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August Expecting Weekly Thread 5/29-6/4

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Eeeek it's June already!?? Is all I gotta say about looking at the date for weekly thread.............

Not much going on here...just busy gestating and fitting in some playing with the kids, sewing, and cleaning. I have three big craft shows left three weekends in a row.....and then.....just my regular Sat market until after baby arrives Being the eternal optimist I am....I scheduled my shows to start up again Sept 11th, so that gives me 3 weeks to recoup! I figure it should be much easier w/ out a newborn keeping me up at night! And, my hubby will home from Afghanistan by then and isn't going back to his job until the end of September.

I'm thinking in 'days' now....how many 'days' until hubby gets home (48ish) until IM gets here (65ish?) until baby arrives (80ish). If I do that...it keeps me motivated to do SOMETHING every day to get ready! Otherwise....weeks or months just seem to far away to comprehend, but I know they'll just fly by. My hubby has been gone 7 mos in June, and it doesn't seem that long....yet in a way it seems longer.

Anyway.....what are your plans this week!?

I have my GTT on Tues (bleck....that orange cola crap....bleck....bleck...bleck...did I say bleck!?) and appt. I'm down to the two weekers now....doesn't seem possible already!!!
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I asked about alternatives to that blech! drink and I was told 17 Brach Jelly Beans in 2 minutes will work also. :LOL
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Oooh I had heard there were alternatives....well probably too late for this one. I just hate the taste of it...I don't even like orange soda to begin with! LOL
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Had my GTT last week...luckily everything is fine I too, had that orange stuff! It was ickier this time around then it was last time. My first two pgs I went to a different Dr. and had alternatives to the ickiness. I think my first I drank 10 oz of ginger ale in 5 minutes and the second one I drank 6 oz of orange juice in some time frame. Much nicer!

Anyway, I too am on the 2-week plan now. I go back to the Dr Friday (I'm 29 weeks! Can't believe it!) I have a very busy month coming up. Going to the beach for a week, DD1's birthday party, FIL's birthday. Then it will be (*gasp*) July!!!! So hard to imagine!

My work ended last week, so I'm hoping now with some free time (somewhere! lol!) I can get some sewing done.

That's about it here for now!
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Plans for the week? :LOL Let's see.....run my butt off from dawn till dusk trying to get everything done and then stay up a couple nights and I might get caught up!! That's what it has felt like the past couple weeks with all the stuff I "have" to do. I suppose half of it would be considered unnecessary by most, but it feels so urgent right now to me. I just finished painting Nathan's room this morning! Now I just need to convince my hubby to do the trim and I can start arranging stuff in their so the house isn't such a disaster anymore....and then start sewing some maternity shirts (might be getting too late for that : ) and some diapers and then start on the next room. I have about half my garden planted right now, but there is soo much to do and with all the rain we've been having I am behind on weeding all the flower beds. Oh and probably need to mow again here in a day or two and get the storm windows taken off and screens put up. Did I mention we are getting ready for a yard sale? I did actually finish going through all the baby clothes and organized them in plastic totes according to size and actually labeled them so they will be easy to find. Boxed up most of my clothes and put them in the attic for now, but need to go through them soon and weed them out as our closet space is being limited by another little person. It is hard to know what to get rid of though, with all those post-pregnancy weight fluctuations and all. I was longingly looking at my old jeans and wondering if I would ever fit into them ever again....sigh. Oh, I feel sorry if anyone has read all this babbling!! My sincere apologies for my mindless rattling!! I need to get back to "work" anyway.............
Have a good week everyone!
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Akkkk Jamie.....now I'm tired.....you are busy! I feel like the time crunch is on too....but....there is only so much one person can do! LOL Sooo...be sure to get some resting moments too That's an order!!
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31 years old and 31 weeks pregnant!

So, this week is #31 for pregnancy and also happens to mark my 31st birthday on Wednesday - cool co-incidence! I am making my last plane trip (before the baby comes) to NJ for my sister's wedding shower this weekend, it will be great to see my mom and sisters - I am also spending a couple days in NY visiting old friends so that will be nice... My SIL is due any second, so I will probably be busy visiting her and helping out for the next few weeks. I finally got my garden planted this week and now my back has been aching even more... I think I over did it a little... so now I am just trying to rest and relax.
I have been having a weird pain under my right breast lately - it feels like my ribcage is aching - but only on that one side... anyone else feeling this? It goes away if I lean back and stretch a little... I must remember to ask my midwife about it at my appt on Thurs.
Hope everyone else is well!
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Happy Birthday Chelsea!

