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Whiser Wear Breast pump?

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Has anyone tried this new breast pump? It is hands free and small? I was wondering if there are any users out there? Here is a link with a picture.

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I just saw an ad for this in my latest New Beginnings mag. Didja check out the product, anyone? It looks.......interesting.

I wonder if it would work well for re-lactating or preparing for breastfeeding an adoptee.
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The ads are still around. Some one must be buying them. lol.
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I'm on the yahoo pumpmoms group, and a couple of the members there have tried it with mixed results. Apparently the company is still working out a few bugs, but are more than willing to send new parts or even an entirely new pump if a mom is having a hard time with it. So at least their customer support is good.

One of the members said she couldn't feel the letdowns (she usually uses a Medela Classic) but was still getting as much milk as she normally does. Another member did not have good results and wasn't sure if it was just because she was overly endowed or whether she just didn't have it on right.

I'm curious to see how it goes in the long run. I'd love to be able to put it on and leave it on, especially on the weekends. But I tend to have a low supply anyway, and would hate to use something that was only going to make that worse.
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I was always kinda partial to the one-handed pump. While baby nurses one side the other side lets down so much better for me. It's a good thing I didn't "have" to pump, 'cause I find it almost impossible to get more than an ounce or ever so slightly more. And I'm tandem nursing. I would have been led to believe I couldn't do it.

Do you think overly using this device would make supply problems worse? With some pumps you can get some kind of insert that is s'posed to stimulate production by being closer to the natural baby's suction(?) or something like that. I wonder if DarryLLL is watching this thread. She knows a lot about lactation.
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