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I'm first, I'm first!

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So happy to be here! I am due Feb 9,2006, with our 5th baby.
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i guess that makes me second! i'm due middle of feb (actually feb 7, but considering my first was almost 2 weeks late, i'm not counting on a miracle! :LOL )
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I'll be third. I've been posting on the January club since I didn't realize the feb was created. I'm due with my 3rd on Feb 2. This was a whoops baby but I'm getting very used to the idea and feeling good about it. I feel great at this point but I'm sure my energy will disappear soon. I have never had ms with either of my other two pg but I did feel extremely tired with both and had some food adversions. So far nothing but I think 6 weeks was when it happened before so I'm going to enjoy the next week.

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Hi pregnant ladies! I am due Feb. 1st with my 2nd. My DD's birthday is Feb. 1st, though her due date was Feb. 7th so she made her debut 6 days early. So who knows, I might have a January baby with #2.

Talk to you more soon!

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Hi Mamas,

I'm joining the February group....hope you don't mind! "EDD"/40 wks is actually January 31 but I learned my lesson with baby #1 and will be telling friends/family we're expecting around Valentine's Day. I got really tired of all the "you haven't had the baby YET?" comments!

And since DS was born at 41 wks 2 days (and not b/c he was ready, b/c he was induced) I'm not expecting to meet baby #2 until February!!!

Anyway, looking forward to getting to know all of you!

SAHM to a spectacular little boy, born 5/2003
:bf AND SO excited to be February 2006!
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Cool!! There's a February board!! I don't have a due date yet - can someone tell me how to figure it out? My last cycle started April 29 and I don't know for certain the date of conception.

Anyway, I have three boys - 9, 7, and 4 and have had three miscarraiges in two years. So, I'm cautiously optimistic about this pregnancy.

Looking forward to getting to know all of you!

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Jennifer, you can go to www.babycenter.com and click on the link for "pregnancy calendar" under A-Z topics. It'll walk you through a couple steps and calculate your due date. Let us know what you find out!

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Hi Ladies!
I'm due on 2/1 with my second baby. I have a 3.5 yr old dd and I had a m/c back in March. I'm cautiously optomistic about this one and I've been on progesterone this cycle as well.
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glad to see everyone here!! Cant wait to see what the next 9 months has in store!!

I havent changed my sig yet to reflect the coming addition, too scared I guess.
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Thanks Carol. That puts me due February 3!

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I'm here too!

I think I get to join you. I tested positive yesterday (June 1st). This was our 23rd cycle of trying and the LAST IUI my insurance would pay for. I now believe in miracles! My due date is ~ February 11th!

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I am due February 5th. I think. I go to the OB on June 23rd. But my calculations and FF are for the 5th.
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Can we add tickers to our signature line?
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Wow Tracy, what luck! Congrats!!
I used to live in San Diego, before moving to Idaho 2 years ago.
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After ten TTC cycles and a bunch of miscarriages, I'm another cautiously optimistic addition to the finger-crossing, early-February mamas. I look forward to getting to know you all!!
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Hello mamas! Happy to be joining you. Sort of a surprise (cycle beads mishap). Just found out about two hours ago. I have one son, 22 months old today.
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Good luck to all you cautiously optimistic mamas... You certainly deserve a little bundle from the stork come February.

I am due 2/2/06, acording to LMP. Yay!
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I am due on February 6, 2006 according to my calcuations. But DS was two weeks late so it might be a later date. Glad to join the group!
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Hi ladies!!

I'm also expecting my 5th; just found out yesterday!!! I think I'm due around the 11th, but my cycles were a bit shorter (like 26-27 days) after DD #4, so who knows? My other four were all born right around their due dates, so we'll see!! Glad to be here!! Please pray all goes well!!! I'll pray for all of you too!!
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Hello, joining the cautiously optomistic!!! I tested positive this morning. February 9th. Faint line. We had been TTC for 16 months. (I think) LOL
Told husband this morning and he looked excited and a little scared! I want to tell everyone and then I just want to wait.... we will see how long this lasts, I have never miscarried but have had a molar pregnancy. I am so excited to babywear, nurse, cosleep and CD again. Although I am cosleeping right now with #2. And he just weaned less than a year ago!
Any who just thought I would chime in.
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