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Hm, I wonder when I joined.. I know I am nowhere near 50 posts though
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To find your join date look in your profile.
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I thought it was 50 posts...so here is my 51st.
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I was so excited today when I finally passed 50 - but... alas..... no trading post to be found. boo. Been poking around MDC since June, so that shouldn't be the problem... maybe I will try logging in and logging out...

Thanks for this thread - it was nice to know I wasn't the only one trying to find it!
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excited too
whoo hoo
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Fifty posts?!!!

I was so excited to read about this Trading Post, then sooooooo frustrated not to find it. Now I finally figured out about this 50/60 rule. I cannot tell you how disappointed and annoyed I am. I feel terrible being annoyed at anything related to Mothering (most fabulous magazine and web community in the universe), and I can understand putting some qualifications. But FIFTY posts? That just seems crazy. That doesn't prove I'm a serious buyer/seller, it just proves I'm obsessed. OK, I'm being facetious, no offense to all you who posted 263 times or more.

What was this problem that required this new rule? If it was a problem with sellers lacking integrity, isn't there a way to make it a requirement of sellers, but not buyers?

Lisa Snelps
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Lisa, The Trading post was set up as a service to active members within the community. We know there is no magical number of posts that make you active but we have to draw the line somewhere.

Here is a quote from the Rules and Guidelines for the TP.
The Trading Post and its subforums are community service forums for members of MDC. You must meet the criteria of being a registered member for more than 60 days and have posted a minimum of 50 posts to the MDC boards before you may post to this forum and its subforums.

The Trading Post forums are intended to be a service for active members of MDC. Registration does make you a member and the Trading Post criteria opens posting to you but thereafter measuring "active member" is a difficult task. Suffice it to say that the Trading Post is should not be the focus of your membership here. Members who are found to post the vast majority of their posts to the TP or one of its subforums risk losing their TP posting privileges.
I know you may feel 50 posts is a lot but you have been here less than a month. You may think differently after you have been here a while. Or you may not.

Board Mod
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I think I joined a couple months ago, and have 50+ posts, but I can't see it either...
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