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Need some PUL help!

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Ok I'm really hating this pul right now. I'm on my second attempt of using pul and getting frustrated and have ruined an entire cut of it by ripping out seams . Here's the deal. Everytime I sew with it it's getting bunched up. Even pinned it's just not moving with the rest of the fabric. I'm trying to get it to and it's just not working. Anyone have some suggestions? Like I said I have ruined this entire cut because of the seam ripping so now I have to go back to recutting fabric before I can even finish this dipe.

What am I doing wrong? How can I fix this problem?
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Are you using a teflon foot on your machine?
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i use my normal foot and do fine, but you have to sew with the PUL side down. hth, i know it's frustrating.
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I sew PUL side down too, I go slow and use bendy clips to keep the layers together as long as possible. Kari-mom uses spray adhesive to help keep them together that washes out. I promise you can do it!

Also adjusting the presser foot so it seems firm when the foot is down and you can't easily pull the layers out from under the foot while it's down is important too.
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I use a walking foot with the PUL on bottom and it helps a lot.
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I use a teflon foot too, my machine just hates PUL on the bottom or the top without the teflon foot.

BTW, I use cheap washable glue stick to hold the layers together, I think it is rubelin who uses temporary spray adhesive. I did buy some temp. spray adhesive to do some applique work. I hope it lasts a long time because that stuff is pricey!
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Thanks for all the advice. Today I bought some temporary spray, on sale so I got a great deal! I also sewed with the pul down and it worked perfectly for me!

Thanks again for all the advice.
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Woo Hoo! Good job!
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yep I sew PUL side down too. It's about the only way I can get it to work.
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Oh Here's the dipe I made after using all your suggestions. Still needs velcro and a piece of elastic in the back but otherwise its' done.


It's actually a pocket dipe with fabric on the outside of the pul to make it prettier.
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Looks great! Congrats!!
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Aww, isn't it sweet! Great job - I bet that feels good!
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OOohhh!!! I love it! There's not much more rewarding to me in my sewing room than a new diaper! Am I crazy, or what!?!
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Thanks everyone. I think it's a really pretty dipe but I think the fit is going to be pretty off on that one. I tried salvaging the cut I had by making it smaller but I think I lost too much in the crotch.
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