Woo hoo!! That is a cool coincidence. The rib cage pain is most likely a subluxation of a rib or thoracic spine. Easily taken care of with chiropractic. It's more common in the earlier pregnancy as the costophrenic angle flattens, but it can also happen later as your abdominal organs get smushed up under your rib cage to make room for your uterus.

Why is it that they say pg women aren't supposed to fly in the 3rd trimester? Anyone? Or is that just a falsity like so many other things you hear?
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I think that they are just worried you are going to go into labor on the plane! LOL

But here's a link on it! http://www.pregnancy-info.net/wellbeing_flying.html
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We are moving the boys into the spare bedroom and getting baby's room set up. Not that s/he will use it much for quite some time. Cleaning and de-cluttering every room in the house. Just the usual mom things, I guess.

Going crazy trying to guess if baby is a boy or a girl.....
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New August Mommy

Hi Everyone I am an August mommy that is due August 20th with my 3rd baby, I am hoping that you ladies have room for another belly here. My name is Alexis and just wanting to come in and share some knowledge and chat with you ladies.
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Hi, Alexis--glad you're joining us!

I'm starting to get mixed feelings. I'm so darn excited about the baby, the pregnancy is going swimmingly, and I'm feeling great--BUT I'm most definitely feeling that ticking clock in my head, and am not sure how in the heck I'm going to get everything done before the baby arrives. I've got two (huge) papers due that I really haven't started writing, a half-time job for a professor starting next week, a couple hours of tutoring on the side starting next week, a full week this week of archival research (1 1/2 hours each way by train), an apartment to pack away so the contractors can do 2 weeks worth of lead abatement, alternative living arrangements to figure out for said 2 weeks, a baby room packed to the gills with random stuff and completely disorganized, birthing classes starting next week, and we haven't even started figuring out things like writing wills and maybe getting life insurance... Aiiiiiiigh! I'm starting to have stress dreams and doing counterproductive things like procrastinating because I'm so stressed and yet so unmotivated. That plus the overwhelming need for sleep don't make for a pretty picture.

On the fun side, my mom was here for the long weekend, and we had a marvelous time. We mostly lounged around, but we did check out a baby store (and finally figured out which stroller we're getting for those un-slingable situations) and visited the Cloisters, the medieval branch of the Met. It was amazing--the weather was perfect, and the gardens stunning. (Of course we had to walk around and identify every plant. Several times.)

Okay, silly to be up this late when I have to get out of here in the early am, but am having a hard time getting sleepy--too jittery.

It's so great to hear how all you in virtuality are doing--I'm keeping fingers crossed that the various aches and pains will be mild for us all.
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Entering the 3rd trimester!
I'm behind all of you since I'm due the 30th

I'm starting to wonder if he'll make his appearance in mid August or mid September. It could be any time then. My due date is different depending on who you ask. The U/S tech said August 24th, if I go by LMP August 26, if I go by cycle length or ovulation I can get as late as September 6th. In my mind I'm going with August 30th. If asked though I usually say late August or early September and spare them all the details.

I'm thinking I'll start collecting supplies pretty soon. Gives me something to do and makes me feel more involved, snort, as if I could be any more involved. But what I mean is makes me feel like I'm doing something other than just sitting here gestating.

I've been seeing the chiro every month, after the next visit I'm going to start going every two weeks I think. My back has good days and bad. Bad when I'm doing a lot of house work or walking a lot. Good when I do just a little and get enough rest.

A nap every day is totally essential. Especially since I don't really sleep all that well at night. In fact right now everyone is asleep but me. I figured I might as well come in the office and be productive instead of just laying in bed listening to the fan.
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Feeling good here at 30 weeks. Back and hips have days when they are more "sore" than others! I see a chiro every 3 weeks or so. So far baby is head down according to my MW last week.

Didn't pass the GTT~ bummed about that~ I'll actually be starting a new thread on that to see if anyone else has that issue!!

Napping everyday usually~ waking up alot at night for various reasons....too hot...tired on laying on one side....bathroom...snacky....etc.

