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Holiday Weekend!

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Hello Ladies! I am off for the LLL conference. Many happy labor vibes to all! It will be interesting to see who has their babies this weekend! For me, nothing nada, no signs of impending labor. Good Luck to all. I will check in Monday when I return.
*Sigh* I really wanted to go to this conference with a babe in arms. Oh well.
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Good Luck!!! Have fun and hopefully your babe will hold off until you get home!
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Well I am back home & baby is still safely tucked inside of me. I had a very long, stressfull, exhilerating weekend all in one.
I had to do ALOT of stair climbing & now this baby is really, REALLY low. My crotch hurt all weekend! The first night in the hotel I swear I had that buldge right before crowning, sort of like a dream in twilight sleep. It was wierd. Last night I prayed she would not come she is so low I thought she would just fall out! LOL!
Alas, we are home, she is still in. No real contractions to speak of, just a lot of BH. But we are home, I can relax & release to have a baby!
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