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dating question

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Ok we are not techinically dating yet, just emailing. anyways i tend to overanalize things sometimes. This guy has 2 girls who are 11 and 9, I have one dd who is 2.

has anyone delt with the huge jump in age of kids? NOt that it will deter me any i was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this. I am defiently not used to dealing with girls that much older.

just wondering
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The men I've dated have had kids around the same age as mine.

But my niece & nephew were much older than their dad's new gf's kids and they thought the little kids were cute and were excited to kind of help out and be part of caring for them.

It worked out really well.
Congrats on the prospect of dating! Keep us posted!
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Hi LJ:

I am engaged to a single dad who has two children, 13 and 10. My DS is 2 1/2. They all get along very well, I think *because* of the difference in ages. No teenage competition or the like. We did have to teach the older ones about keeping their "big kid" toys away from the little one, but for the most part, everything is smooth.

Good luck with your new guy!
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Thank you mamas,

that gives me hope. I know that beign that my dd and my neice are the same age and they fight all the time so maybe it will be better that his dd's are older.

I let you ladies know how it goes.
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