a "normal" pg sign, although usually only in 1st trimester. I can't see how that is normal. Might it be a minor cause? yes and probably. But not normal.

BTW, cranial nerve issues are, IMO, best resolved by craniosacral therapy or chiropractic.
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I stepped on my midwife's scale on Wed and was surprised to see that I've gained 30 lbs already. I still have 9 1/2 weeks to go so I'm curious what the final number will be.

I have NEVER in my whole life obsessed about my weight, never owned a scale, so I'm also surprised at my reaction to gaining 30 lbs. I must admit I felt a little overwhelmed and shocked. Maybe it's because I feel frumpy and about as unsexy as you can get right now, but I'm hoping to pull myself out of this body image slump soon!!

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Sandra, I had a mw appointment on Thursday and have also gained 30, and I too was a little surprised. Today, though, I had a full-day orientation to the birthing center we'll be using, with a bunch of other women who have early-August due dates, and I kept on thinking, "wow, she looks great. and so does she. and her too." and I was struck anew by what a frigging amazing thing this body of mine is doing, and I kind of fell in love all over again with my behemoth of a belly.

Hoping the body image slump is of very short duration, and that you feel gorgeous in no time at all.
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Kathie - I was thinking the same thing about the iron supps.

And they want you on your right side? I have always been told to lie on my left side. I usually sleep on my right side so maybe I have spent useless months sleeping uncomfortably!
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I'm at 30 lbs at 30 wks - started out at 118, and am now 148. Yikes!

with dd i went from 108 to 152 - and my 6 mo pp was 108 again. so never fear, it can be lost! i just ate well and went for alot of walks with dd. course then i ate too many sweets over the winter, thus the 118 when i got preggo this time.

i'm sure i'll gain 45-50 lbs before august comes....but that's ok. my theory is that petite people seem to gain more.
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I'm a little overwt to begin with. Last pregnancy I gained a total of 13 lbs (had m/s and barfed the ENTIRE time). This time, I am about 28.5 wks along and have gained about 10 lbs. However, it feels like more than 10 lbs, my body isn't holding up very well, lots of aches and pains.
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16 lbs at 30 weeks.
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25 pounds at 28 weeks.
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30 pounds at 29 weeks. It's really messing with my head. I kept thinking how great I looked (put away the bathroom scale once I broke two toes on it back in February) and then when the nurse told me the number at my last appointment, I've had a hard time looking at myself in the mirror.

At a pound/week for the rest of the pregnancy I'll be over 200 when wee-bitty is born. If I manage to forget the number then I still think I look pretty good, but w/3 months to go and tanktop season here, I'm having to really work on my mental image now. I had a talk w/dh about how I'm feeling and asked for more compliments and out of the blue kisses/hugs (talk about having a conversation when you're already vulnerable and just hoping it goes well!) and that has really helped.

I was hoping w/eating healthier and getting more physical exercise I wouldn't gain as much as I did w/ds (about 40 pounds) but that looks not to be the case. I don't understand why my face, arms and thighs need to get bigger for the baby, but it'll come off after wee-bitty is here, that at least I can look forward to.
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I've gained 14 pounds at the 30 week mark. DH has been less then supportive during this pregnancy. With DD#1 I gained 12 pounds, but lost weight in my legs, so I looked thin. This time all 14 pounds are sitting in my legs/belly and I don't look thin - I look huge. He's concerned I won't lose the baby weight (I ended up being 5 pounds heavier starting this pregnancy then I was when I got pregnant with DD#1). I'm convinced that once I'm at the 6 week post-partum mark I'll be ready to start getting back in shape. But he doesn't seem to supportive of that :

So, I sit here - feeling huge, feeling down because I think he doesn't find me attractive now, so there's no way he'll find me attractive once the baby is here (and there's no longer something filling out the pudgy belly!)

Oh well - I guess I need to keep the focus now on eating healthily and once the baby is here get the focus on healthy foods and exercise.

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I have gained 40 lbs at 32 weeks. I was up to 199 at my checkup this week. I figure I'll stay at/below my regular 50 lb pregnancy weight gain if I only gain a lb/wk for the last 8 weeks. We'll see!
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Oh Michelle! That's just like a man, isn't it? Don't they know how sensitive we are and that we LIKE to look good too? Please don't let his insensitivity keep you from gaining the weight that you and your baby think is most appropriate for your baby's health.

Heck, although he never says anything negatively now, DH does already discuss with me my postpartum training workout. It's taken a few punches in the arm for him to broach it in a sensitive manner, though. I love him dearly but In his defense, he does tell me regularly how beautiful I am carrying his child, so I can't complain too much.

Do him a favor. When you deliver the placenta, pick it up and smack him with it! :LOL
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27 lbs at 32 weeks. I gained 40+ lbs with ds, however, I lost an incredible 70 pounds after his birth so the weight gain was probably a good thing. 1st time moms - breastfeeding on demand can do wonders! Trust that your body knows what it needs to do and don't sweat what your practioner or spouse says.

That said, I flipped out this past weekend when we stayed at my SIL's house. She has a HUGE mirror in her bathroom. I haven't seen myself naked in eons. But by day 3, I actually started to like seeing my pregnant self. I look a lot like a prehistoric fertility goddess these days - sagging breasts and all :LOL
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18 pounds at 32 weeks... not a ton but I was 10lbs heavier at conception than I normally am (Law school finals stress had kicked in). Needless to say, its all belly, butt, and boobs. I went from a 36C to a 38G (which is IMPOSSIBLE to find in the stores so I've ended up with 40F bras, which are passable). I've noticed skin on the front of my thighs that I normally only see on the backs of them...go cheese go. : The Venus of Willendorf has nothing on me!
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Only about 11 pounds so far, but I have been sick most of this pregnancy. I'll probably gain alotin the next 2months, I usually gain at the end.
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