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Still Pregnant - Saturday

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Still not desperate, but still very much waiting. I'm starting to really believe that I will have a June baby. But eating a lot is fun. Peeing a lot is not so fun. I am enjoying this time to force my husband to pay attention to me despite all his work to be done. Yesterday evening was better for me. Jon vacuumed and took Aleks to the grocery and came home and made Indian extravaganza, then we went on a walk and came home and made strawberry shortcake. Then he went out, but it was all good.
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Me too. I am right here with you. Pretty convinced that I will have a June baby too...although I really wish s/he would come sooner. Mucous is still there. Midwife said I was 40%effaced, so it could be weeks. Although I have noticed a big increase in the size of my breasts . Race you to the finish anna

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Just what I need! More pressure on myself! :LOL
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I have a better idea - last one to have their baby wins!

Okay, now I have to get this off my chest. I am just getting more depressed every day. I know its only 40 weeks and 4 days, but I am really losing faith that my body is at all capable of going into labor. After last time, going 42 weeks and 3 days on perfect dates and still not having gone into labor, I just don't have a lot of faith anymore.

I know everyone says 'trust your body', blah blah blah, but I'm just starting to wonder if I'm broken. I mean its not like everyone's body works perfectly (especially with the crap we are exposed to now a days) - you wouldn't tell a woman who was having a hard time conceiving that she should just trust her body (of course with that they often can know why it isn't happening). I'm just wondering if just maybe somehow my 'go into labor' receptors are not working. It's not like this baby is not fully grown - I have zero doubt that if I go to 42 weeks like I did with DD, he will be just as big if not bigger than her (10lbs 8oz).

I don't have an induction option I'm comfortable with (as a VBAC) so my only alternative (other than trying the natural induction stuff I've already been trying) is a c-section. I talked about it with my husband and we are thinking that we'll just plan a c/s at 42 weeks if I don't go into labor by then. It doesn't seem soon enough but at the same time it seems too soon. I am so miserable, I keep thinking that if I just went for a c/s it woudl be over and I would be recovered sooner, but then I remember how much I hated my c/s last time and the recovery sucked. That just gets me more depressed because I feel certain I'm just going to end up with another one in a week and a half and if I had just not bothered with all this and planned one from the start I could be recovering holding my baby by now.

The good things is I picked a wonderful support team and so even in these times of doubt and worry knowing they are behind me and that I'd have to explain to them why I'm giving up on a VBAC keeps me from really giving in to all these thoughts.
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Hang in there mightymoo! I'm in much the same situation as you, except I've already had one VBAC and my midwives are not so set on a c-section at 42 weeks, they're more the wait and see types. If I have this baby tomorrow he or she will be born on the same timeline as ds (very long labour ending in c-section) was. I think I had a hind leak in my bag of waters this morning, only a trickle though. My biggest problem at this moment is the unbearable itchiness off my overstretched belly. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Mamamoo, some women just gestate longer than others. It doesn't mean that you are broken, AT ALL, it just means that you are on that outer envelope of within normal limits.

Do you have any idea of what your mother's labors were like?

I'm just a lurker to this due date club, but please know that I am thinking of you and sending happy birthday baby vibes to you.
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Originally Posted by onlyboys
Do you have any idea of what your mother's labors were like?
Not encouraging My mom had me via c/section (I'm her first). She says her water broke - she doesn't remember my due date, but I wasn't terribly late, but they doctors claimed it hadn't. They took an X-Ray (shiver) of me and my dad says that based on that he knew I'd have to be born by c-section. (bubkis) But my mom was sent home and said she was in excruciating pain for days but never made a lot of progress (She doesn't remember the details), I was born 4 days after that by c/section, but I was only like 8 pounds. Naturally my brothers were then both c/sections because VBAC was just unheard of in the late 70s.

She was around for the birth of my daughter and says it was a lot like her birth with me.
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Aw mightymoo I am so sorry please try to stay calm (I know, better said than done) because as you know, stress and worry can inhibit labor... you still have time... I will pray for you and send you labor vibes...

We are looking at 40 weeks 1 day here, not long over... and as I have been saying in my other posts, even though I am impatient-- I almost don't care that she is late ... I just don't want to go so far over they start talking c-sections/inductions/hospitals (we are planning a homebirth)...

I am way uncomfortable though... hobbling around cuz she feels RIGHT between my legs and I am SO bottom heavy...lost a bunch more plug today (sorry tmi) and have been real crampy... but I have been having contractions for days so what else is new?

Labor vibes to everyone! Good luck mamas... looking forward to reading all our birth stories!!!
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Originally Posted by captain crunchy
Labor vibes to everyone! Good luck mamas... looking forward to reading all our birth stories!!!
Me Too!!!!
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Mightymoo, so you'll never know what your mom's labors would have been like... It's not as encouraging as say her going to 42.5 weeks with all her babies, but the thought that she *could* have been late is encouraging, right? It might be that this is still normal for you. It's so hard to find a place where you trust your body to "work right," I know.

Longer than average labors are "normal" for me, and my mother, but by conventional medicine's standards, we both should have had cesarean births for "failure to progress."

I am sending you all my positive thoughts for a fabulous birth!
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