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pagan kids' web pages?

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does anyone here know of any good pagan kids' web pages? i found a few through avaarsearch but they are old and neglected and only about half the links work. i'm looking for pagan pages specifically because my young homeschooled son is beginning to feel like we're the only pagan family in the world. (it doesn't help that his grandfather is actively trying to "compete" with our influence and convince him that christianity is the only "real" religion because they're holidays are bigger and more lavish, and because there are more christians than pagans so we must be weird or something. )

i thought a few web pages for pagan kids saved among our "favorites" would help him feel a little less of an outsider, and be fun for him too.

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Hi! Here's one:

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Check out the pagan homeschooling site "acorns" i think it is www.acorns.net but i'm not sure. If you can't find it on a google search let me know and I will try and find their website. They ahve lots of links.

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you totally made my kid's day!

thank you, ladylee! damie spent quite a lot of time happily building his own altar in the "kids' special place". thanks again!

joyfulliving, that wasn't the correct addy for acorns. it's a tripod member page. i did manage to find it and check it out. thanks!

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oh mannn that spiral goddess child site is...THE BEST!!!! THANKYOUUUUUUUUUUUU
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This is a pagan magazine for the family.
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Glad you all like it --thanks for the other links, sisters!
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My 12yo dd likes the realm of white magic at www.whitemagic.com.
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I have written two childrens storys: one is an allegory for the Wiccan Wheel of the Year, the other is a childrens version of the Charge of the Goddess.

I would like to someday get them illustrated and published, but for the meantime, if anyone wants a copy, you can email me at hipmomma3913@aol.com.

This is NOT an advertisement- I am NOT selling them; I would just send you a copy of the text.

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