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Happy B-Day Chelsea :
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Got an eight a.m. wakeup call this morning. From the OB's office. Not only did I bomb the one-hour, so bad that they are skipping the 3 & 8 and sending me directly to the diabetic nutritionist, but my blood counts were also "extremely low, even for your medial history" So I have to start taking iron again, in addition to my prenates. And I have a nasty suspicion that I'm going to be put on complete BR at next Tuesdays appointment. Hopefully we'll have gained enough $$ to cover it a house by then. Both cars are in need of $$ repairs. T is doing the lions share of the ones to our four-functional-doors car himself, so it's taking awhile. Once that one is up and rolling again, we'll be putting the other one up on blocks and working on it's issues. By the end of summer we hope to have the larger car back to having four functional doors and all the major systems running correctly. It will still be impossible for us to go out as a complete family, since our laws and my better judgement require carseats/boosters for all the kids, but we will make do until we can afford a van. Had ten good contractions within twenty minutes last night, scared the you-know-what out of T and I both, but they faded away and all is right with the world again on that level. Except that HRH Miss Emma has decided that stretched out between my ribs is a right nice place to be. So she stays there ALOT. Sleeps most of the day til I'm getting freaked, then pushes her body as tight out as she can and does PT for all she's worth against both sides and my outter walls... SHe's nothing if not her fathers daughter....

Sorry for the long me post. Got to go pick up C in a few minutes, and I"m beat as heck. I'll try to catch up b/t loads of laundry tomorrow a.m. but I am also going to be hs'ing the girls and sleeping...
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Um. Well, I've been having a great deal of physical difficulty as in my back (previous car accident) and hips. I cannot stand or sit for long periods, and the happy semi-reclined position on my side I so enjoyed earlier in pregnancy prevents me from breathing or being comfortable now.

Because of my discomfort, I am pretty irritable, and incredibly over-sensitive. I don't mean to be, but I will find myself inadvertently snapping at my lovely Hub (and him snapping back) WAY more than is normal lately.

We had out 6th wedding anniversary on Monday the 30th, though, and that was lovely. I discovered this weekend that I can again eat spicy food AND tomato sauces (I have so missed those!) and not get heartburn. I mean, I get heartburn just by the pure act of lying down since everything is all pushed up, but now, not from food itself anymore. And THAT blisses me out, because I have SO missed eating Indian food! So good things are afoot as well.

I, too, am totally watching that little ticker count away the days left (63, in case you're wondering) - I'm 30 weeks now! Oh my goodness, baby is coming SOON! And also, not soon enough! I feel schizophrenic or something - lol.
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I must say my back hasn't given me much trouble as of yet.. (except for one long car trip a couple months ago that flared up an SI joint issue, but it's since resolved itself thankfully)

I do have TONS of stretch marks but they are from my last pg as I gained ALOT of weight (60+lbs) this time I started out about 10-15lbs lighter than when I got pg w/ #1, and only have gained 25 so far. keeping my fingers crossed I can stay under 40 as I'll be extremely happy!

Kaitnbugsmom- that is odd they are bypassing the other tests..or will the nutritionist/dietician order more? anyway just wanted to send a sounds like you have alot going on right now!

chasmyn-I hear you about being irritable/over sensitive.

nancy926-yep I've been having lots of stress dreams too this whole pg the weird thing is I'm not stressed about anything in particluar right now. my dreams are pretty bizarre though and I'm always packing to get somewhere on time or someones chasing me and I've even had that missing the schoolbus dream too! :LOL

ktmama- I measured waaay ahead with my last pg too (4-5 weeks) turns out I just had ALOT of fluid and a bigger sized babe. (9lbs.5oz)

ChildoftheMoon- on the pool. I am thinking of getting one I can lounge in...it's sooo hot here (triple digits already )
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Hello All! Well, after thinking that I was 22-24 weeks for the longest time, I decided to look at one of those pregnancy calendars on-line. 27 WEEKS!!!! When did that happen? So, now I'm getting to full-born panic mode. So much to do, our new bed was delivered yesterday, still have to refinish the floor, paint and install the trim and I'm attempting to make some shades for the room as well. Then I want to make some maternity shirts, baby wipes and seriously declutter our basement.

I have my gtt test tonight, so am kind of stressing about that, but I'm sure it'll be fine. I just remember drinking the orange junk w/ds and getting sick in the parking lot after the 2nd blood draw....not a fun experience at all.

