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You ladies seem like you could use a little light diversion so here is a link to Dima's birth story :

We are all doing ok... adjusting to three has been really a challenge. Today I finally figured out how he likes to be positioned in the sling (upright- who knew?) so I actually got some house work done!! There are good and bad days... yesterday being a bad day (got caught in the rain on our walk, Dima cried all afternoon, I broke a huge glass jug of marbles on the kitchen table, Misha came home 1 1/2 hrs. late... etc) and today being a good one (got the apt. organized). Still pretty tired most of the time and missing my creative projects. I am hoping that this new sling development means that I can get back to my projects soon!

Missing hearing about what everyone is up to but I guess having a newborn keeps us all pretty busy! Hope everyone is doing well.