Working on projects but getting distracted easily! Ie. photo albums, baby scrapbook, searching for digital cameras...etc.

Hope you all have a great week!!!!
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I'm finally done with all of the running around we've had recently (brother's college graduation, DD's 3rd birthday and toddler party, euthanizing my senior dog, cleaning the house after said dog, flying to DC for a memorial service for a friend, IL's arriving and finally departing!)

We set up the crib on Friday - what fun! It's weird to think we only took it down last August once DD went into a bed. But it feels like forever since the mattress is on the top rung as it's set up for a newborn now!

I had a prenatal massage last Friday - I had never had one before. It was weird to be laying there, completely relaxed and then have the baby kick, or move around and remind me she's swimming around in there! It was wonderful to be so relaxed though. And the counter pressure on my hips was great. We went on a few short hikes this weekend too, which while it hurts to do while I'm doing it, makes my hips feel better in the long run.

And last night I slept all the way through from 10:45pm to 7am!! I feel like a new woman :LOL

I think that's it from here. I'll be done with 30 weeks on Friday - which makes both DH and I feel so much better. For some reason our target date was to get to 30 weeks (maybe because of m/c at 17 and 12 weeks?) why it's not 36, or 38 weeks I have no idea. But I'll be happy to be a few weeks away!

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The third trimester has finally hit for me. And the tiredness has begun! I am still energetic, but I am getting worn out faster. Today I am going to pick up a bunk bed for my girls. They have officially moved out of our room. Have been sleeping in their own room for 3 months now! I found a nice unfinished bunk bed, so my mom is going to finish it for me. We also got our pool set up! I would love to have a deeper one, but it is perfect for my girls, and if I kneel down it goes up to my shoulders, so I do get cooled off, and the depth x width is enought to swim a bit. Funny though, we are getting weather down in the 80's so it is really nice. Soon enough we will be in the 100s! I am getting into nesting mode, my kitchen floor is screaming-scrub me! And I go and look at baby clothes and cloth diapers on the shelves almost every day. I still need to wash everything, but I am waiting until I am closer to my time. 13 more weeks to go (about). I have never strayed more than three days from my due date, so I am thinking I will be "on time", unless of course this little boy throws us all for a loop! I am feeling the shift of not wanting to be too social any more too. I just want to stay home and do what needs to be done and be with my girls and dh.
Hope all is well, happy baby blessings!
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you might also have the option of eating a meal for the GTT. I did that with my last pg.

I am mostly busy nesting here :LOL also starting to think about coking meals for the freezer. otherwise just trying to keep up with my 1yo!!! I am so looking forward to having this baby, though I'm really sad the pg is almost over. I can't believe I only have 10 weeks left! sometimes it feels unreal there will be another little one here in so short of time.
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Just returned from my mw - 28 weeks, one day and measuring at 31! Can everyone please focus really hard and visualize one baby only, please? :

Other than that, my finger stick went well and I've gained 25 pounds. The fatigue hit me today and my groins and hips are really hurting. Time for a chiro appt and some acupuncture!

Have a relaxing week everyone!
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ktmama - I am measuring big too and I *know* (u/s) there's only one in there. So don't worry!!!

29 weeks here....tired but otherwise good. Hard to believe "Binky" will be here in less than 3 months! We are finally getting nice weather in VT so I'm trying to get out and walk and enjoy it...the walking feels good.

I've been having some stress dreams too...typical for me though. I have been having that classic "I'm going to miss the school bus" dream since about 6th grade!

My colostrum has apparently come in because now DD wants "milk" several times a day, for long periods of time. Well, 10 minutes, but that feels long after so many months of 1-3 minute nursings! I was just starting to get sad/happy that she might wean...but looks like that is not happening.

I took the GTT but with a lemonade-like drink. It actually didn't taste too bad (but I really love sour-tasting stuff)...with DD1, I had a choice of meals I could eat. Doesn't sound like I'm missing out on much not having ever had "the orange stuff", lol.

Oh...I also have stretch marks. I avoided them with DD until delivery and then saw only a couple of small ones that went away. Now I have 4-6 on either side of my navel. So the cocoa butter is out in force (though I don't even know if that helps!).

30week appointment is on Friday - yikes! It's going fast!
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