Started my hypnobabies stuff on Monday. So far, so good, but I'm only on day 3. I'm really excited to be having a homebirth this time and think that hypnobirthing will help facilitate a successful birthing experience.

That's all from here, boring, boring, boring, but oh so busy!
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Rainbow- I have a history of GD. And I think she's also going to have the nutritionist work on my iron and protien deficiencies...
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Update on me...

had an ultrasound yesterday since I am measuring so large (34-35cm at 29 weeks) and everything looks great! It's a boy!!!Yeah! We have 3 girls and 1 boy now, so everyone was happy with that news. Everyone thinks I am further ahead including my midwife and doctor, but I am not sure, so I guess time will tell, huh? I would love to be 2 weeks ahead, who wouldn't?

I have been feeling like hell and now have a UTI and constant contractions. My urine looks like hell-blood, leukocytes, protein, ketones, nitrites. Plus I am seeing a cardiologist (fast pulse, shortness of breath, heart palpitations) and an endocrinologist (gestational diabetes-might need insulin). So that part sucks, I really hate going to doctors and wasting my whole day!!! i am realizing I am a terrible patient, I guess this is one of those lessons in my life!

My 15 year is throwing my a "surprise" baby shower next weekend and I amvery nervous about it. I can't stand not being involved and nervous what she will/will not do. But she really wants to feel grown up and plan this party, so I wouldn't get involved. Anyone else having a baby shower or a blessingway? I will have a small blessingway next month with just 3-4 friends. What kinds of things do you do at yours? I want to paint my whole belly with henna for the delivery! And do a bellycast.

Right now my kids are finishing up school and we are trying to decide what to do over the summer to keep busy. I can't stand being in the house all day with all of them, so we joined a local pool and will probably spend most of our time there. What's everyone else doing for the summer?
I have cut back on the amount of hours and births I will be doing until I feel better. No night births for now But I know I won't be able to stay away, we have 35-40 ladies due this summer! And I don't want to miss all the fun!
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It has been a long time since I have stopped in here to see how everyone is doing. Kaitnbugsmom, I am sorry that you are having some medical issues. I can't even imagine. Hopefully the nutritionist will be able to help you with the GD and the low iron.

I am 26 wks now. It doesn't hardly seem possible. I have my last monthly mw appt next Thursday and then I am on to the twice monthly visits. Yikes! I remember that my other pgs seemed to go so much faster once I started going to more appts. Not too much in the way of discomforts at this point. Thank God! I also noticed that I am finally! looking pg. At least from the side. That makes me really happy.

I will not be doing the GD test or getting the Rhogam shot. And my mw agreed with me that I didn't really need to. So that is one less thing that I have to mess with this next appt. I will check in again later.
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Barb - have you ever taken (or prescribed) d-mannos for a UTI? I had one at the beginning of this pg and mannos worked so well. My mw got it for me from a local naturopath. Hope it gets better and you can avoid some of that yucky medical stuff.
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I feel like I don't have energy to respond to posts. Wanted to ask if anyone else is having a huge increase in how tired they are? I have been feeling pretty good, but now I just want to sleep all the time.
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Me definitely. Right at 28 weeks on Monday. My mw explained to me this week that the weeks between 28 - 32 are prime growth time for the babe, more than any other time in your pg. In addition to getting plenty of rest, I've been "ordered" to significantly up my calorie, fat and protein intake.
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Thanks for the info Kate. Guess that explains the extra food cravings too! I'm off to sleep. Fingers crossed ds will just cuddle up next to me and sleep too. I'm actually thankful that it is cloudy as I don't feel so much guilt being inside in June.
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Definitely Kate! You need to be sure to get A LOT of protein during this period. It's really key or you'll just end up more tired as the pregnancy goes on. I believe it's also a period for much increased blood volume production for you and baby and that is why the increased cal, fat, prot is really needed too!

