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reporting animal abuse

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I don't know where to post this question so if it needs to be moved to the appropriate forum go ahead.

I have never had to report animal abuse before so I am not sure who to call. The people across the street have a german shepherd that is so skinny that you can see his ribs. My friend who is a vet tech said that some gs's have an enzyme deficiency that doesn't let them break down the protein they eat. She said to let the owners know. Haven't seen them when I've been home so haven't told them yet but... dh said that doesn't explain why the dog cowers when you approach it.

So then last night I saw the man chasing the dog with a 2x4!!! I was rocking ds to sleep so I couldn't exactly go out there and raise hell. But I feel I need to call somebody. I just don't know what channel to go through. We live in a very stray overpopulated area and I'm afraid if I call the wrong agency he'll get thrown in pound and euthanized. I certainly cannot take a big dog like that into our house at this time so....

Any suggestions?
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I think that the only people who would have the authority to remove the dog would be animal control.

I'm going to move this over to TAO for you.
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I'd call Animal Control.
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Is there an ASPCA where you live? You have to call, that poor dog! IMO, being humanely euthanised is better than living its life in pain and being abused. You can make an anonymos tip if you want.
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You can call animal control, but I don't know if they can do anything. Around here it is the ASPCA that investigates abuse. I am sure you can find a number for them online.
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You can also call a local humane society. I think who actually investigates these things varies widely across the country, but the ASPCA or a humane society would know who you should call, so at least you'd be on the right track starting there.
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Call your local PD. Some cities have PD to get involved in certain cases. If they can't help, I'm sure they will direct you.
It's a crime, in most cities, to abuse animals.
As far as the skinny GSD, I have 4 of them & yes they can have some probs as asyou mentioned but that seems a tad extreme.

Als as other pps said, call your county pound. dog law officer and/or Humane society if you have one where you are.

I am heavily in Dog/Cat REscue and these are big warning signs.

Sadly, I'd rather see a dog humanely put down than live in fear, be starved & beaten as you mentioned in the 2x4 incident - not that I EVER want to see an anmmal put down.
This dogs sounds like it's living in hell :
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thanks for all your replies. All the offices are closed for Memorial Day so I'll be calling on Tuesday. I hope that this dog will get a second chance!
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