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What Determines Right/Left Handedness?

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I noticed DD uses her left hand 90% of the time when eating...she will go so far as to reach across with her left hand to grab food next to her right hand. Does this mean she will be a lefty? What determines left/right handedness? DH and I are both right handed and there are no lefties in our famlies...
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how old is your child? side preference shouldn't appear strongly until sometime around 12-18 months. My good friend's son showed a strong preference around 8 months and it turned out that he had cerebral palsey and a cyst was causing his brain to shift out of place and that was causing the side preference. If I were you, I'd look a bit further into side preference and when it normally appears.

There is some thought that ultra sound exposure can contribute to a left hand preference.
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My 6-mo-old uses his left hand predominantly too. Where does one find out about this? I checked the Sears books to no avail. It doesn't really matter to us, we're just curious about this and all aspects of his development
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We were wondering about this too...I am ambidextrous, dh is a right-hander, and Charlie seems to be showing a preference for her left hand - she will reach out with that one, and feed herself, *but* she will wave and play pattycake with the right one! I guess it's one of those things that isn't 'hardwired' yet for them...interesting though. Would love to find out more about it...
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I've read recently that handedness is an inborn trait, but it's not fully expressed until the preschool years.

Right now my 11mo goes through phases. For a few weeks she prefers to use her left hand, then she switches. She's been going back and forth like this for a few months now. She sucks her left thumb, though, so I'm pretty sure she will be right handed.
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