As far as summer things for us, we'll be at the pool a lot too. The boys do lessons and love to just hang out there. They are little fishes! Also, for the next three weeks I have three big craft shows (2 out of town) to attend and then nothing but my little farmer's market on Weds and Sat. I'm also trying to get my inventory way up so that once my hubby gets home in mid July I can just go to my shows and play during the week with him!!! Then a few weeks off after baby is born and my big fall shows start Sept 11. So, I think the summer will just FLY by!
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Did someone mention exhaustion? Yup, that's me too. Good to know about the growth spurt time--I just got back from the midwife, and gained 6 lbs in 3 weeks, and have been starving and pooped, and feeling like I've gained inches in girth. Now if only I could convince my body that it wants healthy protein and not Poppycock.
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Originally Posted by nabigus
Now if only I could convince my body that it wants healthy protein and not Poppycock.
Aw, no Poppycock? Dang it! That sounded good too...

s Kaitnbugsmom Hope you can get everything worked out!

Sorry you are all feeling pooped. Right now, I actually (surpisingly) have some energy. It was the same way last time, though, first seven months are sluglike and then wham, I feel better. Crossing my fingers hoping it lasts for at least another month. :

The weather up here has been so amazingly perfect lately!!!!!! Warm enough to wear shorts and a T, and yet not so hot that you sweat to death doing something. Woke up this morning to a cool breeze in the bedroom and a chorus of beautiful birds waifting in....heavenly. Now if the cutworms would only leave my plants alone! I spent my morning wraping the stems of all my plants and seedlings with tinfoil as they devoured 5 of my 9 tomato plants last night despite my nails. : Just what I needed--intelligent cutworms!
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Been packing in the meat and will be doing a big chicken bbq this weekend. Also got my iron pills. Thankfully she's okay with me using the OTC ones so I got the smaller packet of Slow Fe. Now if only I could come up with a non-meat type source of protien. I would think the protien shakes like T uses for his weight routine would be a bit too far on the experimental side, as they are not fully FDA approved, no preggo related research, etc...
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Hey everyone!
I am also on iron now. I do eat meat and beans , hummus, etc., but still I have problems keeping that hemoglobin up.
I am a bit moody lately. I go back and forth from thinking I look like a sexy beast to thinking I just look beastly!! I feel huge. I just bought a bathing suit and my belly is almost out of it. I still need to make it through the summer!!
I haven't had an appt. in a long time- maybe 5 weeks or so. I go next week and then will start twice a month appts. I feel good though. My energy has dipped and I have less patience with my ds and dh, but I am hanging in there.

I have heard a bunch of rave reviews lately about my family physician and how how much he respects labor and is very cool. I am psyched. I like him alot, so I am glad to hear that he keeps his cool during the big event. Just found out his three kids were born at home too. That explains alot about his philosophies. He is a very mellow guy, pro-Vbac, pro tandem nursing, etc. Three members of my La Leche League group had him at their births.
Feeling pretty positive about the VBAC and more at peace about it. I reached this new level of acceptance- acceptance of what I can do and a letting go of the things I cannot control. Such is life and such is parenting. My ds is reminding me on a daily basis of how to let go, be in the present, accept and be patient. His gifts to me are huge.

Until next check in.....
- Kerri
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Originally Posted by Kaitnbugsmom
Now if only I could come up with a non-meat type source of protien. I would think the protien shakes like T uses for his weight routine would be a bit too far on the experimental side, as they are not fully FDA approved, no preggo related research, etc...
You can make your own protien shakes with whey protien--just whip up some sort of smoothie and add a scoop or two. I take a couple Tablespoons of wheat germ on a cup of plain yougurt when I don't have any meat around to nibble as both have quite a bit of protien in them.
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Hi, well I'm 28 weeks measuring 31 too!! Not too worry..not a perfect science, I always say!

Yes the weather is finally nice in Vermont but here it's a bit too hot..of course being pregnant doesn't help :LOL like a little oven!

My babe is sitting low and making me ache all over. My 2 yr old decided to climb on me unexpectedly this evening and like pushed down at the top of my uterus...thought I'd give birth right then and there!!

Just gotta hang in there! I'm on partial bedrest and my 4 yr old came in and asked me today, "are you done being sick yet?" hahahaaa.. I said "nooo honey, remember? the doctor said I need to lie down a lot". She said "well maybe Nathanael won't hurt you so much if you don't lay on him"

Out of the mouths of babes --take care, Kitty
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Well ladies I only posted her the one time I lost my way from here and now I have found my way back. I hope that all of you August mommies are still baking your babies and doing well. I on the other hand am sick with a horrible head cold and I am really trying my best to rid it from my body. I have been baking this girl and I am very very excited and anxious for her to be born...anyhow here is a picture of the bundle of joy's baby hut:

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