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Which is the ingredient with sulfa in it?

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I've noticed a lot of products on the list of mercury containing products, *and* a lot of vaccines contain neomycin and streptomycin. These things are also in Neosporin, which I was told NOT to use because I'm allergic to sulfa (just found out) and Neosporin has sulfa in it.

So.......which of these products is the sulfa containing thing? I need to know this because if it's in the Hep B vax I started getting before I allergic-reacted to sulfa, obviously I need to not finish getting it. Also, since allergies can be hereditary, I'd prefer my son not be injected with it too.

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Neosporin ointment contains bacitracin, polymyxin & neomycin. The first 2 are polypeptides & the last is an aminoglycoside (streptomycin is too BTW) so there aren't any sulfonamides in there. Neomycin is in MMR & Varivax. Residual neomycin, streptomycin & polymyxin are in IPV. I think residual neomycin may also be in Hep A.
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I'm going to call my friend and ask her again.......she's the one who said don't use neosporin because it contains SOMETHING sulfa based.
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Probably what she's thinking is this - Neomycin is actually 'neomycin sulfate' which some people think makes it a sulfonamide but that's not the case. Sulfate is a very different thing that has nothing to do with a sulfa drug allergy. Now that said, neomycin can be allergenic itself but it's not a sulfa thing.
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*very* possible! I also would've thought it was a sulfa thing.
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Originally Posted by zakers_mama
Also, since allergies can be hereditary, I'd prefer my son not be injected with it too.
A doctor in the ER who called CPS on me told me that allergies are not hereditary.

I had told him that I am EXTREMELY allergic to penicillin and that my one year old son should not be given it.

When DH and I packed up our DS and things to leave, after our ordeal with the police, I quickly checked the prescription slip that the quack had written for me and notice that it was a prescription for - PENICILLIN!!! - what a jerk!

I yelled as loud as I could in the examining room that




The nurse hustled the paper out of my hand and got me another prescription for a more appropriate anti-biotic.

I filed a complaint against this quack with the California Board of Medical Quality Assurance, and one of the many complaints I listed against this jerk was that he gave me a prescription that I felt could potentially kill my baby based on my own problem with penicillin. I was told that allergies ARE NOT hereditary. I still have that answer from Sacramento.

Liars, all of them!

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WOW what an idiot! just like the acute care clinic doc who insisted I should have augmentin for a sinus infection. I don't LIKE augmentin. They tell me what I have is not an allergic reaction but augmentin makes me sicker than whatever I got it for in the first place. At least it did once, so I'd rather not have it thanks.
Anyway this doc *tried* to talk me into taking it, said it's his *favorite* thing to prescribe for sinus infection.......somehow, probably by absolutely refusing to fill it, I got him to prescribe something else.

And I would do the same thing for my son if they attempted to give me a prescription for sulfa for him. Nope, I'm not taking the chance, thanks.

MY reaction to it was itching that got worse every time I took another dose. (It went away in-between, that's why it took me 3 days to 'get it' when the itching was my entire body and I seriously thought I was going insane because there wasn't a rash! I'm told if I take something with sulfa again not knowing, it will probably send me into full blown anaphylactic shock--yay.)
Now consider a baby.......he wouldn't be able to *tell* me what's wrong, he'd just be crying. And it would be near impossible more than likely to determine if that's because of whatever he's sick with to get sulfa in the first place, or that he itches insanely all over like I did. I'm not going to take the chance that some doctor would attribute it to the illness until he starts having breathing problems and everything from an allergic reaction.
Nope, he just won't be getting the drug thanks.
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Sulfa drug allergies are nasty. My mom's grandmother died of it (probably). One of her daughters may have, too. My mom had a bad reaction to it ~5 years ago. One of those things where she took a few days of the script and started developing the itchy tight throat, couldn't breathe, etc. and I ended up taking her to the ER. When they ask about allergies for myself or my daughter, I always say sulfa, even though we've neither of us ever had any, and they don't question it.
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I'm so glad that I came across this post, I'm allergic to sulfa drugs too. I may have to do what paquerette does and say that my DD is allergic to it too.
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I wanted to clarify something, you got the 1 of the 3 series Hep B vaccines and had a minor reaction to the vaccine? 

Let me ASSURE you coming from the field of Clinical Lab Tech school (currently) if you had a small reaction with nothing major, take Benadryll and FINISH the series of shots!! Hepatitis B is a growing epidemic in the heath field and in the public with people who do not finish their series of vaccines OR did not develop the antibodies against it. 


Your child needs to be vaccinated, if he/she decides to go into the medical field it is REQUIRED to the your hep series, flu shot, MMR, and a few others as well. Their are different forms of vaccines; live and killed. Do research & see if their are different forms of the vaccine for people who may be potentially allergic. Despite what is said about vaccines being "bad" the truth is, it gives your body the ability to ward off the sickness if you encounter it. And heaven for bid you get Hep B or worse your child! 


*****COMING FROM SOME ONE WHO IS HIGHLY ALLERGIC TO SULFA DRUGS, FOUND OUT AT AGE 6.***** & I successfully had my vaccines as well as my 3 year old son! 

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Let me clarify something; that is NOT true. Federal law allows for the declination of the hepatitis B vaccine.



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